Chocoberry was a nice, and relatively popular candy person. She was a Strawberry coated with chocolate, and had a thick French accent. One of her Biggest friends was Manfried the Piñata, and she was also good friends with Mr. Cupcake.

What Mr. Cupcake didn't know was that she had a big crush on him. Sometimes she lets it slip accidentally, like back at the Slumber Party Truth or Dare game. She dared him to take off his wrapper, and everyone there discovered he was chocolate, not vanilla.

"Oh, Manfreed, will he ever know how I feel?" she asked her Piñata friend one day, as he hang by a street post.

"Who?" he asked, innocent.

"Vy, Meester Cupcake, of course!" she exclaimed, sad.

"Well, tell him how you feel. That should help." he tried to comfort her. She sighed, and smiled.

"Perhaps, soos are right! I vill go and try, at leest!" she proclaimed, confident. Manfried nodded happily.

She walked around town, looking for him. She said hi to Cinnamon Bun, shrinked away from Peppermint Butler, and greeted Princess Bubblegum as she took a stroll.

At last, she spotted him, sitting next to one of his friends on a bench. She waved, and he noticed. He waved back, and appeared to excuse himself from his friend. He walked over, and was about to be there to talk to her when he tripped on a hard candy pebble. He swerved over, and his face hit some of her chocolate. She blushed and apologized. "I'm so sorree!" she tried to say.

"It's alright. Say, did you know your Chocolate tastes good?" and he went back to his friend on the bench.

The whole situation was awkward, but she went back to Manfried.

"Greet news, Manfreed! Meester Cupcake thought my chocolate tasted good!"

He looked at her in shock. "He…what?"