Breaking the Titan's Curse

Chapter 19

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Before they had to leave Mount Olympus and the awesome party, both Percy and Naruto had to do a few things. While Percy was talking to his Cyclops brother Tyson and his Mom via the Isis Messaging, Naruto was talking to Hades and surprisingly, Apollo.

"Well dad, it's been fun, but I guess you and Athena have some work to do and I got to get back to camp." Naruto stated.

Hades ran a hand through the blond locks of his Minato form, which people seemed to like more then his Dark Form…as everyone called it. "Yeah, Sarutobi won't be happy that he has more work to do and your mothers won't be happy that I will be gone for a time, but it will work out."

"I am glad." Naruto replied with a smile.

"About things working out, I need to speak with you two." Apollo said as he joined them.

"What's up Lord Apollo?" Naruto asked.

"First of all, you don't have to call me that, just Apollo…or Uncle Apollo will do!" the man said with a happy tune before his face turned serious again. "It is about you other children, Hades…specifically Nico."

"What about him." Hades asked.

"Even though you save your daughter, he will still take it the wrong way. He will think that she is dead and that Percy broke his promise to bring her back. Not even Naruto will be able to get to him until he has delved into his own darkness for a time."

"Oh…man." Naruto groaned. "Is there any way to convince him otherwise before then?"

Apollo shook his head. "Unfortunately, no. However, this trip will be good for him as he will grow up a little. Think of it a character development." Apollo paused for a second. "But, I strongly advise you to find him before Luke finds out and gets him on his side."

"I see." Hades replied. "Well then Naruto, your status as a Big Brother will be tested. I know you will do fine."

"Thanks dad."

"Oh, one more thing before we part." Apollo stated as he addressed Naruto. "Be careful Naruto. Sometimes the truth hurts more than it helps." With his piece said, Apollo walked away.

"What did he mean by that?" Naruto asked.

"I had a feeling, but I am not sure." Hades replied, just as confused as his son.


Compared to Mount Olympus, Manhattan was quiet. Friday before Christmas, but it was early in the morning, and hardly anyone was on Fifth Avenue. Argus, the many-eyed security chief, picked up the five demi-gods and one satyr at the Empire State Building and ferried them back to camp through a light snowstorm. The Long Island Expressway was almost deserted.

As they trudged back up Half-Blood Hill to the pine tree where the Golden Fleece glittered, Thalia smiled as being able to see it again as she and Zoe leaned up against Naruto for warmth.

Chiron greeted them at the Big House with hot chocolate and toasted cheese sandwiches. Grover went off with his satyr friends to spread the word about the group's strange encounter with the magic of Pan. Within an hour, the satyrs were all running around agitated, asking where the nearest espresso bar was. It was pretty funny, especially when they did get their coffee.

Annabeth,, Naruto, Zoe, Thalia and Percy sat with Chiron and some of the other senior campers Beckendorf, Silena Beauregard, and the Stoll brothers. Even Clarisse from the Ares cabin was there, back from her secretive scouting mission. They figured she must've had a difficult quest, because she didn't even try to pulverize Percy. She had a new scar on her chin, and her dirty blond hair had been cut short and ragged, like someone had attacked it with a pair of safety scissors. She just slumped in his chair next to Silena with a pained expression.

"I got news," she mumbled uneasily. "Bad news."

"I'll fill you in later," Chiron said with forced cheerfulness. "The important thing is you have prevailed. And you saved Annabeth!"

"Well duh." Naruto said with a smile. "I went to get my little sister back and Percy because he wanted his girlfriend back." Said blond girl just weakly punched the ninja in the arm with a smile directed at the Sea God's son, making the two of them blush a bit. That just made Naruto laugh.

For some strange reason, Percy found himself thinking about Hoover Dam, and the odd mortal girl he'd run into there, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. He didn't know why, but her annoying comments kept coming back to him. Do you always kill people when they blow their nose? He was only alive because so many people had helped him, even a random mortal girl like that. He'd never even explained to her who he was, not that Naruto and the skeletons gave him any time to do that anyway.

"Luke is alive," Percy said. "Annabeth was right."

Annabeth sat up. "How do you know?"

Percy tried not to feel annoyed by her interest. He told her what his dad had said about the

Princess Andromeda.

"That and my dad also said that Luke's soul hadn't entered the Underworld yet." Naruto commented.

"Well." Annabeth shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "If the final battle does come when Percy is sixteen, at least we have two more years to figure something out."

Percy had a feeling that when she said "figure something out," she meant "get Luke to change his ways," which annoyed him even more.

Chiron's expression was gloomy. Sitting by the fire in his wheelchair, he looked really old. Ok, the guy was old, everyone knew that, but he actually looked his age thanks to all that was going on.

"Two years may seem like a long time," he said. "But it is the blink of an eye. I still hope you are not the child of the prophecy, Percy. But if you are, then the second Titan war is almost upon us. Kronos's first strike will be here."

"How do you know?" Percy asked. "Why would he care about camp?"

"Because the gods use heroes as their tools," Chiron said simply. "Destroy the tools, and the gods will be crippled. Luke's forces will come here. Mortal, demigod, monstrous… We must be prepared. Clarisse's news may give us a clue as to how they will attack, but—"

There was a knock on the door, and Nico di Angelo came huffing into the parlor, his cheeks bright red from the cold. He was smiling, but he looked around anxiously. "Hey! Where's… where's my sister?"

Dead silence. Percy stared at Chiron. He couldn't believe nobody had told him yet. And then Percy realized why. They'd been waiting for them to appear, to tell Nico in person. He just hoped the kid understood. Looking to Naruto, he could see the blond nodding to his unasked question.

"Hey, Nico." Percy got up from his comfortable chair. "Let's take a walk, okay? You, me and Naruto need to talk."


He took the news in silence, which somehow made it worse. Percy kept talking, trying to explain how it had happened. Naruto was silent as well, however, he saw that Nico was indeed not understanding what actually happened. Percy's rambling didn't seem to be helping due to him saying that Bianca had disappeared…which to Nico, meant that she died.

"She wanted you to have this." Percy brought out the little god figurine Bianca had found in the

junkyard. Nico held it in his palm and stared at it.

They were standing at the dining pavilion, just where Percy and Nico had last spoken before Percy went on the quest. The wind was bitter cold, even with the camp's magical weather protection. Snow fell lightly against the marble steps. Percy figured outside the camp borders, there must be a blizzard happening.

"You promised you would protect her," Nico said, his voice like poison to Percy, making the older boy feel like he was being stabbed.

"Nico, I don't think you understand." Naruto interrupted.

"No! You both promised!" Nico shouted, glaring at the two older boys, his eyes rimmed with red. He closed his small fist around the god statue.

"I shouldn't have trusted you." His voice broke. "You lied to me. My nightmares were right!"

"Wait. What nightmares?" Naruto asked, not understanding that part.

Nico flung the god statue to the ground. It clattered across the icy marble. "I hate you!"

"Nico, stop this!" Naruto shouted. "She is still alive!"

"She's dead." He closed his eyes. His whole body trembled with rage. "I should've known it earlier. She's in the Fields of Asphodel, standing before the judges right now, being evaluated. I can feel it."

"What do you mean, you can feel it?" Naruto growled. "I would feel it too ya know!"

"How's that?" Nico ground out.

"Because, little brother, she is my sister too!" Naruto shouted, shell shocking the poor boy.

However, while Nico was coming to grips with his new information, a new noise made itself known. A hissing, clattering noise that made Percy pale.

Naruto and Percy drew their blades and whirled around to find that they were facing four skeleton warriors. They grinned fleshless grins and advanced with swords drawn. They weren't sure how they'd made it inside the camp, but it didn't matter. Someway, they would defeat these things.

"What are these things!?" Nico shouted in anger when he finally regained himself. He glared at Naruto and Percy, but his glare was more savage to Naruto. "Are you trying to get rid of me as well!?"

"No, Nico, I never said that!" Naruto growled.

"I don't trust you!" Nico shouted.

One of the skeletons rushed at them, Naruto, his anger, sliced its blade in half before he kicked it away. "Nico, please just listen to me. These things have been after Percy for the whole quest. I suggest you run!"

"No! I won't listen to you!" Nico shouted, his anger getting the better of him as he pressed his hands to his ears, not wanting to hear any of it.

"Please little brother, just listen to me!' Naruto shouted as he slashed away another blade while punching the jaw of another. Percy was not fairing much better as he battled for his life against the other two skeletons. "Bianca is not dead, she is just in the Underworld!"

Probably no the best way to have worded that to a distraught child.

"No!" Nico shouted louder. "Go away!"

The ground rumbled beneath them. The skeletons froze. The two boys rolled out of the way just as a crack opened at the feet of the four warriors. The ground ripped apart like a snapping mouth. Flames erupted from the fissure, and the earth swallowed the skeletons in one loud CRUNCH!


In the place where the skeletons had stood, a twenty-foot-long scar wove across the marble floor of the pavilion. Otherwise there was no sign of the warriors.

"Whoa…" Pecry said as he stared at the scar, unbelieving.

"Nico…how were you able to-" Naruto started, but once again, nico cut him off.

"Go away!" he yelled. "I hate you! I wish you were dead!" The boy then ran out of the area via the steps.

Percy tried to run after him but Naruto stopped him and shook his head. "No…we'd only make it worse. Let's let him cool off." Naruto said as he looked to the sky with tears rolling down his face. "Damn it Apollo, why did you have to be right."

Sometimes the truth hurts more than it helps

"Damn it…" Naruto said as he Percy picked up the statue that was the one thing that Nico didn't have.

"So…he really is your brother." Percy said solemnly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it too much, we'll get him back and that is a promise." Naruto replied with determination.


When Naruto and Percy returned, they were a bit relieved to find that the other older campers had left the building to get to their own cabins for the time being. That was good. They didn't need to hear this.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Naruto?" Percy asked.

"Yes, I am sure Chiron can keep a secret." Naruto replied.

"What was that now?" Said horse man replied as he over them. Grover, Annabeth, Zoe, and Thalia all turned towards them, wondering what was going on. "And where is Nico?"

"That's the problem." Naruto replied, "My little brother got angry with the news as he misunderstood it…something Apollo warned me about since we did make it kind of hard to understand."


No one spoke as they thought about what Naruto had said. Chiron, however, widened his eyes. "You don't say! So even Hades broke the oath?!"

"No." Naruto replied as he shook his head. "Me and my siblings are a technicality. The oath never said anything about my world and Nico and Bianca where born before World War 2."

"What the….but how?" Chiron asked, generally too confused and shocked to even think properly.

"The Lotus Casino!" Grover shouted out.

"Exactly." Naruto replied. "In our first quest, I met Bianca there and they didn't know how long they had been in there. During this quest, Bianca said that a lawyer came and picked them up and that is where everything set into place."

"Incredible, however, this does cause a problem. The gods and goddesses won't like this." Chiron replied.

"No, I have a feeling that they already know." Naruto replied, thinking mainly of Apollo.

"So now what?" Annabeth asked. If word gets out then-"

"It won't." Percy replied. "We keep this a secret until the end of the Prophecy in two years."

"That's a long time." Thalia replied.

"It is just something we have to face." Percy replied. I may not like it, but with you guys on my side, I will take on the Prophecy.

""Why are you saying that?" Annabeth cried. "You want to be responsible for the whole world?"

"It is actually the last thing I want, but I need to step up to take it. Thalia and Naruto are already 16 and not much has happened. Kronos won't even go after Naruto and he already tried with Annabeth. I won't let you guys or Nico get sucked into this. That is why I will take it."

"Then I will help, Nico may hate my guts right now, but I promise to get him back. I won't let him go down Sasuke's path." Naruto replied with a determined glint in his eyes.

Annabeth shivered. "If Luke gets hold of him—"

"Luke won't," Percy said. "I'll make sure he's got other things to worry about. Namely, me."

"Don't forget about the rest of us Percy, we got your back." Naruto replied with a smirk.

Chiron smiled warmly at the children, they really were close and all of this was bring them together. He would put his faith in them for now. "Then I shall help train you all up if you require it.. If Percy is really going to do this, I suspect he will need your help."

"You really think the first attack will be here?" Percy asked, turning back to the man.

Chiron stared at the snow falling on the hills. He could see smoke from the dragon guardian at the pine tree, the glitter of the distant Fleece. "It will not be until summer, at least," Chiron said. "This winter will be hard…the hardest for many centuries. It's best that you go home to the city, Percy; try to keep your mind on school and any training I can give. And rest. You will need rest."

Percy looked at Annabeth. "What about you?"

Her cheeks flushed. "I'm going to try San Francisco after all. Maybe I can keep an eye on Mount Tam, make sure the Titans don't try anything else."

"You'll send an Iris-message if anything goes wrong?"

She nodded. "But I think Chiron's right. It won't be until the summer. Luke will need time to regain his strength."

Percy didn't like the idea of waiting. Then again, next August I would be turning fifteen. So close to sixteen I didn't want to think about it.

"All right," Percy said. "Just take care of yourself. And no crazy stunts in the Sopwith Camel."

She smiled tentatively. "Deal, although, I saw Naruto eying it, so you might want to keep an eye on him more than me."

"HEY!" Naruto indignant yell sounded throughout the room.

"And, Percy—"

Whatever she was going to say was interrupted by Grover, who stumbled out of the Big House, tripping over tin cans. His face was haggard and pale, like he'd seen a specter.

"He spoke.'" Grover cried.

"Calm down, my young satyr," Chiron said, frowning. "What is the matter?"

"I…I was on my six cap of coffee while I was listen in on you guy and he spoke in my mind!"

"Who?" Annabeth demanded.

"Pan!" Grover wailed. "The Lord of the Wild himself. I heard him! I have to… I have to find a suitcase."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Percy said. "What did he say?"

Grover stared at me. "Just three words. He said, 'I await you...'"

"Well then, that's new." Naruto commented.


Naruto stood on the porch of the big house, thinking on what Pan wanted. He knew that whatever it was, it was going to be big, that was for sure. As he was thinking, Percy walked out and spoke to him.

"What about you."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean what are you, Thalia, and Zoe going to do until summer."

"I suspect that Thalia and Zoe are going to train their asses off…most likely with Clarisse. Me….i am going to finish those weapon ideas with Beckendorf. However, don't think that I am going to leave you alone. I am going to pop in every now and then. Maybe your mom will let me stay over a few nights."

"I am sure she wouldn't mind." Percy replied with a smile.

"Cool." Naruto said before he smirked. "I also want to meet this Mr. …heh…Blowfish as well."

The two boys smirked at each other before they burst into laughter. Yeah, that would be a fun experience.


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