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"So what is your plan?" The pale purple dress waved around her feet, hiding the warrior self Loki knew was under there. She had been standing outside his cell for an hour now, watching and waiting, but for once he won the battle of patience.

"Because I know what you are capable of, I've seen it first hand and you could have killed that ridiculous group of humans."

"Not everything ends with someone's death, Lei"

"It should, the only clean ending you'll ever get." He smiled, oh he had missed her. "So, plan, spill it"

"You know my motive from the beginning, it hasn't changed, I just wanted them to get to know me before I put what we talked about in action."

Lei opened her mouth then closed it again.

"Are you sure about this Loki? Are you going to take that risk?"

"What else am I supposed to do?

"What happened? How did you survive that fall, you shouldn't have." Loki looked up, Odin was towering over him, not outside the cell but just before his feet. Loki looked around him, no the cell door was still closed, he shouldn't have expected anything else. They didn't trust him and why should they, he scoffed, after all he'd done. Guess he was the one to blame. Oh shut up Loki he thought and looked back upon Odin.

"The Bifrost created a black hole when it fell, which I just happened to be sucked into, it brought me to worlds you can only dream of, and with a little help I set up a communication system which makes it possible for travel between their world and Asgard." He smiled at the confused wrinkle that formed in Odin's face.

"So why did you need the tesseract?" Grinning widely, that why he usually does when he's up to mischief Loki says:

"How about some lunch? I do believe I'd like some beef today." Odin eyed him, trying to get an ounce more information out of him but Loki was a wall, and he knew that.

"I'll get you your lunch"

"That's most kind of you sir"

Another visitor, more than he'd expect from his first day. But then again things didn't turn out the way he thought in Asgard. Luckily he never had a problem with improvising. This time it was his moth… no, not anymore. She had come anyway, standing calmly, looking at him with her kind eyes.

"I know why you've done all of this, Loki. I'm your mother, I know you. I just… I just wish you'd stop and come home to those who love you. And I know that as soon as you get out of here you will start another plan, but Loki that isn't the way. You're clever, you know that, so why are you still going? What will change?"

"It's not about the petty goal of becoming Thor's equal or even the throne of Asgard"

"Yes it is, you just don't know how to stop now. But Loki we can help you, it's not gone to far, not yet, we can stop all of this."

"Get out" Loki said in a dark menacing voice, looking down on the floor.

"Loki…" Loki stood up fast striding towards the bars the separated him from Frigga.

"Get out now, woman or I will kill you" Frigga looked him sadly in eye and walked towards the exit. She stopped when she reached the door.

"I'm always here for you, whatever you've done."

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