Breaking the Titan's Curse

Chapter 1

Yes, i am back and the next part of this series is finally up. Seriously, you guys really seem to like this story. A lot of people asked for it.

True to his world, Hades or sometimes known as Minato, trained Naruto for the summer and it was getting to the time were Naruto would return to Camp Half Blood and the rest of his friends. Naruto had grown some and he was more lean and muscular. Something his girlfriends would love.

That was another thing that baffled him. He had three girlfriends, that knew about each other, and they didn't mind. Well, they fought occasionally but that was expected. There was Thalia, daughter of the Thunder God, Zeus. A punk style girl that he got along with rather well with her brave personality. Clarisse, the daughter of the War God, Ares. She was pretty cool and tough, that was why he liked her. Something though, she could be a bit over bearing and he was just fine with that. Finally, there was Silena, daughter of the Love Goddess, Aphrodite. She was not like the other daughters of his Grandmother, she was down to earth and real nice, which was a welcome personality in his books.

However, right now, Naruto was not training. He was indulging in one of his favorite past times. What would that be? Well singing of course! What? He had to stay sane somehow down here in the Underworld.

Naruto stood on the dead ground with what seemed to be ghosts all around him. He was wearing a black suit and when he looked up, he smirked as the music began to play.

"A Minotaur's my butler, a Cyclops my valet, A Centaur draws my chariot that takes me down the way" Naruto began as he made clones to show each thing before they all turned into skeletons. "Through a river made of fire to a street that's paved with bones, I got a dozen zombie skeletons to walk me to my throne."

"In the Land of the Dead. Heck boy, ain't it grand? I'm the Prince of the Underworld. Cause I hold Horror's Hand. In the Land of the Dead, I'm darkside royalty. I'm far renownd in the underground and you can't take that from me." Naruto sang as his suit changed and he had a king's costume on, much like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Naruto chorused while ghosts played their part.

"Whoa! Whoa!"

"Whoa! Whoa!"

However, another character, someone Naruto recently met and considered a very sadistic sister, appeared. Her name? Melinoe. She smirked cruelly as she stared at the blond before bashing him on the head. "OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!"

Thankfully, Naruto managed to get away and made his way to the Underworld's Palace and continued his singing, but he stopped at the giant dog and started rubbing her giant stomach. "Cerberus my lap dog is loyal as can be." He then black flashed to his room. "My bed is made of skulls; I'm in the lap of luxury. I've got a Dragon's Blood jacuzzi; the Gorgons think it's cool. And a seven-headed Hydra livin' in my swimmin' pool." He black flashed away just as said Hydra came out to take a bit out him and ended up in the throne room.

"In the Land of the Dead. Heck boy, ain't it grand? I'm the Prince of the Underworld, cause I hold Horror's Hand." He said as he took Melinoe's hand, who looked pissed and just about crushed it, making him grimace. "In the Land of the Dead, I'm darkside royalty. I'm far renowned in the underground, and you can't take that away from me. No you can't take that from me." He ended dramatically, much to his step sister's annoyance.

"Oh please, I have been around longer than you, so yes I could by killing you." Melinoe replied with her arms crossed.

Naruto stared at his half dark, half-light step sister and asked with a goofy grin, "You wouldn't do that, would you dear sister?"

Melinoe's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. It figured he would do that just to annoy her. However, another cruel smirk appeared on his strange face. "Well dear brother," She began as she put a hand on his face, "I could just have my fun with you by torturing you, making you wish you were dead and then having my way with you."

Naruto paled and backed up. "Sorry, but I am not into bondage and that type of stuff….or sex with you, and I didn't think you were either."

If possible, her smirk grew. "I'm not, I just wanted to screw with your mind." She ended with dark sadistic laughter.

Naruto sighed dramatically. She always got one on him, but damn that was scary. "Alright, that's enough you two." came a voice behind him. They looked to see Persephone smiling at them. She was another one of Naruto's relatives and like Nyx and Aphrodite, she had him call her mom as well.

She was a tall, beautiful, young woman with pale skin, flowing, and curled black hair, and wore a white dress, that due to Naruto's presence, was actually colorful like the summer…even though it was nearing winter.

Next to her was a red haired woman in a blue kimono with orange for the outlines. This was Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's birth mom. "Hey moms….man that is still weird to say. So what is up?"

"You father wants to talk with you. He thinks it is time for you to return to your friends." Kushina said with a smile.

"Really?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. "That time already."

"Apparently so, little brother." Melinoe replied with a smirk as they walked to their father's throne, which was still huge. They looked up and saw that Hades was in his menacing giant form.

Naruto looked up boredly and replied, "Yo! How's the weather up there?"

Hades just rolled his massive eyes. "Son, it is time for you to return to Camp Half-Blood. Zues may not be happy that I trained you….with some help from your mothers and sister, but I don't care what he thinks anymore." Naruto snickered at this. "However, you will not return directly to there. I think you should help your friends out in Maine first."

"Maine? Why the hell did they go there?" Naruto asked.

"Simple, to pick up your brother and sister." Hades replied.

"You mean the two from the Casino?"

"The very same, but they have not aged that much. I think you friends ran into trouble, that is why I am sending you there. Plus, I made a short cut so you can get there quickly via you Hell Bike." Hades replied, mentioning the motorcycle Naruto had been working on. He had finished it and now was the time to use it. "Also, Lady Artemis will be making her way there as well. Please be respectful."

"Sweet, I am ready!" Naruto replied as seals appeared over his body and his clothes changed. He now wore black pants, black biker boots, a black wife beater under a black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves, and in his hands was a black helmet, with a picture of a skull on it. "I'll go get Tear and be on my way."

"Yeah, seya later little brother…it is going to be a lot more boring without you here." Melinoe stated, almost sadly.

"Don't worry sis, I'll be back." Naruto replied as he walked out of the room with a kind smile.


Dr. Thorn laughed at the small group of Demi-Gods and a satyr. Percy knew they were in deep. He looked to Thalia, Annabeth, he Satyr friend Grover, and the two new half bloods, Bianca and Nico de Angelo. He knew he should rely on his friend, but he really wished Naruto was here. "Now do you see how hopeless it is? Yield, little heroes."

They were trapped between a monster and a fully armed helicopter. They had no chance.

Then Percy heard a clear, piercing sound: the call of a hunting horn blowing in the woods.

The manticore froze. For a moment, no one moved. There was only the swirl of snow and wind and the chopping of the helicopter blades.

"No," Dr. Thorn said. "It cannot be—"

His sentence was cut short when something shot past Percy's head like a streak of moonlight. A glowing silver arrow sprouted from Dr. Thorn's shoulder.

He staggered backward, wailing in agony.

"Curse you!" Thorn cried. He unleashed his spikes, dozens of them at once, into the woods where the arrow had come from, but just as fast, silvery arrows shot back in reply. It almost looked like the arrows had intercepted the thorns in midair and sliced them in two, but Percy felt like his eyes must've been playing tricks on him. No one, not even Apollo's kids at camp, could shoot with that much accuracy. Well, maybe Naruto could deflect projectiles that fast, but…

The manticore pulled the arrow out of his shoulder with a howl of pain. His breathing was heavy. Percy tried to swipe at him with his sword, but he wasn't as injured as he looked. He dodged Percy's attack and slammed his tail into the boy's shield, knocking him aside.

Then the archers came from the woods. They were girls, about a dozen of them. The youngest was maybe ten. The oldest, about fourteen, like Percy. They wore silvery ski parkas and jeans, and they were all armed with bows. They advanced on the manticore with determined expressions.

"The Hunters!" Annabeth cried.

Next to the water boy, Thalia muttered, "Oh, wonderful." Percy didn't have a chance to ask what she meant.

One of the older archers stepped forward with her bow drawn. She was tall and graceful with coppery colored skin. Unlike the other girls, she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair, so she looked like some kind of Persian princess. "Permission to kill, my lady?"

They couldn't tell who she was talking to, because she kept her eyes on the manticore.

The monster wailed. "This is not fair! Direct interference! It is against the Ancient Laws."

"Not so," another girl said. This one was a little younger than Percy, maybe twelve or thirteen. She had auburn hair gathered back in a ponytail and strange eyes, silvery yellow like the moon. Her face was so beautiful it made the water boy catch his breath, but her expression was stern and dangerous. "The hunting of all wild beasts is within my sphere. And you, foul creature, are a wild beast." She looked at the older girl with the circlet. "Zoe, permission granted."

The manticore growled. "If I cannot have these alive, I shall have them dead!" He lunged at Thalia and Percy, knowing they were weak and dazed.

"No.'" Annabeth yelled, and she charged at the monster.

"Get back, half-blood!" the girl with the circlet said. "Get out of the line of fire!"

But Annabeth leaped onto the monster's back and drove her knife into his mane. The manticore howled, turning in circles with his tail flailing as Annabeth hung on for dear life.

"Fire!" Zoe ordered.

"No!" Percy screamed.

But the Hunters let their arrows fly. The first caught the manticore in the neck. Another hit his chest. The manticore staggered backward, wailing, "This is not the end, Huntress! You shall pay!"

And before anyone could react, the monster, with Annabeth still on his back, leaped over the cliff and tumbled into the darkness.

"Annabeth!" Percy yelled.

Percy started to run after her, but their enemies weren't done with them. There was a snap-snap-snap from the helicopter—the sound of gunfire.

Most of the Hunters scattered as tiny holes appeared in the snow at their feet, but the girl with auburn hair just looked up calmly at the helicopter. "Mortals," she announced, "are not allowed to witness my hunt." However, before she could do anything, the earth started to shake a voice that sounded like it was coming from the earth itself called out.

"Please, allow me my Lady!" it said, and Percy had a feeling he knew that voice. It sounded a lot like his blond friend.

The auburn haired girl seemed annoyed at first before she sighed, "Very well, just make it quick."

"Thanks!" The voice replied as the earth broke open and a motor cycle flew out. It was a black Chopper like bike with elements from Ghost Rider in it. On the bike was a black leather bound person. His identity was hidden, but Percy just knew, with an entrance like that, that this was Naruto. He then used the bike as a spring board and jumped higher into the sky, above the helicopter. The bike landed safely on the ground without a scratch on it and if they looked closely, they would see a small black puppy on the bike.

Suddenly, silver chains burst from his person, wrapping themselves around the blades and the body of the helicopter. There was a sudden shift in the wind and the biker spun in midair, spinning the copter around him before releasing it, sending it soaring it to the ocean in the distance, making it skip some before disappearing altogether.

The biker then took off his helmet to reveal the head of Naruto Uzumaki, then asked, "Anybody see how many times that skipped?"

Percy put on a dead panned looked before he face palmed himself. Yep, only Naruto could do something that crazy and then ask such a stupid question.

Bianca stared at the blond in shock. This was same person who gave her the kunai! Sure he was a bit older, but that was expected from her and her brother being in the casino for so long. He said he was her family. If that was so, she would how they were related…but later. She did not want to make a fool of herself.

The Hunters then advanced on them. Some of them looking impressed, while other just glared at him. Naruto sweat dropped and said, "Sorry about that, I just wanted to trying something my mom taught me, didn't mean to upstage you."

The auburn haired girl stared at the boy, like seeing if he was trustworthy before replying. "It is no problem Naruto Uzumaki. I gave you permission to do so. Besides, I wanted to see for myself why the other gods and goddess are so interested in you. Now I see why. You are not the usually emotional type of the children of Hades. I can respect that."

Naruto blinked, not expecting an answer like that. He was half expecting to get chewed out. He bowed and said, "Thank you my Lady."

"Glad to see you Naruto." Thalia said as she came up to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"You too." Naruto replied with a bright smile, which of course made her smile as well…until one of the Hunter's came over.

The one called Zoe stopped short when she saw Thalia. "You," she said with distaste.

"Zoe Nightshade." Thalia's voice trembled with anger. "Perfect timing, as usual."

"Something I miss?" Naruto asked, but Thalia just waved it off for the moment.

Zoe scanned the rest of them, pausing to glare at Naruto because saying. "Five half-bloods and a satyr, my lady."

"Yes," the younger girl said. "Some of Chiron's campers, I see."

"Annabeth!" Percy yelled, the gravity of what happened came back. "You have to let us save her!"

The auburn-haired girl turned toward the Son of Poseidon. "I'm sorry, Percy Jackson, but your friend is beyond help."

Percy tried to struggle to his feet, but a couple of the girls held him down.

"You are in no condition to be hurling yourself off cliffs," the auburn-haired girl said.

"Let me go!" Percy demanded. "Who do you think you are?" Naruto face palmed himself at that.

Zoe stepped forward as if to smack Percy, but was saved from the other girl. "No," the other girl ordered. "I sense no disrespect, Zoe. He is simply distraught. He does not understand."

The young girl looked at her, her eyes colder and brighter than the winter moon. "I am

Artemis," she said. "Goddess of the Hunt."

Naruto smiled, "Oh, so I was right and not making a fool of myself. I am glad Persephone told me about you." Artemis simply nodded. He then gained a thoughtful look. "So, sis you have some of the sharpest eyes, being the Goddess of the Hunt, do you happen to know how many times that copter skipped?"


In case anyone was wondering. The song was called Land of the Dead by Voltaire. So yeah, this story is back in action and as you can see Kushina trained him in the art of her Chakra Chains. And yes, Tear is that small puppy. Can anyone guess where I got the name from?