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The Death Of the Moon

An Inu Yasha Fanfic

By Hika-chan

Epilogue: When All Is Said and Done

They next morning the group was quick to leave, especially Kagome and Inu Yasha. With the exception of Shippo and Kagome giving Rin a "goodbye" that somehow turned into a "see you later" that lasted a few minutes things did in fact go quickly. By noon Kouga had left them to go see to his tribe, after all he had been away from them for nearly a week and "they just can't get things done right without him."

As they settled in to make camp Inu Yasha pulled Kagome off to the side, "Hey."


"What did Sesshoumaru do to you? You've been quiet since we left."

"Eh? What did you see?"

"All I saw was his head behind yours," the hanyou narrowed his eyes at her, "then you sat me. That and my vision was still fuzzy from that distance, but I know he was damn close that second time."

She tugged nervously on the ring around her middle finger, the damn thing wouldn't come off! Not that it was stuck, it just didn't move. She had been looking at it all day on her clawed hands, in fact she still had all of her demonic attributes, she hoped that would change with time. She blushed and turned her head down. "Oh nothing really, just talking. I think he was trying be intimidating." She looked back up at him, "and I think he knew being really close to me would aggrivate you."

"Damn straight!" Suddenly he quieted and leaned in closer, almost whispering, "But that's it right? He didn't ... kiss you or anything?"

She laughed, somewhat nervously, "Oh Inu Yasha you silly boy of course not! I mean can you even imagine him doing that?"

"I can. Though I must say I wish I had been in his place." The two turned to see and the others huddled much closer to them then they should be without being noticed. Miroku sighed, "ahh to be that close to Kagome- sama and not be -urk-" Sango smacked him on the head with her boomerang.

Shippo grinned, "Spoke to soon." From there it soon degenerated to their usual chaos with Inu Yasha chasing down the monk. Kagome could not help but sigh in relief.


He had told Jaken to send word and prepare things for a visit to his father's palace. Things would need to be arranged and discussed soon concerning his position.

Sesshoumaru sat out in the garden again, Rin was not far picking flowers to the dismay of the groundskeeper. He kept himself from grinning at the thought of the Kagome's reaction to such a simple thing as a kiss! Not to mention the reactions of her friends and his brother. Of course he had made it a deep one on purpose, unnerving her easily. To him a kiss was nothing more than that, it need not have any particular emotion behind it.

The first was in simple gratitude, for the second he allowed his playful nature, which he had though long dead, come to the surface just to rile his brother. Even when he was just holding her close she had trembled, making him want to hold her tighter so she would stop. That was the reason why of course. In her absence he allowed his mind to go back to rationalizing his reactions to her. Of course he was failing miserably.

And what of that dream? Was it really her in them? True in one sense she did fit to be the person from it but that must have been coincidence. Oh well it was only one dream... ok two, but last night he had not made the mistake of asking who she was. He held her in his arms her back to him but by some force of the dream could not bring himself to look down to see who she was. Se he asked questions of a general nature but they had not really helped him at all.

But what about what he said when kissing her shoulder? He was just messing with her right? Of course. Yes that was it... That or he let his instincts get a hold of him, in fact he had not been to far from biting her at one point. He scowled, at least he had not lost control. He stood and told Rin to follow him inside, it was an unecessary waste of his time to think on such frivolous things.

He sighed, oh well a dream was just a dream after all and a kiss was just a kiss... Wasn't it?


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