Well, you know in Five Short Graybles where The Ice King casts one of the Gunters out? Well, let's say, he went around and met the Jiggler.

"Sorry Gunter, but I can't have you stinking up the place! Need to make a good impression with the Princesses." The Ice King seemed genuinely sorry as he told Gunter to leave. The Penguin looked at him with sad eyes, and was floated away on the Iceberg. He was there for a while until he hit some land, thankfully avoiding Marceline's cave.

He walked around a bit through the trees, aimlessly. He smelled himself. There was nothing wrong! He didn't smell bad. The old man must be getting loony, he thought.

He saw a hole in a clearing. Gunter looked down. It appeared to have a connection to a large circular dome underground. He was cold, he knew that much. He jumped down, and tobbled over in dirt. He sighed, now he really smelled bad.

"SCCREEECH!" He stepped back in fear. A large, black and white creature was in a pool of liquid, turning rapid colors and sending out electrical shocks. There were smaller creatures that looked like her, because it must be her if those had to be someone's babies.

A Single one of the little ones looked at him. He examined that he was black and white, just like the rest of their kind, the Jigglers. Maybe he was a lost sibling? His mother didn't recognize him, but maybe his juice was just worn out.

He cupped some of the liquid in his hands and walked over to the black and white figure. He rubbed some over his body, and the black and white figure, who must be a sibling, flinched.

The Mama Jiggler stopped screeching, and motioned for them to get back in the pool. Gunter and the Jiggler complied.

"Wak, Wak." Gunter said, thankfully to the Jiggler. All Animals have a way of talking to each other.

The Jiggler whistled. Gunter nodded, and said. "Wak. Wak, Wak, Wak. Wak Wak." Jiggler smiled.

He tapped his mother's arm and whistled. She nodded, and her long arms reached over to a rock rolled on the side of the cave. She pulled it aside and there were some bananas and fruit. Gunter gobbled it eagerly, giving them a thank you Wak.

Yeah, Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad. He'd go back to the Ice King eventually. Gunter splashed some of the liquid in the Jiggler's face, and he laughed and splashed some more.