Well I had this idea, human Klaus of the past brought to the future, destined to fall in love with Caroline whislt she deals not only with his present self but also the complications which follow and her own feelings...(wow...ok...I am awful at summarys..)

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Background: Forwood has ended, Klaus is still intent on making hybrids, Bonnie's prone to fall to dark magic...Damon and Stefan..have become lovers...JOKES! ... that would be a tad strange what with them being brothers XD

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"What were you like as a human Klaus? Were you a scoundrel? A murderer? A villain? A thief?" Caroline asked sarcastically, sucking on her straw, consuming the strawberry milkshake as she gazed at the man opposite her.

Klaus. The original vampire that even stalked her into town now, he was relentless, constantly sneaking up on her and flashing that annoying smirk in her direction whenever he could.

"That's what I am now love," He said leaning against the chair, folding his arms, eyebrows raised in amusement.

"You're also a stalker."

"I like to refer to our circumstance as me being patient whilst you realise your true feelings."

She almost gagged on her drink and the glass fell on the table, the pink liquid oozing out of it, "Eternally patient you mean."

"Would you accept me if I was human?"

The sincerity of his question startled her and she remained silent for several moments, but when he leaned towards her over the table, eyes boring into hers the tension made her feel uncomfortable and she grabbed a napkin to clean her mess.

"No," She said, averting his eyes, "It wouldn't change who you are."

"Maybe I was different as a human."

"I don't believe that, not for a second, just because you actually had humanity doesn't mean that you used it."

She could see him stiffen and his eyes glazed over, an unreadable expression forming on his face, she rolled her eyes at him and motioned for the waitress.

The pretty brunette woman approached them, leaning towards Klaus as she placed the bill in the centre of the table, Caroline noticed that her neck was dangerously close to Klaus's mouth and she became rigid as he inhaled the woman's scent.

"There you go darling," The woman smiled suggestively at Klaus and ignored Caroline who moved from the table and forced the bill into his hand.

His finger's grasped hers and she heard the woman mutter something under her breath as she left them. Caroline tried to pull away but Klaus closed his eyes, squeezing her hand gently, "Don't you feel that, that connection?"

"Seriously? No, I just feel a creep, that is all, now kindly release my hand before I shout and draw attention."

Klaus let out a frustrated sigh and released her, rubbing his temples as he said, "I could kill them all within mere moments you know love."

"And that is why," She spat whilst grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder, "I won't ever love you."

Klaus's fist banged against the table as he heard the door bang shut behind her, the table smashed beneath his fingers and the people in the café gasped, fixing their eyes critically on him, forcing him to reveal his fangs.

Their screams echoed around the walls.

"He was being a pervert, you know," Caroline said into the phone, unlocking her front door, "just being Klaus."

"His feelings towards you are starting to really scare me Caroline," Bonnie whispered and Caroline laughed hauntingly.

"Really? They amuse me, today his new tactic was to keep asking me if I would like him if he was a human, as if, like that would change-"


"anything! He's a-"


"monster! I don't understand his infatuation with-"

"Caroline for god's sake shut up!" Bonnie almost screamed down the phone and Caroline's enhanced hearing caused her to almost drop it, "Let me think for a moment."

Caroline leant against the kitchen wall and slid slowly down it, listening to Bonnie muttering to herself, almost seeming to have an argument. The blonde vampire immediately become bored and interrupted her friend.

"Spill. Now. Do you have a new plan to get rid of my stalker?" She tried not to sound disappointed then mentally scolded herself for realising that she would miss his constant pursuits of her.

"Don't worry, it's crazy, it would never work-"

"It's you, witch Bonnie, whatever it is, it will work," Caroline reassured her, her fingernails dragging across the floor as she hoped that Bonnie's idea wouldn't involve killing the original.

"He must have been different as a human; it can't be possible that he would be that evil. What if his human self saw what he is to become? It would change history Caroline, Jenna wouldn't be dead, my mum wouldn't be a…..vampire."

Caroline tried not to feel offended at Bonnie's pause, "You want to bring human Klaus to the future?"

"Yes," Bonnie said, sounding unsure, "I don't know how to make it only for a limited time though, it could go wrong."

"If Damon sees a human Klaus he won't hesitate in killing him," Caroline said sitting up straighter, her full attention on the cell phone in her hand.

"He can't, otherwise he won't be alive, none of you will," Bonnie said, "I can do the spell within the hour, don't tell anyone Caroline-"

Caroline rushed towards her door, "I'm not leaving you alone with him Bonnie, I'll be there in a few minutes."

She turned her phone off and grabbed her car keys from her pocket, flinging open the door with the intention to rush towards her car but instead she hit a masculine body.

Strong arms stopped her from falling over and they lingered on her skin as she glanced up, immediately sneering at his presence.

"How many times must I tell you that your touch freaks me out?" She snarled, removing his hands from her.

"At least another thousand years," He said, stepping around her and entering her house, "Aren't you going to offer your guest a drink?"

She crossed at her arms at his sheer nerve, "I don't have time," She said dangling her keys in the air, "I have a date."

He went still, eyes roaming her face, "Very funny," He said sitting down in her kitchen chair, "Now stop being stupid and put the kettle on."

"That's quite sexist," She remarked and his smile only widened, "Plus I am never boiling blood, even you must have limits." When he remained silent she continued, "And I have a date with a human."

This time she did illicit a reaction, his eyes widened so much that she thought they would pop out of his face and she tried to hold back a giggle, "Now don't get jealous," She teased, "He looks eerily similar to you."

"Brilliant," He muttered, "Well run along," He cocked his head to the side and flashed her his fangs, "But no human is worth your time."

"Your right," She smiled, "They're probably not."

This time despite how much he wanted to, he didn't take out his emotions of her leaving him again on the table. Instead he roared in frustration when he heard her car pull out of the drive way and remained in her house for 30 minutes, his eyes searching every photo of Caroline, watching her progress in years, and his emotions soared at her happy expressions.

But then they plummeted when he realised that she had never looked at him like that.

"Are you having any regrets?" Bonnie asked her gently, looking over to where Caroline sat on the sofa hugging her knees.

She shook her head and Bonnie nodded, spreading the herbs around her into a circle and Caroline closed her eyes as she heard her friend begin to chant, having absolutely no idea what language she was speaking.

The candles around them started to flicker and then go out one by one and with each one Caroline flinched, scared of the demon they were about to unleash.

Two Klaus's in the world would not be a good idea.

All of a sudden Bonnie screamed and the room went dark, Caroline threw herself off of the sofa and ran towards her friend but her hand came into contact with cold flesh and she recoiled, backing away from the unseen being.

Bonnie's screams became less feminine and instead more masculine, Caroline felt her back press against the wall and she managed to flick on the light switch.

Bonnie was standing above a cowering figure, his long blonde hair covered his sweating and terrified face but Caroline saw the distinct aqua eyes which had been haunting her dreams for weeks.

"You managed it," She gasped, approaching the human Klaus carefully who had not yet seen her, instead his gaze was transfixed on Bonnie.

"You used sorcery," He pointed his shaking finger at her and when Bonnie took a step towards him he backed away immediately.

Bonnie started to laugh cruelly, "You know what its like to feel fear?"

"You're an evil creature," Klaus said and Bonnie's laughter only increased.

Caroline shook her head at her best friend and made a harsh 'shhh' noise causing Klaus's head to whip around, he gazed at her, she expected him to back away even more but instead his expression softened.

It became less frightened as he stared at her from head to foot, her hands rose in surrender and she bent down to kneel in front of him, her hands clasped his face gently and his eyes closed briefly.

"God Caroline," Bonnie sighed, "Any time period for him. Maybe his twisted feelings are genuine after all."

Klaus didn't seem to hear her; he was transfixed by the blonde creature in front of him who turned her head to address the witch.

"Be kinder, he's human. Can't you see he's different?"

"No, I don't, when I look at him all I see is a killer," Bonnie hissed, grabbing a knife on the table behind her as her eyes became pitch black, "We should kill him now."

"That's the dark magic speaking Bonnie, you tapped in to too much," Caroline breathed moving in front of Klaus protectively but he nudged her aside and stood in front of her, offering himself in order to keep her protected.

She briefly wondered if the vampire Klaus would do that for her, she highly doubted it.

The knife rose above Bonnie's head and Caroline grabbed Klaus's hand, pulling him away quickly and heading towards the door, she heard the knife clatter loudly to the floor and when she turned to look Bonnie was gone, a faint cry resonating off the walls.

"You can trust me," Caroline whispered stepping outside of Bonnie's house.

"I know," He breathed.

She wanted to blush at his faith but then she saw his expression as he took in the scenery surrounding him, the modern world, and then, he fainted.

She just managed to catch him before he hit the pavement and she picked him up easily and put him in the backseat of her car, hoping he wouldn't awaken only to be freaked out again. Too much fainting must have some sort of impact.

During the journey back to her house she kept looking in the windshield mirror, catching glimpses of his reflection, the soft lines of his face, his eyelashes, the way his hair fell over his face, his clothes, covered in blood.

She shuddered and was immensely grateful that her mother was out of town for the next few months, dealing with family problems, such as coping with the fact that her daughter was a vampire.

She finally arrived at her house and opened the car door and grabbed hold of Klaus's shoulders, his head rolled to the side and she saw a variety of different scars and felt deeply sad for him as she identified one shaped as an M, Mikael. Seems her father wasn't the worst in the world.

She picked him up again and ran into her house and up to her bedroom, laying him on her bed and standing back. What was she to do now? How would he get back to his own time? This was a stupid idea! Bonnie was supposed to be more intelligent then this. And now with Bonnie gone rogue how could she keep human Klaus safe if –

"Caroline love! How was your date? Did he remind you to much of me that you had to come back and experience the real thing?" –

If vampire Klaus was downstairs?