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AN- this takes place not too long after Inu Yasha's fight with Ryuukotsusei (ep 52?) so they have 2 shards and... yeah stuff

The Death Of the Moon
An Inu Yasha Fanfic
By Hika-chan

Chapter 1: Infection
Kagome picked up the Shikon Shard as always purifying it unknowingly with her very touch. She looked up and smiled at Inu Yasha and the others, another job done and everyone was alive and relatively well. "You... little... witch." Kagome turned violently as the hand of the youkai they had thought dead grabbed her wrist.

"AIIIEE!" She grabbed onto the hand on her wrist trying to pry it off. If felt like it was burning her hand off!

"You... will know-urk!" Whatever wish the female youkai had for her was left unspoken as Inu Yasha deftly removed it's head. As the youkai disintegrated Kagome felt an odd feeling wash over her. When the hand dissapeared she fell over into blackness.



Sesshoumaru examined the ruined battle ground. Yes his brother had been here, having used the Tetsusaiga to kill whatever youkai he and his little ragtag band had fought. He noted a few holes in the ground from the exterminators boomerang, a cone shaped area lacking in debris from the Air Void in the monk's hand, there were even a few scorch marks from the fox kit's fire.. Most obviously there were gashs in the ground from when his useless brother had missed with his flailing attacks and the dark spot of earth where the youkai had died.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" He turned as Rin ran towards him Jaken hobbling not far behind. "Look what I found!" For once the girl held not flowers in her hand, but an arrow. "Can I keep it?"

"Only if you plan to fall on it," Jaken muttered. Sesshoumaru would have to remember to punish him for that later. He looked at the arrow, the one belonging to Inu Yasha's woman. He could feel a bit of residual energy on it. Then he cocked his head curiously towards the spot where the Youkai perished.

"Rin, hold this for now."


He knelt down. There was a stab mark in the dirt, where the neck had been. They didn't kill it right away? He supposed they thought it dead. He smelled the woman, she was always an easy one to pin down. Her scent of cherry blosoms and spring rain always veiled with a slightly stronger peach smell. These humans and their perfumes... don't they know it only makes them easier to find?

He sniffed again, there was something odd about some smells here, it was so very faint he was not sure if he had smelt it at first. There was magic and traces of still living youki. Suddenly he grinned, which as always frightened Jaken. He wasn't quite sure what it meant but it was bound to be interesting. "Well my baka half brother, how will you deal with this?"


She awoke while they were travelling her left wrist already bandaged and she woke to the warmth of Inu Yasha's back. His white hair lay over her back like a silken blanket. Yura was right, he did have nice hair... "ugghhh..."

"Kagome?" Inu Yasha slowed and stopped.

"Inu Yasha?" She lifted her head off his shoulder. "Ohhh... what happened?"

Kirara stopped next to the two and Sango got off her back. "I think when it was dying the youkai directed it's youki at you. The evil was probably too much for you to take at once. Especially in such close contact."

"I see..." She moaned a bit and put a hand to her head. "Inu Yasha could you take me home?"

"Yeah sure, you sure you don't want Kaede-baba to take a look at you first?"

"I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll get better rest in my own bed."

Before they were another mile Kagome had fallen asleep against his back. "She must be exhausted." Miroku whispered to Sango as they rode Kirara.

"Do you think she'll be ok Houshi-sama?"

"Yes, her ki just needs a little time to work out the evil energy, that's why she's tired. But with the ease that she purifies Shikon Shards I'm sure she'll be fine by morning."

When they reached the well Sango, Miroku, and Shippo went on to the village. With her still sleeping Inu Yasha took her to the other side and put her to bed, with the help of her mother. Inu Yasha left her reluctantly at Mrs. Higurashi's insistance and returned to the Feudal Era.


Sesshoumaru watched with interest as he watched his brother jump into the well and a half hour later return without the girl. Once Inu Yasha was a good distance away he landed in the clearing. He peered into the well. The woman wasn't down there. Odd...

He lept into the well. His feet hit the dirt as was what he expected. Why should he expect anything else? He could smell the hanyou and the miko here, as well as some powerful magic. What could this be from? Surely not his Hanyou brother and he would not think it of the wench either. She was powerful, no doubt, but she had not the discipline to enchant something like this. He'd have to keep a close eye on this well for a short while.


Kagome's mother dabbed her forehead with a wet cloth. Inu Yasha had told her what happened but it did not seem like he expected this. Maybe that's why he was reluctant to leave. No, the boy was too protective of her, he would not have left if he thought she would be this sick. She placed the cold rag on her forehead when Kagome stopped turning. She prayed she would recover quickly.


It had been waiting, lying still and gaining power since it transferred into her body. It fed off her power and energy draining her. The power she had didn't exactly "taste" good, but it was strong. She would be in control soon. And the girl had no clue.

Kagome ran in the dark, all she could hear was the voice. "Soon you will know what it is you do..."

"Go Away!"

She heard a laugh, "You're friends can't save you this time either... Just you wait..."

"Who are you!?"

She was only answered with the same echoing laughter. "With your body and powers I can easily kill those with the blood of the moon."

She shot up in her bed sweat and fear dripping off her skin. She couldn't remember the dream but she could still feel the emotion it caused. She looked at the clock, nearly noon. Why didn't her mother wake her up for school? She wiped her face and went downstairs. "Mama! Mama why didn't you wake me for school?" Her mother came out from the kitchen and immediately felt her forehead. "What're you doing?" sounding slightly more annoyed then she had meant to.

"Good," she sighed, "Your fever's broken."

"Nani? Fever?"

"You don't remember? Your dog eared friend brought you back yesterday and last night you came down with a fever."

"No I don't really..." Kagome shrugged, "Well that explains all this sweat, ugh I need a bath."

"I'll get it ready for you. Are you going back through the well today?"

Was it necessary she ask all these inane questions... Whoa, where did that come from? "Yeah, since it's already to late to got to school and there's none tomorrow."

"Alright then, I'll fix some lunch while you're in the tub."

"Thank you mama."

When she got out she looked at the small meal before her. No red meat? Was this woman trying to starve her to death? What in the? Kagome shook her head. "Mama... I think I'll leave later tonight... then I can get some studying in at least."

"Alright, what would like for dinner then?"

"Some thing with red meat."


She crept around the well clearing. It was late at night when most would be sleeping. In fact she was normally sleeping at this time. The wind blew her black hair across her face, a red streak in her hair and in the center of her bangs formed. She looked up at the cresant moon, her eyes flashing pale silver. Time to go after her prey once again, but she needed more bait. After all there was more than just the hanyou she wanted.


Sesshoumaru heard the sound of one leaving the clearing and went to investigate. He sniffed lightly. There was an odd scent again, not his brother but the woman... no... yes. Did she use a different perfume? No it was a magic, but it didn't smell like the well's magic or the pure magic of a miko. She had wandered off on her own, not in the direction of the village, and he couldn't hear her already. The human should not be able to move that quickly on her own...


Kagome was back, Inu Yasha could smell her nearby. He went off into the woods to track her. When he reached the well a growl escaped his lips. Sesshoumaru! What was he doing nearby? He ran off under the pale moon light following both their scents, fearing the worst.


She stopped and sighed, she knew they were coming. Oh well she supposed introductions should be taken care of, not that either of them really knew who she was. Though Sesshoumaru might vaguely remember, she doubted it. She wore a tight black shirt and black leggings along with a short tight red skirt, it was the best she could do with the girl's limited wardrobe. She heard him approach behind her. "What do you want Sesshoumaru? To kidnap me for bait for the Tetsusaiga?"

Why did she sound so amused? "Who are you?"

She turned to him, her eyes a pale silver compared to their normal blue-gray. "I am the woman who travels with Inu Yasha. You know that."

"Do not give me that, I can smell the magic clinging to you. Who are you?"

"Why do you want to know?" She laughed, "Do you care for me?"

What the hell was she talking about?

"KAGOME!" Inu Yasha burst onto the scene Tetsusaiga already drawn. "Sesshoumaru what have you done to her?"

"Nothing other than follow this odd scent."

"Odd scent!" She sounded outraged, like she was Kagome again, but Sesshoumaru knew better. "Why I oughta! Inu Yasha I came out of the well and he was there! He was chasing me!"


The demon prince stepped toward her. "Stop lying woman."

"Keep him away from me!"

"Sesshoumaru!" Inu Yasha charged toward his brother only to be shot back by Sesshoumaru's whip. He got up to his knees and stopped. Kagome was... laughing?

"Inu Yasha," Sesshoumaru said not looking away from Kagome who was standing right infront of him. "You had best silence your woman."

Kagome laughed harder. "HIS woman! You know very well I'm not his woman." With movement much faster than she should have been able to muster she grabbed the hilt of Sesshoumaru's oni sword and lept away. She laughed, "Thanks for the souvineer." She blew a kiss to Inu Yasha. "See you later." The brothers watched in a mixture of awe and anger as Kagome rose into the air and dissapeared.


"You fool, that is no longer the woman you know. She's been possessed."


"You are an idiot Inu Yasha, could you not smell the stench of your last kill on her?"

"You mean..."

"Yes, and now she has my sword. No thanks to you."

"I didn't see you stopping her!" Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes at this brother then took off into the air. Leaving Inu Yasha to yell at him down below. He growled on last time in the direction of the sky and ran back to the village, maybe Miroku or Kaede knew of some kind of cure.


"She what!?"

"That's what he said, and when I think about it it makes sense. I was just too worried to notice it." The dog boy punched a hole in the ground. "Chikusho! I should have noticed!"

"Don't blame yourself Inu Yasha." Sango said from across the fire. "I'm sure we'll find her, and Kaede and Miroku know something I'm sure." She turned to them hopefully.

"I'm not so sure..." Miroku said looking at the ground. "She does have three shikon shards after all."

"So we need to get the shards from her first?" Inu Yasha asked.

"If we can get them from her without-"

Miroku was cut off when Inu Yasha grabbed the front of his clothes. "THAT is not going to happen! We'll get them then you and Kaede will turn her back!" His voice quited, "I won't let Kagome die like that."

-GASP- Inu Yasha agreed with Sesshoumaru!
I dunno was that first confrontation kinda... quick or at least anticlimatic?

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