It was a nice day in Arlen. Bobby had come home from school, Peggy was playing boggle with her Asian and hick friends. And Dale, Bill, and Boomhaur were drinking beer by the fence.

Hank had to go do some errands. Tomorrow, him and Bobby were gonna go fishing, so he went to get some new equipment.

"So anyways, that's why I think our president is an alien." Dale said, finishing his long story about the government. Hank drove into the driveway, carrying fishing poles and bate, wearing his new bucket hat. He went home to put it up, and walked to his friends for a beer.

"Hank, what's with the fishing equipment?" Dale said, very suspicious.

"Oh, tomorrow, me and my boy Bobby are going fishing." Hank said, smiling.

Dale then paused and put out his cigarette.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Dale said. "Do you know what goes on in lakes around this time?"

Hank sighed, knowing it was gonna be another one of his stupid theories. "What Dale?"

"The Sea Behemoth!" Dale said, with his hands in the air. He caused Bill to drop his beer can.

"Dang it Dale, you scared me!"

"The what?" Hank said, acting confused.

"He's the demon of the sea!" Dale said, making Hank feel stupid. He then began his story about the creature.

"The Sea Behemoth has been spotted every 12 years by people. He lives deep in the lake." Dale said, with a serious tone in his voice.

"There have been many people who were linked to this monster. Some say they drowned, but I believe it was... Him."

"No one knows what he does to his victims. Some say he eats his victims. Some say he turns his victims into mermaids! But all I know is..." Dale paused, and stared into Hank's eyes, making him feel uncomfortable.

"Stay out of the lake!" He said, making Bill squeal with terror.

"Dang it Dale, that's just assinine." Hank said, pushing Dale away from him. "Me and my boy are going fishing, and there's not gonna be any "Sea Beast" after us!" Hank said, not even remembering the creature's name. He didn't even open his beer. Bill was depressed, with his head hanging low throughout this whole mess. He spilled his beer when Dale startled him.

Hank sighed. "Here Bill, you can have mine." He said, not really caring. Bill was suddenly happy, acting almost Bipolar. Hank marched into his house, thinking about his outrageous theory. But suddenly, his eyes were wide opened. A forgotten memory from his childhood had been remembered. He had a flashback about the time him and his friends went fishing.

"Hey guys, I think I got one!" A young Hank Hill said. Dale, Bill, and Boomhaur looked behind Hank's back, seeing what he had reeled in.

"I have him, I ha-... Ugh! He's pretty strong!... I can't... Reel him in!" Hank started to panic. He was no match for the fish. Dale, Bill, and Boomhaur were holding on to the fishing pole.

"Dang ol' Todd! We need your help!" Boomhaur said. On the the other end of the boat was a fat kid named Todd. He was much heavier than Bill, and obviously had the mass to reel in the fish.

"Help? You need my help?" Todd said, acting like a smart ass. "You have enough guys helping you there. You don't need my help!" Todd said.

"P-please! It's too strong!" Bill said, using all his strength. Todd took a fruit pie out of his pocket, and ignored them.

"Todd! Todd! Get your ass over here, we're losing him!" Hank said, as the fish got stronger. Todd took a bite into the strawberry pie. The gang could smell it from here, as it caused them to get distracted. Hank's nostrils were flaring. Just then, Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhaur were pulled out of the boat by the fish. It caused the entire boat to flip over, causing Todd to fall in with them. Hank was underwater. He tried searching for his friends. He saw Dale and Boomhaur. The three kids united and swam up, splashing their hands franticly to keep afloat.

"Wait a minute? Hank said. "Where's Bill?" The three began to panic. Bill was swimming underwater, trying to find Todd. He saw a trail of strawberry jelly. Todd was swimming away from something. But what? Bill had no way to follow him, since he was too far away. Bill swam up, and united with his friends.

"Bill, where were you, you son of a gun?" Hank said, concerned.

"I saw Todd swimming away from something. But he was too far away!" Bill said, as he started crying like a baby.

"Shut up Bill, we'll find him." Dale said. But they would soon realize that Todd was gone for good. No one knew what he was swimming away from, or what happened to him.

Fast-forward to the present. Hank, now a grown man, was beginning to get paranoid. Was the monster that Todd swam away from the "Sea Behemoth?" He was sitting down at the kitchen table, while Peggy was fixing her

"Spa-peggy and meatballs." Hank had this dumb, motionless look on his face.

"What's wrong Hank?" Said Peggy.

Hank was frozen.

"Hank... Ha-ank?" Peggy snapped her fingers in Hank's face.

"Uh.. Er, what?" Hank said, sounding stupid. Bobby walked into the kitchen, very excited for tomorrow's fishing trip. He sat next to Hank as Peggy put the food on the table.

"Hey dad!" Bobby said, startling hank. "So what time are we going tomorrow?"

"Um... How about 6:00 p.m?" Hank said. Peggy was chowing down on her food, when she paused and heard what he said.

"6:00 p.m? That's too late!" Peggy said. Hank wanted it to be late at night, since his childhood memory remembered that the event happened in the morning. He thought that maybe the creature was active early in the day.

"Well, um... I thought maybe we could go night fishing!" Hank said.

"Night fishing? That sound's awesome!" Bobby said. They finished their lunch and went back to their daily routine. Hank tried to ignore what Dale said, but then he realized that the events that took place in his childhood was exactly 36 years ago, today. Hank was paranoid as ever!