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Chapter 1

"Please, Vancha?" I asked following him down the hall.

"No," he replied. He was walking in front of me at a fast pace, trying to lose me.

"Why not? You're always saying that I have to prove myself. How can I prove myself if I'm stuck in a mountain?"

"Because I said no Amber, that's why."

"I could just follow you, you know."

He stopped and turned to face me.

"Look, I know that I told you that you have to prove your self, but the other Princes and I agree that you're just not ready yet."

That got me really mad. "How do you even know what I'm capable of? You've never seen me train!"

That got more then just his attention. The other vampires in the hall stopped to watch us. This would be a great show for them to see, not only was I one of the few female vampires but I was also Vancha's assistant. Hooray for me.

Vancha looked at me, confused. "Of course I know what you've been doing," he said slowly "I know how you're training's been going."

"But do you know that they are having me fight not only full-vampires, but Generals too? I think that I can handle myself."

"Would that be Generals-in-training or certified Generals?"

"Certified Generals. Didn't know that did ya?"

"Why are you fighting Generals?"

"They said that it was one of the fastest ways to prove that you're tough and that you can protect your self."

"'They' being, who?"

"Some of the Generals and Trainers."

"Those idiots," he muttered starting to walk away.

"And what about-"

"You're still staying." He said cutting me off.

"Why the hell should I?" I shouted

I shouted a little louder then I had meant to, but I got him to come a complete halt anyway. I hardly ever shouted and it took him by surprise. It shocked everyone in the hall too. No one ever shouted at a prince without a punishment if they didn't apologize quickly. I heard some of them mutter but I didn't pay any attention to anything that was said.

"I've been stuck in this mountain for 20 years! I've been training almost non-stop for 20 years! I've been fighting Generals for 15 years! I think that I can handle anything just fine! Besides that, how can I really test myself if I'm stuck here? How do I know if I can stand up to a human that wants to kill me? Humans can be more cunning then a vampire when they want to be." The vampires around me were gaping at me. If this had been any of the other princes I'd be killed on the spot. Vancha was at a lost for words. He tried to say something but I cut him off. "Besides that, you promised that the next time you were going to leave you would talk me with you. Whatever happened to 'Vancha March never goes back on his word?'''

Now the others were looking at Vancha. That was a common promise that he often made to others. When he promised something he gives his word. It was that important to him. That might have been because he had been a vampaneze before becoming a vampire and when the vampaneze give their word they go through with it, even if it kills them.

Everyone was waiting for Vancha's response, but he still said nothing. He just stood there looking like he was trying to say something to save face, but he just couldn't. I could tell that he was thinking about just walking away, but I stopped him by saying, "I can't believe what a liar you are. I always though that you were better then this," I turned to walk back the way we had come. "Have fun doing whatever." I said then I started to walk away. I was trying to leave before I started to cry and everyone started to laugh at me.

"Amber, wait!" Vancha was trying to plead with me but I just shook my head and continued to walk. I heard him run after me, but I wasn't in the mood to talk anymore. He grabbed my arm to try to stop me, but I'd had enough. "Let me go!" I yelled and I couldn't stop myself as me hand raised and I swung around.


The sound traveled down the tunnel and the vampires grimaced. Either it was from the slap or because what I had just done was so stupid, I don't know. What I do know was that I was released instantly and I ran as fast as I could. Running for my cell as the tears started to fall.

To be continued

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