Authoress Note: This is an AU to "Snoopy come home." if Snoopy could stay with Lila. It starts with a sad mood, but it will get cute eventually.

Woodstock sat on the Dog house and looked around. The moon was high and bright in the sky; a sphere of light. The stars all twinkled in the sky at their own pace. Woodstock didn't move for a few minutes. He just stared.

Then after those minutes he felt the tears fall. He sniffled and wiped his eyes with his feathers. He tried to look at the stars again, but they all looked blurry now. It was at this point Woodstock realized he didn't want to be alone.

At first he just perched on the edge of the dog didn't understand why, but he scared to move at first. Then he found the strength to at least crouch down, before the feeling of unknown fear returned. After standing still for a few moments he swooped down and flew, knowing exactly where he was going.

He landed on the window sill unsteadily. It was nearly midnight and even though the moon was full and the stars were out, it looked dark. Woodstock inhaled and exhaled slowly. He tapped his beak on the window then waited.

Charlie Brown had heard the pounding on the window.

"Snoopy?" He said groggily, yet hopefully. He looked over to the window and saw Woodstock. His face fell at this sight. All Charlie Brown wanted to do now was go back to sleep, but he went to the window. He opened the window slightly, enough to let Woodstock fly in.

Woodstock landed on the head board of the bed. Charlie Brown closed the window and sat on his bed.

"Your name's Woodstock..right?" Charlie Brown asked. Woodstock nodded once. He knew it was no use talking to him since he didn't speak bird. "You were Snoopy's friend...right?"

He had asked this question more hesitantly. Woodstock seemed a little surprised at this. Charlie Brown saw his posture change a bit in an uncomfortable way. Woodstock couldn't help it as the tears rushed into his eyes. He nodded once.

Charlie Brown frowned. He extended his hand and lightly pet Woodstock on the head. Gently he whispered, "It's's okay Woodstock..."

A small smile formed on Woodstock's beak.

" you want to go back out?" Charlie Brown asked as he approached the window again. Woodstock shook his head. Charlie Brown sat on the edge of the bed again.

"Do you want to stay here...for the night?" He asked. Woodstock nodded. Charlie Brown got under the covers and then asked, "Where are you going to sleep? On the head board? The Window sill? The board on the end of the bed? The-"

He was interrupted however when Woodstock landed next to him. He lay down next to Charlie Brown and snuggled up to him.