Korra can barely keep her thoughts straight during her airbending training the next morning.

All she can think about is Tahno's lips on her skin and how she'll be going over to his place later this evening. Sighing in frustration, she pops her eyes open and glances around at Tenzin and his children. They all have peaceful and content expressions on their faces.

"Korra, you're not concentrating," Tenzin says sternly. Korra scowls when she realizes that his eyes are still closed. Fuming, she squeezes her eyes shut and forces herself to sit as still as possible, but there's really nothing she can do that can't distract her from, well, Tahno.

Her mind quickly drifts to Tahno's tongue and how he'd used it the night before. She quickly crosses her legs and reminds herself that there're children in the vicinity.

After her morning airbending training is over, Korra practically sprints to the bathroom and hops into the shower. She's out in record time, already mentally preparing herself for the hours ahead.

As she steps out of the bathroom, damp hair sticking to her neck, she nearly runs right into Mako and Asami.

The firebender frowns down at her. "Are you going out again?" He sounds suspicious.

Korra shrugs. "And if I am?"

Mako's frown deepens, but before he can open his mouth to say anything else, Asami butts in. "Hope you gave fun!" she says, before winking at Korra and then dragging Mako away. The firebender looks at her over his shoulder with narrowed golden eyes.

All Korra can do is smile to herself. Thank the spirits for Asami.

When she knocks on the door to Tahno's apartment she's almost shaking she's so excited. She'd been thinking about this upcoming moment since last night.

The door swings open and Tahno's face appears, but before he can open his mouth and say a word Korra launches herself at him. She flings her arms around his neck and locks her mouth onto his, causing Tahno to stumble backwards a couple of steps in order to keep both of them steady.

She traces her tongue over Tahno's bottom lip and runs her hand over the back of his neck. Tahno's lips part briefly, but then he stiffens, as if he's having second thoughts. He gently sets Korra back onto the floor and removes her arms from around his neck.

Bitter disappointment settles into the bit of Korra's stomach. She starts to think that maybe he doesn't want to be with her in that way, and that yesterday had been nothing but a bit of fun for him. Maybe all he wanted to do was fool around with her. Now her heart feels heavy.

"Sorry," she blurts out. "Did you want me to go?"

Tahno blinks down at her for a moment before rolling his eyes. "You're an idiot. Come in and close the door behind you." Then he turns around and disappears into his apartment.

Frowning, Korra obeys, kicking the door shut and following Tahno into his kitchen with a huff. "What's wrong?" she asks. "I told you yesterday that I'd be coming back today!"

"I know," Tahno replies evenly. "I barely got any sleep last night, thanks to you." He grabs two bowls and sets them out onto the table.

Confused, Korra props her elbows up on the kitchen counter and furrows her eyebrows. "But—"

Tahno smiles at her, his hair falling into his eyes. "Haven't you ever heard of taking it slow, Avatar? Tonight I get to corrupt you. I'm going to make it awesome." Then he proceeds to make dinner.

Korra watches him cook quietly, somewhat dumbfounded, and tries not to focus too much on his lips or his hands or his legs. She swallows thickly. She wants him. Badly.

As the evening progresses she starts to realize that he definitely wants her too. His gaze lingers on her breasts much longer than is appropriate and every time she catches him looking he gives her a full blown smirk before turning away.

Soon she's ushered to a table and a bowl of noodles is placed in front of her. The food smells good, but she can't really imagine herself eating in this particular state. She slowly slurps a noodle into her mouth anyway. It's good, great even. "I didn't know you could cook so well," she points out, eating another noodle.

"Just one of my many talents." Tahno can make something as simple as talking about food sound suggestive. Korra shifts a bit in her seat and stares stupidly as Tahno continues to eat.

Two agonizingly slow minutes pass before Tahno shoves his barely eaten bowl of noodles away and catches Korra's eyes. "Fuck this," he growls before quickly getting to his feet. Korra stands up just as fast and before she can take in another breath Tahno is kissing her. She lets out a squeak of surprise as he bends down, runs his hands to the back of her knees and sweeps her up off her feet. She instinctually wraps her legs around his waist and she can already feel his erection pressing between her legs. He stumbles away from the table and towards the back of his apartment where Korra assumes the bedroom is located.

Her back hits the wall and Tahno swipes his tongue over her pulse before making his way up her neck and curving along the shell of her ear. Korra lets out a little cry, suddenly so aroused that her head is spinning. Out of the corner of her eye she can see the large shape of his bed and she claws at his back in order to get his attention. She's not losing her virginity against a wall.

He brings his lips back to her mouth and sharply turns her away from the wall and takes uneasy steps towards the bed. Moments later Korra finds herself being dumped on top of the bed with a hungry looking Tahno crawling over her.

She can't help feeling a bit smug. "I thought you said that we were going to 'take it slow'?"

"Whatever," he pants, his voice husky. He spreads her legs and rolls his hips into her, rubbing his bulge against her center. Korra whimpers, all thoughts of being smug whipped from her mind. She's opening her mouth to insist that he take his pants off already when Tahno cups her breast through her clothes. The words die on her tongue and she gasps, arching up into him. He squeezes gently and runs his thumb over her nipple until it's hard and easily visible through her shirt.

Korra groans incoherently and wiggles impatiently underneath him. Tahno sits up and easily pulls off his shirt, exposing all of his muscles and lovely pale skin. She immediately starts to run her hands all over him, something she hasn't really gotten to do yet. The muscles in his abdomen contract under her touch and she can feel him shiver.

Then his long fingers are tugging at the end of her shirt. "Let's get this off," he practically demands, and Korra sits up, all too happy to oblige. She pulls her shirt over her head, leaving her in just her breast bands. Before she left, she had debated for nearly fifteen minutes over whether or not she should wear underwear. On the one hand, she had heard that guys liked it when women were spontaneous and didn't wear undergarments. On the other hand, taking off underwear was sort of like unwrapping a present.

By the way Tahno swallows and starts to slowly unravel her breast bands, Korra thinks that she made the correct decision. As soon as her breasts are in full view, Tahno cups them gently, running his hands over them with an appreciative stare. Then he ducks his head and sucks a nipple into his mouth while kneading the other one.

Gasping, Korra rakes her fingers through the black hair on the back of Tahno's head and forms a tight grip, her head spinning. Tahno continues to suck on her breasts for the next few minutes, only stopping when Korra starts to tug at the waistband of his pants. Pulling back with a satisfied smile, Tahno gets off the bed and stands in front her before slowly pulling his pants over his hips. He's wearing nothing underneath, so the first thing Korra notices is his erection jutting out from between his legs. She nearly starts drooling over that and his incredible hipbones.

Smirking and obviously pleased by her reaction, Tahno moves back onto the bed and lies down on his back, letting Korra touch him as much as she wants.

She moves her dark fingers over his biceps, forearms, then up to his chest and down his torso as sensually as she can. In truth, her fingers are trembling from her arousal, but she wants to take her time and explore his body. She wants this to be amazing for the both of them.

She skims her fingers over his hips and then she grips the length of him like she did the day before, happily drinking in the look of pleasure on his face. She pumps him a couple of times before letting her own curiosity get the better of her. She dips her head down and twirls her tongue around the head of his cock.

His hips buck forward and she hears his sharp intake of breath. She sucks the tip of him into her mouth, remembering to be careful of her teeth, and slides her hand up and down his shaft at an easy pace. She focuses on her task and listens to the noises that he makes, the grunts, the whines, and the moans. She shifts a bit from where she's bent over him, fully aware of how wet she is between her legs.

Then Tahno is gripping and tugging her shoulder and Korra releases him with a pop. She quickly yanks off her pants and under wraps and then crawls over him before settling herself over his hips.

"You sure you don't want me to top?" he asks, voice thick and light eyes half lidded with desire, desire for her. Korra bites her bottom lip and shakes her head. "Maybe next time," she answers teasingly.

In truth, she wanted to be in full control over this moment. She grabs him and then adjusts herself over him, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She rubs the head of his cock against her entrance and whimpers at the feeling. Then she slowly starts to ease herself onto him.

She's wet, so he slips in easily and painlessly—at first. But after a few inches she starts to feel a stinging sensation. Soon it becomes a process of stopping, allowing her body to adjust to the width and length of him, and then continuing to sink down onto him. When all of him is finally sheathed inside of her she lets out a low whooshing breath and Tahno swears loudly, his hands coming to rest at her hips.

"Give me a second," she says, voice breathless, and Tahno gives her a jerky nod, his fingers tightening their grip. "Take…as long as…you need," he pants, looking up at her.

A few moments pass, allowing Korra to get used to the odd, but not totally unpleasant, feeling of him being inside of her. Wincing slightly, she moves up a little bit before coming back down, causing Tahno to thrust upwards. She gasps as pain and pleasure move through her lower body. She moves up and down, once against causing Tahno to buck his hips up and the both of them fall into a steady rhythm.

After a little while the first feelings of pleasure start to prick somewhere in Korra's lower belly. With a moan she quickens her pace and the pleasure starts to increase and come over her in a wave, slowly but steadily building up in her center. Tahno's thrusting hits a certain spot inside of her and she cries out, leaning forward and bracing herself on his shoulders. Her breasts swing in front of him and he removes one hand from her hip in order to cup them and tweak her nipples with his fingers.

Moaning, Korra feels her inner core slowly tighten around Tahno, and even though she feels amazing, her pleasure isn't building quickly or high enough for her. As if sensing her frustration, Tahno lets go of her breast and reaches to where they are joined and starts to rapidly massage between her legs. Korra's eyes widen, the sensation too unbelievable that no sound escapes from her mouth. Her up and down thrusting becomes quick and erratic and suddenly she's at the edge of her orgasm, about to tip over.

Her entire body seems to tighten up and then she releases with a hoarse scream. Her nails dig into Tahno's shoulders and her hips continue to gently buck as she rides out the waves of her climax. When the white hot haze starts to clear, she nearly collapses on top of Tahno, her entire body starting to tremble with exhaustion.

In the blink of an eye Tahno has flipped her over so that she's on her back, the sheets sticking to her sweaty skin. He begins to thrust into her wildly, causing her to cry out with every one of his strokes. His eyes practically roll back in his head and then he is pulling out of her with a gasp, coming all over her stomach.

Still seeing stars, Korra is barely aware of Tahno falling onto his side next to her, or how he's smoothing her hair away from her face and placing kisses along her cheek and jaw. "You're incredible," he whispers into her ear. Korra's eyes flutter shut and she smiles. "I know."

She wakes up sometime later, groggy and with a soreness between her legs. She expects Tahno to be lying next to her, but he's not. She sits up and rubs her temples before looking around his bedroom. She spots him sitting on the window seat and soaking in the moonlight.

"Tahno?" she calls out his name tentatively.

"I can still feel the pull," he says, not looking at her. "I can still feel her, the moon. But I can't—" he cuts himself off and looks down at his knee. There's pain etched on his face and Korra moves out from under the sheets and scoots off the bed. She comes and sits beside him, not bothering to cover her nakedness, and takes his face between her hands. "Don't you remember what I said last night? You're still a waterbender. That's something that Amon will never take away from you."

Tahno looks her in the eye. Korra can tell that he wants to believe her, but that something is holding him back. "But I can't bend anymore, Avatar," he spits out bitterly.

"You say that like it makes you less of a person." She brushes her lips over his, not quite kissing him. "It doesn't."

He lets out a sigh, his hands coming to rest at her wrists, but he doesn't push her away. He kisses her and eventually the two make their way back to the bed and under the sheets.

After a few minutes Tahno rests himself on his elbows above her. "So, which brother was it?" he asks, and Korra catches more than curiosity in his voice.

"What do you mean?"

He frowns. "I mean, which brother is it that you made out with?"

"Oh." Korra feels a blush heat up her cheeks. "Mako, the firebender."

Tahno nods, suspicions confirmed. "I figured." He shakes his head. "How could he not want you?"

"Asami Sato," Korra answers, and this time it's her turn to sound bitter.

Tahno leans down and kisses her neck, sending a shiver down her spine. He pulls back slightly and says, "Korra, you're worth ten Asami Sato's to me."

Then, with a wolfish smile, he ducks under the sheets and starts to kiss his way down her body.

Hours later Tahno points out that it's probably past her curfew.

"Don't care," Korra breathes. "I'm the Avatar, I'm a big girl. They should know that I can handle myself."

"Good." Tahno wraps an arm around her and pulls her against him.

Biting her lip, Korra rolls over and faces him. "You don't mind, do you? That I'm staying the night?" She forces herself to look him in the eye. "It means you wouldn't wake up alone."

She expects him to smirk, but he doesn't. Instead, he smiles and kisses the top of her head. "Honestly, Avatar, I think I could get used to you."


And that's a wrap folks! I hope everyone enjoyed this story. It was my first time writing smut like this, so this was a new experience for me. I had fun writing it so I hope you guys had just as much fun reading it!

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