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Chapter 17

I lay in the snow, slowly being covered by it, looking at the women before me.

"Mama, is that really you?" I asked.

She smiled and brushed some of the snow from my bangs.

"Yes," she said still smiling. "It's really me."

I looked at her confused.

"But how?" I asked. "I saw you die."

She sadly shook her head.

"Why are vampires so blunt?" she asked.

"That's partly Vancha's fault," I said not really thinking how I was phrasing my words. "That was how he raised me and it's how all vampires think. We need to be blunt because that's how the world is."

She smiled again. "Vancha always was rash, but he could come up with a solution to any problem he could find."

I was quiet for a minute trying to get the courage to ask about the past, but part of me was afraid of finding out what had happened while the other part was desperate to know if what Vancha had said was true.

Mama must've sensed this.

"You want to know about what happened in the past, don't you?" she asked.

I nodded, unable to speak.

"If I tell you, you must promise on your vampire blood not to tell Vancha," she said seriously.

I couldn't figure out why she didn't want Vancha to know but I agreed. Her body heat that had been transferring to me had warmed me enough for me to be able to sit up and my mind had started to clear and function.

"A long time ago," she began. "Way before you were born, Vancha and I grew up in the same small quiet village. Vancha hadn't been born there like I was but we became close all the same."

She had a faraway look in her eyes, the look that I had seen in some of the older vampires where they were remembering a time long ago, and I had the sudden feeling that I was about to get a lot more information than I had bargained for.

"From a young age, Vancha and I did everything together, the two of us were inseparable, and even at that age Vancha had a strong love of nature. We spent many nights together in the forest on the outskirts of the village."

I had to surpass the urge to gag. Vampires were defiantly not romantic creatures by nature and I was no different.

"I can see that you don't care about the story that far back," she said laughing at my expression. "So I'll just skip ahead to the night everything changed. Vancha had asked me to marry him and I agreed. The night before the wedding I found out that I was pregnant and I got a visit from an unfortunate person. His name was Mitch and he was jealous that I was marring Vancha. Mitch had asked me to marry him multiple times over the years but I had agreed to marry Vancha, something he never forgot or forgave, and when I told him that I was already caring Vancha's child, he lost his mind.

"He came after me and tried to kill me and he would've succeeded if it hadn't been for Evanna. She said something in a strange language and he just disappeared. Evanna told me that it was too dangerous for me to be here and that she could take me somewhere safe. At first I didn't want to go, I knew that Vancha would do anything to protect me and I would do the same for him.

"At that time I didn't know how big of an impact this choice would have, but because I was scared I agreed. Vancha didn't even know about the choice I made, he didn't even know I was pregnant. Evanna looked sad but she said something else in that strange language and I was soon in a swamp, far from the place I grew up. I was with her for a few months before she told me why she had come. It had been Vancha's destiny to become a vampaneze and if we had gotten married it could've changed everything.

"At first I felt so mad at having been tricked. If I'd have stayed with him, everything bad that happened in his life never would've happened and he could've avoided so much pain."