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Chapter 6

I did not just see Rachel Berry. I did not just see Rachel Berry. I did not just see Rachel Berry. How many times can I think this until it comes true? They do it in movies sometimes right? Like when a crazy person sees a donkey mowing a lawn, or when a kid sees his teddy bear talking to him, or when a guy sees his ex-girlfriend singing an extremly sexy song in a dress hotter than the sun.

What the hell was happening Finn thought as he was running as far away from the bar as fast possible.

"Finn! You need to stop running so I can talk!" yelled Puck from behind him. Finally slowing down, Finn stops near a park trying to catch his breath.

"Whats there to talk about? We broke it off awhile ago," says Finn straightening out his shirt "I could care less if we ran into each other."

"Really? So then why were you running at full speed like you wanted to get away from her?"

"Look I was just a little shocked okay? Its not everyday you run into your first love in the middle of New York. Plus, im with Quinn and life couldn't be better!" Actually life could be a lot better but that wasnt a conversation he was about to get into.

"Uh-huh. So your trying to tell me that you arent even going to accept the fact that you just ran your little self into a very drunk Berry, and not going to have a little fun? Dude she probably wants you and we both know you have not had much action from little miss perfect blonde latley."

How could Puck say that! He would never take advantage of a drunk Rachel that way (even if the thought makes his pants a little tight) but it was true, he had not been getting much luck in bed latley.

"Dude be quiet. That would never happen. Plus, she was probably with someone."

"Whatever man, but dont come crying to me if you regret not confroting her." said Puck as he waved down a taxi home. Finn decided not to think so much about what happened. He will be fine.

The whole night was a total blur. Short after Rachel was done singing her song, Jesse decided it wasntime for them to go.

"I don wanA goooo hoooome," slurred Rachel (she was still very much intoxicated).

"Well baby girl I have to take you home. Unless you want to go to my place?" Jesse asked with a wicked smirk on his face. All Rachel did was nod her head, invoulentarily agreeing to something insane.

The next morning Rachel woke in an unfimamiliar bed. What the hell? Did I? No I couldnt of- I wouldnt of! Sure enough when Rachel looked under the blankets she was naked. She felt like screaming but that wasnt going to happen thanks to her throbbing hangover. She also felt like strangling Jesse for taking advantage of her, when Rachel gets drunk she is a whole different person.

Speaking of Jesse, where is he anyways? Oh my Goodness! The kids! She searched the floor for her phone. When she found it, she saw that there were 19 missed calls from Santanna. Without hessitation she dialed the house number.

"Santanna I am so beyond sorry right now. I had no idea any of this would happen or that I would be gone this long but tell the kids im coming home right now and I promise, I owe you one!"

"You know what Berry, normly I would be really mad in these types of situations-leaving me home with your kids for hours into the night, who by the way drew all over my face with crayola markers, but then I got a call from one very special Noah Puckerman saying that Finnocence was at the same bar as you. I figured 'What the heck! The girl needs a good lay!' So I wasnt as mad. Okay now tell me is he still as bad in the sack as he used to be?"

Rachel stopped listening at 'Finnocence'. He was there? Impossible. Although, she cant really remember much from last night. Did they talk? Or worse, did she kiss him? Or did her big mouth tell him about the kids he didnt know about? That would be the worst possible scenerio.

"Finnocence? As in Finn? He was at the bar with Noah?"

"Um yeah. According to Puck anyway. Wait, didnt you guys sleep together last night?"

"No Santanna, Jesse brought me home. He convinced me to sleep with him. I didnt say no because I was really drunk. Im coming home now though."

"You best be getting home, did you know that your kids wake up at 5 every morning! I cant do that! They have been bothering me since then!" Complains Santanna.

"Yes I know im so sorry, tell them that I love them and miss them and they will see mommy soon. I really owe you."

"Alright, clean up so you dont smell like sex."

With a shake of her head, Rachel hung up her phone and started getting dressed. Where was Jesse? When she was finished, she headed out of the bedroom and into the hallway. When she got to the kitchen there was a not on the counter.

Had a great time last night baby, hope you did too ;) Headed to work, I will call you soon! XOXO Jesse

He really was sweet, but she didnt know why he was calling her baby, and she didnt know why he was talking like they had been together for years. It was a mistake what she did last night and she knows it. She grabbed all of her stuff and headed out the door, getting a taxi home.

Finn awoke the next morning to the smell of pancakes and hot coffee. He slowly got up out of bed, practically crying over the fact that he had work today. Once he got in the kitchen, he saw Quinn standing there in her cute little PJs making him breakfast. This is what he needed, this was more than enough; his super hot blonde girlfriend who takes care of him just enough, even if a certian brunette cant leave his mind.

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