Yay! Don't know what's wrong with me. I seem to have soft spots for all ships involving Korra.

Leaving this as incomplete for the time being since it'll probably add on some smutty additions in the future. Firstly, because I need to practice writing smut and secondly, because Tahno/Korra + smut sounds like a fabulous idea.

Now that the arena is gone Korra, Mako and Bolin all go to the local gym for bending practice. Not that there's any more probending to practice for anymore, since the tournament is over, but old habits die hard.

Eventually Korra leaves the brothers and heads to the showers.

Thirty minutes later she's walking out of the ladies locker room, and that's when she hears it. Soft thuds and a lot of cursing.

She ducks into a small room on the other side of the locker room and tilts her head to the side at the sight she sees.

Tahno is throwing knives at a target, a picture of Amon in the middle. He notices her immediately and Korra is pleased to see that he looks a little better than he did when she ran into him the other day. His hair is in place and he looks as if he's managed to catch a decent night's sleep.

Still no eyeliner, though.

Korra raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms over her chest. "What'cha doin?" she asks casually. She doesn't want to be too stiff around him. It'd be depressing to constantly dwell on the fact that Tahno can no longer bend, and Korra doesn't like to dwell on depressing things.

Besides, she's pretty sure this boy isn't her enemy anymore. In fact, she's pretty sure he never was to begin with.

She's a little surprised when his shoulders slump. "Completely and utterly failing at knife training." He turns and throws, and the knife hits the corner of the target, completely missing Amon's face.

"Oh," Korra says, blinking. She doesn't want to sound dull, but weapons aren't really her area of expertise.

Tahno sighs dejectedly. "I just didn't want to be completely useless."

His comment makes Korra frown and the next thing she knows she's walking up to him until she's right in front of him. "You're not useless," she says pointedly. She gestures to the throwing knife in his hand. "Maybe you're not all that great with those now, but whose to say that you won't be in the future?"

Tahno rolls his eyes and starts to move around her. "Always the optimist, huh?"

"Wait!" Korra cries. Tahno stops and slowly turns his head to look at her over his shoulder.

"I mean…" Korra suddenly feels anxious and she's not really sure why. "You do know some hand-to-hand combat, right? You can throw a punch?"

And for the first time since the Probending Championship, Tahno cracks a smirk. "Sweetheart, please."

Then he's nose to nose with her and Korra suddenly finds herself sparring with Tahno. After a few minutes of playful punches and kicks she comes to the realization that he's actually quite fast and that there's some brutal power behind his blows. He's only holding back because she's a girl. For some reason this irritates her.

"Come on," she taunts. "I can take whatever you can throw at me." She gives him a challenging smile and he pauses and appraises her with one sweeping look.

"Whatever you say, Avatar." And then he's kicked her backward and sent her sprawling onto the ground. She's not experiencing much pain, but the foot that he'd shoved into her stomach had knocked the breath out of her.

He bends over and offers her his hand. She takes it and yanks him onto the ground next to her, grumbling as she sits up.

And then he's laughing and Korra isn't sure why, because in a way he doesn't have much to laugh about. He sits up beside her and shakes his head, and even though they're sitting down on the floor he manages to be a head taller than her.

Pride still stung, Korra sniffs and looks away from him, a frown pulling at her lips. Then Tahno surprises her, as he always seems to do, by gently pulling the bands out of her hair and letting the brown tresses loosely spill down about her shoulders.

"Hey!" she snaps in indignation, reaching for her hair bands.

Tahno tosses them across the room. "Three ponytails are stupid. It looks better this way." He's giving her a half smirk.

"Yeah, well, your haircut is stupid!" She shoves against his shoulder with enough force to knock him backwards, but Tahno still manages to stay upright. His face is suddenly extremely close to hers and before Korra can properly react he is kissing her and running his fingers into her now loose hair.

Korra hasn't kissed many boys in her lifetime before, and if she's being honest with herself, Mako's kiss was the only one that had really counted. This kiss, she understands, is quite different. This one is not nearly as safe or as sweet as the one she had shared with Mako. It clouds her mind more, makes her feel heat. A shudder runs down her spine as he traces his tongue over her bottom lip.

She's pushing forward, fisting her hands into his shirt, and parts her lips for him because she wants more and she's pretty sure that more is bound to be good. Really good.

And then someone is calling her name, probably Bolin, and Korra pulls back with a little squeak.

The smirk is gone from Tahno's face. He's full on grinning down at her.

"I have to go," Korra says stupidly, face bright red and blue eyes wide.

"What a shame," Tahno purrs. "I was hoping to have sex with you right here on the gym floor."

Korra isn't one hundred percent sure if he's being sarcastic.