A girl of 10 scrubbed the black tiles of Hades Castle. Her torn black dress was covered in stains. Hades claimed that she was his daughter, but she felt more like a slave to him.

She hoped Hades wasn't her real father. she kept wished every night that she could get out of Hell. She swiped her golden hair behind her ear.

After a few months of talking to Persephone, she finally had a plan.

During what she believed was day, she worked on the outside of the castle. She bribed the boat master to take her to the Gates of Ivory. Medusa was following behind, wanting revenge on the girl who had ruined her snake hair, and almost cut out her eyes.

When the girl ran out of the gates, she skidded into a room. Waterfalls served as the walls and the floor, just dirt with the water flowing around it. A hell-hound jumped out from behind a waterfall and attacked her.

The girl pulled an old bronze pen out from a pocket in her blue Greek toga dress. She clicked it and it turn to a huge 7 ft chastiel bronze spear. She was about to stab the hell-hound through the head, when she and the dog turned to a stony granite. Just before she lost all of her senses, Medusa's face shimmered in the clear blue water of the waterfalls.