Gunter sighed as he stood in the Jiggler water. Maybe the old king had realized it wasn't him by now, and he could go home.

"Wak wak." He told Jiggler. Jiggler frowned. He whistled a sad, annoyed, melody.

Gunter shook his head. "Wak." He could not stay. He climbed out of the Liquid and started to hobble off. The liquid was cleaned off his fur, and suddenly the Mama Jiggler started to screech again, flashing colors.

Gunter was scared and ran out of the hole, waving goodbye to Jiggler. In the few short minutes he'd known him, he'd really got to like him.

He stood to the Entrance to the Ice Palace. He saw the Gunters tossed out by the Trash Can and sighed. The Ice King would pay.

He curled up to the Ice King's arm, and farted. He got a laugh out of it, as the King kept blinking, gaping.

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