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"I can stop it all?" She asked, meeting Bonnie's eyes, "Everything? Elena will still be alive?"

Bonnie looked away guiltily and stifled a cry, remembering how her best friend's blood soaked her clothes, how the crimson stain will be forever embedded in her soul, she nodded dully and rocked on her heels.

Niklaus gave Klaus a smug grin and unwrapped his arm from around Caroline, convinced she was now his forever, she looked at him, assessing him, indecision on her face, but then taking a deep breath and closing her eyes she answered, "Ok. It's the right thing to do."

Niklaus bit his lip in anger, his teeth painfully cut the flesh on his mouth and he winced in pain, shouldn't she be happier then this? Shouldn't her decision be from love, not a sense of morals?

He grasped her hand tightly and she almost fell over from the forcefulness of the action, Klaus stepped towards her but Niklaus sneered at him and he stopped, looking at the deflated Caroline back to his past self once more, letting out a snide snicker.

"You really think she's it for you?" He asked bitterly, "Don't you know?" He leant towards himself menacingly and smirked, "Caroline Forbes is always second choice."

Both girls gasped, Bonnie refrained from hitting Klaus like a child with a temper tantrum and Caroline held back tears, remembering her relationship with Matt, and his obsessive longing for Elena.

Niklaus looked shocked and almost dropped Caroline's hand when Klaus started to circle him like a predator, "I imagine you've met Tatia?" He enquired politely and Caroline gritted her teeth angrily.

"The pregnant newcomer in the village," Niklaus said instinctively and looked at Caroline who burst out laughing, she stopped when he stared at her hauntingly.

"All these Petrova women are slags," She shrugged as if that was a valid explanation, when Niklaus cocked his head at the word she sighed and hissed, "Katherine with the Salvatore brothers, Elena, yet again, with the Salvatore brothers."

"Elena's dead," Bonnie muttered, crossing her arms and glaring at the blonde young vampire.

Caroline instantly nodded and stepped closer to Niklaus, "She won't be for long, not if we go back."

Klaus put his hand on Caroline's shoulder, squeezing it tightly as he whispered to his human self, "Tatia Petrova becomes very interested in you, she wants you," He stood beside Niklaus, effectively blocking Caroline from his view, "She loves you, she beds you."

Caroline opened her mouth to protest but Klaus turned to her quickly and put his finger to his lips, "You're telling me you want Caroline for the rest of your life? She'll still be a vampire, you will be human, you will grow old, you will wither, you will die. She won't, she can't. She is unable to bear your children, to be a wife, you really want this life? She's immortal."

"Your right," Niklaus whispered, dropping Caroline's hand, and staring at Bonnie, "I will go back alone."

Caroline held a hand to her mouth, trying not to cry, she gazed at him but he wouldn't even look at her, it was as if he'd woken up from a dream, she stepped towards him, calling his name softly, her hand reached out to touch his cheek reassuringly. He grabbed her hand and spun her towards him.

She landed in his arms and smiled shyly at him, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears, she put her hands round his neck and embraced him, hugging him tightly to her, she felt his heart pound against her chest and smiled when she felt him inhale her scent.

"This is goodbye?" She asked, staring into his eyes, feeling her heart deflate.

He smiled at her, cupping her face in his hands, "Clearly love, this is only the beginning," He looked over at Klaus who acknowledged him with a brief nod, Caroline followed his gaze but found it impossible to meet his eyes, Caroline Forbes is always second choice, his earlier words taunted her and she looked back at the human, whispering, "I would have gone with you."

"I know," He said, kissing her cheek, "But it wouldn't have been for me."

She didn't reply and he brought his head closer to hers, capturing her lips in one last sweet kiss, she melted against him and her hands became lost in his hair, but all to suddenly he pulled away and unlaced her arms from around him, he wiped a leaking tear from her eye and kissed her forehead before walking towards Bonnie.

"I won't remember will I?"

Bonnie shook her head sadly, "I'm so sorry, but if we are to go, we go now, my magic's fading."

Niklaus bent down and picked up his painting of him and Caroline at the alter; the happiest thought in his head, he clutched it to his chest, "This comes with me."

"Of course, but I'll have to protect you from your own memories, you won't even recognise that's you," Bonnie trailed off as Niklaus stepped closer towards her.

"That's acceptable," He looked at the portrait once more, wishing this was his reality, praying that he could have this life with her, he tucked those dreams away in his head, bolting them tightly shut, waving at her one last time before saying, "He needs you, Caroline, I need you."

"I'll take him back, I swear it, but you won't see me for a while Caroline, you can't, I can't-" She almost choked on her own tears, then gulped and said sympathetically, "Are you sure this is really what you want?" Bonnie asks her best friend, withering before her, appearing like she was going to throw up, cry and gag all within the space of two seconds.

"I never get what I want," Caroline mutters sadly, smiling sweetly at Niklaus and watching as Bonnie whispers an incantation, her hands rising in the air, black smoke enveloping her and Niklaus until they are only translucent figures, his voice floats towards her, "I love you Caroline Forbes," and before she has a chance to even reply they're gone.

Klaus lets her mourn quietly, she moves past him like a ghost, not even recognising his presence, walking into the kitchen, throwing open her fridge door so it falls off its hinges but she ignores that and grabs the bottle of vodka Damon left from weeks ago.

She twists the cap off and guzzles it down, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth and slamming it on the table so it shatters into crystallised pieces; she sees his reflection in them, magnified and repeated as he stops by the kitchen door.

She ignores him and picks up the glass from the floor, enjoying the feeling of it piercing her skin, watching the blood run down, then the skin heal, only for it to be cut once more, she'll never heal, not really, not after this.

"Why are you still here?" She hisses, her back to him, still crouched on the floor, collecting the damage.

Klaus remains silent and she laughs sarcastically, "You know what?" She looks over her shoulder, "I was going to stay here for you," Her eyes flicker over his face and when he gives her a small smile she glares at him, "But I wish I didn't, I wish I made my mind up quicker," She stands and walks towards him, "Because I was his first choice."

She shoves past him but he catches her, spinning her round and pressing her to the wall, "I'm tired of this position," She snarls, shoving against him.

"And your letting insecure bitchy little Caroline take over again," He said calmly.

"How dare you," She hissed, "You know nothing about me, NOTHING!" She throws him off of her and stalks up the stairs, roaring in frustration when he follows her into her bedroom.

"I know your not that smart since you were seduced by me," He quips and she throws her lamp at him, he catches it in mid air and places it carefully on the floor, "I was joking."

She throws her book next, it hits him across the shoulder and he rushes towards her, throwing her on the bed and pinning her hands to her sides.

"I DIDN'T WANT TO LOOSE YOU!" He shouts and all of a sudden she goes limp, her pupils dilating, her eyes watching him, to see if he's lying, when she finds no trace of deceit and appears to have calmed down he says, "I needed you to choose me."

"So you decided to insult me? Wow, great tactic."

"I'm not used to this," He says, his hands releasing her, but yet, she stays under him, "I thought, once I got you out of my system-"

"Once you slept with me, you sick son of a bit-"

"But I didn't," She clamps her mouth shut and stares at him, "I couldn't stop thinking about you, I feel like a fucking teenager, obsessed with some pretty thing whose tempting him, but it's so much more, your light Caroline, pure shining, bright light."

"Like you haven't said that before," She says rolling her eyes, trying to look unaffected.

"Why won't you believe me?" He asks earnestly.

Caroline looks away stubbornly, "Because I basically said I love you, and you know what? No fucking reply? Nothing! It's a stab in the back to my friends, a total disregard for their feelings, I could be hated, hunted, loathed, for having any kind of positive feeling towards you."

"I love you."

Caroline almost gags, he said the words, THE words, those three tiny significant words spoken so casually that you'd think he says it on a regular basis, she almost asks him to repeat it, just to make sure, or to record it on her phone so she has proof, but she doesn't have time for that since his lips press to hers hungrily.

Her legs instinctively wrap around his waist and she begins to worry about how natural this is to her, how much she craves him, how much she genuinely loves him, she's bat shit scared for her own mental health.

He removes his lips from hers and she moans involuntarily, he grins down at her, pushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear, "What does this mean for us?" He asks gently and she smiles at him.

"Remember when you offered me the world?"

"I'll never forget, where to first? Paris? Tokyo? Rome?" He jokes.

"How about all of it?" She says biting her lips, looking up at him with affection but then her face becomes serious, "But no killing, not while I'm around."

He groans, "What if I get hungry?"

"Do you want to keep me around?" She snaps playfully.

"Forever," He whispers and she kisses him, her lips lingering on his a moment before he pushes away from her and stands, looking down at her, a smile spreading from ear to ear, "Pack your things, we leave in an hour."

She almost squeals in excitement, all the possibilities flashing through her mind, all the tourist landmarks that she knows he's seen a thousand times but will have to endure for her benefit, but when she packs her many varieties of shoes and bags she looks sneakily over to him, praying that she was naïve enough to believe that he'll change, become less cruel, and, when he looks back at her and smiles, his dimples on display, leaning casually against the bed frame, tempting her, beckoning her, she holds her breath.

"Paris first," He grins, grabbing her suitcase and gaping when he sees how full it is, she shrugs and follows him outside, he shoves it in his car and turns back to her, whispering, "Our new beginning, starts now."

She grasps his hand in hers, falling against his chest, pressing a kiss to his lips, tasting both the vampire and the human on her tongue, and when she looks up at him she gasps.

Swearing she can see Niklaus staring back at her.