Hello again! I am very happy to say that adoption was a success and I greatfully handed the fic over to my good reviewer xpen7777! Hopefully xpen7777 will have the "third chapter" finished soon and ready to post.

My apologies to Fanficfreak2000: I've lost my muse for Little White Horse and I've moved on to a different fandom after reading pretty much ever story in the fandom... I understand that you like my story, and I praise you for that. If you like this story, wait until xpen7777's version and later chapters come out. Or read my finished story Breathe Me. And if you do read that one, review it and tell me how you like it. :) Thanks so much!

I just really hope that my reviewers will follow this story into the next world (*cough* the next book) and enjoy from a different author's perspective. You don't know how much I thank you all for sticking with me. ;-) I'm waiting on edge for the third chapter.

Until we meet again, (or until I have to tell you all something, lol)