I peeked through the window and had to stop myself from laughing too loud. A little kid with yellow hair and big eyes was covered from head to foot in some weird, pale yellow gloop. I watched the person who had been shouting run over to him with a towel and cover him with it. Tinkerbell flew closer to me, covering her mouth with her hands to stop laugh out loud as well. Though I don't know why, it's not like people from the outside world could understand her. 'Heh, fairies,' I thought.

I listened to the girl with the towel as she cleaned the yellow stuff off of the small boy, while also telling him off for being "careless" and "clumsy". I also think I heard the words "muffins" and "angry adults".

Getting bored of just watching them, I flew up and grabbed the bottom of the window and stuck my head in laughing. "Nice to know you haven't!" I laughed. Jane spun around and stared at me with big eyes.

"Peter!" she exclaimed. I grinned and flew through the window.

Well, I tried to anyway. I kinda got stuck halfway in.

I stopped struggling to pull myself the rest of the way through when I heard two familiar laughs.

"It's not funny!" I huffed. Jane and Tinkerbell only laughed harder, so I stuck my tongue out at them. Jane calmed down first, but was still smirking with her arms crossed. "Honestly Peter, did you really think you could fit through that tiny window, or did just not think at all, like usual?" she asked. I crossed my arms back at her. "Hey, my head could fit in, so not the rest of me?" She rolled her eyes. "That's a miracle in itself, considering how full of hot air your head is!" she smiled. I couldn't help but smile back at her old joke.

Jane sighed and moved a little too close to me for my liking, and started pulling at my shirt. "W-what are you doing?" I stammered. I wanted to hit myself for sounding so….stupid. Jane must have noticed, because once again, she rolled her eyes at me. "I'm trying to help you get unstuck of course. Danny, stand back. A little help please Tinkerbell?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tink nod quickly before I felt the unfamiliar tingle of pixie dust being sprayed all over me.

"Hey!" I called. "What was that for?" I heard Jane giggle next to me. "It's to help slid you out silly! Honestly, Peter, do you ever thin before you speak?" I huffed and continued to try and pull myself out. With, the pixie dust, and one last pull from Jane, I found myself tumbling to the ground and landing on my butt.

"Are you okay?" Jane asked. I nodded. Then she slapped my outside the head.

"OW! What was that for?" I demanded. This time, Jane shook her head at me. "For not thinking, you numpty!" she said. Tinkerbell (the trailer!) laughed and agreed with her, so I stuck my tongue out at both of them. Again.

I was distracted from glaring at the two by a tug on my tunic. I looked down to see the boy from earlier holding on to my shirt. He still had the towel over his head and the yellow stuff dripping from his clothes. "Are you Peter Pan?" he whispered. I gave my best grin and somersaulted into the air.

"The one and only! You must be Danny1" I smiled down at him. He looked ecstatic as he ran over to Jane, who scooped him up into her arms.

"Jane, Jane! It's him! It's really Peter Pan!" he exclaimed. Jane laughed and tickled him.

"Well of course it is! Didn't you believe my stories?" She put Danny back down and finished cleaning up the yellow stuff off of him.

"So what are doing here Peter? Shouldn't you be in Neverland, playing treasure hunt with the Lost Boys?" she smiled at me. I pretended to look offended.

"What, I can't come check up on the first-ever Lost Girl? I here I thought you were missing me!"

Jane shook she head once again. "Of course I've missed you and the Lost Boys! But how did you two find me here?"

Tinkerbell started telling them, really quickly, how we got there, but I could tell from her confused face she couldn't understand a word. I had to admit though, it that was a good question, so I cleared my throat and explained.

"Well, I was just in Neverland, doing something dangerous and daring - and not mention brave - when I thought 'wouldn't Neverland's very own Lost Girl like doing this?' Of course, it was SO dangerous, I would have ended up saving you from the jaws of death and -"

"Back to the point please," Jane interrupted. Tink flew next to her and shook her head at me.

'Since when did they get so alike?' I wondered, slightly afraid. The last thing I needed was Jane's hard-to-deal-with-ness infecting Tink and the rest of the Lost Boys.

I cleared my throat agian and continued. "Er…yeah. Anyway, I just remembered how you said you needed to sort stuff out with your family and things so I ….uh…. thought I'd check up on you."

I looked away from Jane and Tink, as I suddenly didn't feel like I could look her in the face. "When I got to your place, Wendy was there. We talked a bit and she told me that you and Danny had been sent here for the rest of the war. So-o Wendy - your mom -"

"I know who my mother is, Peter," she teased.

I huffed and glared at her. "Will you let me finish?" I asked angrily. She nodded, but still had the nerve to smirk! Of all things!

I cooled my glare and continued once more. "Well, Wendy had a great idea! She said I ought to bring you and Danny to Neverland! Isn't that great?" I smiled. I thought it was brilliant. I actually missed having Jane around, and bringing Danny meant a new Lost Boy too! We'll have more fun than ever before!

But when I looked at Jane, she didn't look so happy. Danny, at least, was jumping up and down in excitement. "Jane! Jane! Does this mean we get to go to Neverland at last? And battle Captain Hook and go on adventures?" he smiled, pulling at his sister's green dress.

Jane scooped him up and gave him a disappointed look. Suddenly, I felt a bit anxious. "I'm not sure Danny," she started. "How will we know when the war is over? And we were sent here for our own safety…" Not liking where this was going, I decided to her right off then and there.

"Oh come on! It'll be fun! We can always check on Wendy every now and again! C'mon Jane! Don't cha find this place boring? All there is here is a farm full of stinky cows!" I persuaded.

I flew around the small kitchen. Jane looked like she was thinking really hard about it, so, coming up with an idea, I cupped my hands around my mouth and whispered to Tink what I wanted to do.

Tink grinned and nodded quickly, before flying over to Jane and covering her and her brother in pixie dust. They instantly started to floated. I wanted to shout with victory when I heard her laugh. Instead, I grabbed her hand and spun her in the air.

"C'mon! It'll be great! We'll even have Danny now!" I smiled in what had to have been a persuasive way, but she still hesitated!

"I don't know… what with Hook and Danny being there…" She bit her lip nervously, and I cocked my head to the side. 'That's new. I've never seen someone bite themselves on purpose before,' I thought.

Shaking myself, I took both of her hands and pulled her higher up, closer to the ceiling.

"Don't you worry about that old codfish! He's rarely even touches Tootles, so there's no way he could ever lay a hand on Danny! I won't let'em!"


"Besides, it was Wendy's idea."

"Maybe so…"

"And don't'cha think that's it's a bit unfair that you got to go to Neverland and not Danny? He should be having adventures too!"

"Mmm…. oh alright!"

I tried to fly up and let out a happy crow, but hit my s head on ceiling. Which was completely on purpose!

"Ow!" I cried. I rubbed my head and glared at the three laughing faces below me. "That's not funny!" They laughed even harder. Then I was )once again) struck with a genius idea. I zoomed down, grabbed the bowl of what must have been bread dough dumped it over her head.

"PETER!" she yelled. I cringed at sudden loud noise, but hey, at least she wasn't laughing at me anymore! That was much better!

I think.

I laughed as she started chasing me around the kitchen, with me flying and her running of course.

Things that I didn't care enough to pick up were knocked off the counters and table as I zoomed round and round in a circle. The room was pretty small so it easy to accidentally knock stuff over. By this point, Tink and Danny were hiding under the safety of the dining table while Jane kept chasing me with all sorts of gunk on her dress and jacket.

Suddenly she stopped running and was now panting, clearly out of breathe. I laughed a floated upside-down above her, so that our faces were level.

"Still can't catch me Jane? I knew it! I'm just too fast for you!" I gloated. She rolled her eyes yet again at me.

"Hardly. I remember keeping up with you just fine back in Neverland," she smiled.

That reminded me: Neverland! The whole reason me and Tink were there was to bring Jane and Danny back there! Slapped my palm with my fist.

"Hey Tink!" I called. Less than a second later Tinkerbell flew near my shoulder with a happy expression on her face.

"Let's get some pixie dust on Jane and Danny now! I can't wait for to see-" I cut myself off. I had nearly given away a huge surprise I had planned for Danny and Jane! Curses!

Tinkerbell's eyes widened in realization.

"What are you-" Jane was interrupted by Tinkerbell splashing a whole lot of pixie dust in her face. Danny laughed and went "My turn! My turn!"

Once Jane had finished coughing out all of the pixie dust at had gotten into her mouth, she glared angrily at me and Tink.

"Tinkerbell! You already did used pixie dust on me! What was that for? And see what?" she demanded. I gulped nervously.

'So she noticed my slip-up,' I thought, slightly scared of the girl in front of me. Jane was the only girl I'd ever met that could make me scared of her with just a look.

Forcing a playful smile onto my face, I leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Can't tell you!" I teased. To my surprise, she gave me a sharp slap outside the head.

"OW! My head's been hit enough time today thank you!" I shouted. She Tink, and Danny just laughed like before.

"Oh don't worry Peter, it's not your brain can be damaged any more!"

This caused Tink and Danny to laugh even harder, and I to glare back even more. I suddenly felt like I was on a one-man team. Or one-boy, in this case.

Jane was the first of the three to calm down. "Oh, I'm sorry Peter! But sometimes you make it too easy!" she laughed. Tink nodded beside her agreement. Like I said earlier they were becoming too much alike.

Jane gave a little jump to launch herself into the air.

"Alright! Let's go everyone!"

"Peter, wait!"

I halt mid-air (literally) on my way for the door (hey, I learn from my mistakes! I now know the window is a bad, BAD idea!)

"What is it?" I asked.

"I'm covered in cake batter and all sorts! I need to wash up!" she told me.

I looked her up and down. The stuff from the before (which I was guessing was the cake batter) was still sticking to her hair and dripping down in big lumps. Plus, her dress was covered in flour, butter, and other stuff that I didn't recognise.

"It'll be fine!" I assured her. "We'll just dump you in Mermaid Lagoon. I bet the mermaids there would love splashing you!"

She scowled. "Yes, I bet they would."

I shrugged and grinned. "What can I say? Clearly I'm special."

Jane let out a short laugh. "Yeah, sure! You're special alright!"

I grabbed her and Danny's hands and hoisted them into the air.

"C'mon! The rest of the Lost Boys are waiting!"

Danny laughed, causing him to loose his grip on my hand. He nearly fell to the floor, but flapped his arms to stop himself. It worked, he still decided to hold onto the back of Jane's blue jumper anyway. With that, we were off to Neverland.