Years passed by fast and soon Charlie Brown was 21 and ready to move out. Through these years he and Woodstock had formed a very close bond and friendship. Woodstock was an adult when Charlie Brown befriended him, so he was fairly old now, but still loyal.

"I can't believe it, Woodstock!" Charlie Brown said happily. "I've got my own house now!"

He, Woodstock and the movers were bringing of boxes of things into their new home. Woodstock who was sitting on Charlie Brown's head nodded. He didn't fly much anymore; His wings always got sore from his old age. Charlie Browned smiled and picked him up from his head.

"Hey, you excited?" Charlie Brown asked gleefully. Woodstock only nodded a little bit. "You don't seem that excited. Are you okay."

"Yes, but I'm so old and frail now. I feel so weak.." Woodstock tweeted. Charlie Brown smirked.

"Oh come on! You're not that old!" Charlie Brown said playfully. Woodstock rolled his eyes. Charlie Brown placed him back on his head. Woodstock smiled as he lay on his head. " can just rest..we'll get everything unpacked. Woodstock nodded.

One month later...

"Woodstock are you okay?" Charlie Brown asked. Woodstock laid in bed very ill.

"I-I think I'm dying.." He tweeted. Charlie Brown started shaking.

"N-no.." He shuddered. "You're the only one I could talk to for the longest time. We-we..we've been best friends for what seems like forever! I-I don't want to lose my best friend again! No...not again..."

He lay on the bed and cried. Woodstock frowned and rubbed his head gently with his feather.

"I-I'll stay with you until...until..." Charlie Brown couldn't continue, he was crying so much. Woodstock gently stroked his head again and sang a gentle tune.

"No...not again...I already lost my best friend once!" He sobbed.

"I'm very old now, Charlie're young. Listen..this was bound to happen sometime, and ever since we became friends I knew this." Woodstock tweeted. "It'll be fine.."

"No it won't." Charlie Brown said as he sniffled and wiped his eyes and nose with the back of his hand. "You're my best friend."

For the last time Woodstock cuddled into his arms.


Charlie Brown tried to steady his hand as he wrote a letter to everyone. It was for Woodstock's funeral.

"Okay.." He sniffled to himself. "That's everyone..unless...should I? No..she doesn't even know him! But she has someone who does.."

He decided to write a letter to her.


The funeral was a week later.

"Are you okay, Chuck?" Peppermint Patty asked. Charlie Brown sighed. She took that as "no" and hugged him close. He smiled a bit and hugged her back.

Sally and Linus were leaning against the wall. They were both sad, but not crying sad.

"You okay, Sally?" Linus asked. She nodded once.

"I just hope my big brother's okay." She sighed.

"I'm sure he'll be fine after a while." Linus said. He still sensed she was a bit nervous and grabbed her hand.

"'re holding my hand. You know, you're still my sweet Baboo." She giggled in a flirtatious way. Linus smiled at this instead of being embarrassed. She then kissed him on the cheek and he pulled her into a hug.

Schroeder was playing a funeral song on a real piano. Despite that Lucy still had her back pressed against it.

"This isn't the same as with your toy piano." Lucy sighed. Schroeder stopped playing.

"Then come here." Schroeder said. Lucy sat on the bench with him. He continued playing. "Is this better?"

Lucy blushed a bit. "Um..yeah."

"So are you okay?" Schroeder asked.

"Yeah...I mean it is sad...and well..." Lucy started nervously. She was interrupted when Schroeder kissed her on the lips. She smiled and fell into his arms.

"Chuck, why do you keep looking around?" Peppermint Patty asked. Before he could answer two people entered. Charlie Brown approached them.

"Lila...Snoopy...thanks for coming." He said as lead them in. "I know we've never met Lila, but, I thought...Snoopy..."

"When he saw the letter, I couldn't get him to stop crying." She explained sadly. They both looked over and saw Snoopy by the coffin.

Snoopy looked over it crying. He was an elderly dog, now. He looked as frail as Woodstock did. He let out a low whimper as he looked into the casket. Then he started crying like mad. Then he let out a remorseful howl.

"He missed you a lot..maybe you can help me comfort him." She said in the same sad tone. They both approached the elderly bawling dog. Charlie Brown and Lila gently stroked his head.

"Oh, Snoopy..I missed you." Charlie Brown cried. He held Snoopy in his arms and hugged him. Snoopy snuggled in his arms. It was obvious he'd missed him too. Gently Charlie Brown pet his head. Snoopy licked Charlie Brown and snuggled back into his arms. He ruffled his fur again. Snoopy nuzzled his hand as he pet.

Charlie Brown put him down, but he approached him again. He let out a guilty whimper. Charlie Brown frowned and patted his head a few times. Snoopy smiled at this. Then he licked Charlie Brown again.

For the rest of the funeral Snoopy stayed by mostly by Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown liked this since he did miss Snoopy dearly.

After a while everyone left. They were all in tears at this point; Including Lila!

"Thanks for inviting us, Charlie Brown." Lila said still sadly. She gave him a hug. Snoopy whimpered for attention. Charlie Brown gave a small smile and petted him a few times. Snoopy whimpered and nuzzled his legs before leaving with Lila.

Before he left however, he froze and looked back. He let out the same guilty whimper he'd been doing all night. Charlie Brown realized that Snoopy truly did miss him and could of thought leaving him was a mistake.

The next day...

Charlie Brown walked to the pet store. Last night had showed him something...

When he entered he saw them. The beagle puppies. They were whining wanting to be adopted, yet playfully. When they saw him they wagged their tails. They pressed their paws against the glass and let out playful barks, wanting to be adopted. Charlie Brown approached the clerk.

"Sir. I'd like to little bird."

The end!