A/N - My first fanfic. I was bored in Bio one day at school so I decided to come up with this. I don't own Young Justice or any of the DC Universe

The Team had more than failed miserably on their mission today. There was nothing more humiliating than having to have their mentors bail them out in the middle of a fight. The stealth mission in Antarctica was going great, but of course (like all their stealth missions) they were discovered. Fighting a large number of henchmen was easy, but having to simultaneously fight Grodd, Black Adam, Bane, and an endless wave of henchmen was impossible for the Team. In the end Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Captain Marvel came and stopped the three supervillians and ended up saving the day. Now all seven of them stood inside the Cave before Batman and were having the crap shredded out of them.

"What part of stealth and recon mission does this Team not understand," Batman barked glaring at them. "You are to infiltrate, get the required information, and get your asses out of there before you're discovered. This was not in any way a difficult mission but this makes your third miserable failure in two weeks! What do you all have to say for yourselves?"

Everyone began to speak; blaming one another, and making excuses all at the same time.

"Kid Idiot doesn't know how to stay in a group."

"Zatanna shot a fireball and accidentally hit me in the back."

"It wasn't my fault Bats I couldn't run anywhere when Bane lifted me."

"Robin foolishly tried to fight Grodd alone."

"I had to magically shield us all from the gunfire."


The Team stopped speaking after Batman shut them up. The Dark Knight began to rub his temples in frustration. "I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with you guys. You're being reckless, your teamwork is sloppy, and you're beginning to behave like brats. And I'm not the only one who has noticed. Red Tornado, Black Canary, as well as other members of the Justice League have noticed as well. If you keep this up someone is going to get up killed."

"Recognized Black Canary 13, Red Tornado 16"

The Team's android babysitter and their smoking hot blond combat instructor had arrived through the zeta tube. Black Canary in her usual leather outfit and jacket, and Red Tornado with his blue cape.

"Grodd is at Belle Reve, and Bane is in Arkham Asylum Batman," Canary explained. "Captain Marvel said he would find a location for Black Adam since neither of those prisons will hold him. How is the debrief going?"

"Badly," Batman growled.

"Red Tornado," burst out Wally running up to the android as fast as he could. "Dude, why didn't you help with the fight when we called you? We needed your help and you just left us out there."

Red Tornado looked down at Wally and replied in his flat monotone voice," you didn't need me to assist with the fight. You needed me to win the fight for you. As I've told you in the past; it is not my place to fight your battles for you." Red Tornado turned to look at Batman and continued," and neither is it the Justice Leagues place. It defeats the purpose of you having the Team if you're going to do their jobs for them Batman. They must learn to do their jobs themselves."

The Dark Knight glared at Red Tornado before continuing. "Do the two of you have any suggestions as to what we can do with them?"

Black Canary answered immediately," it's time the Team took a vacation."

The Team looked shocked and Miss Martian replied," uh Black Canary, what's a vacation?"

Black Canary smiled at the Martian. She forgot that even though M'Gann had been here a while she was still learning earth customs. "M'Gann, a vacation is when you take a break from work because you're burned out and it is clear to me that this Team is burned out."

Artemis folded her arms rolled her eyes and sighed," she's basically telling us we need a break because we suck. C'mon Batman, give us one more chance don't put us on the sidelines."

Batman looked at the young female archers as well as the rest of the Team and pressed a button on his gauntlet, and they heard a small beep. "Today is Friday 11:30 PM July 29th, 2011; your break officially ends on Sunday August 5th at midnight."

"Aw come on," Robin and Connor yelled in unison.

"Please Batman don't sideline us," Zatanna begged. "We don't want a break."

"I didn't ask if you wanted a break, I'm ordering you to take one. Black Canary is right; it will be good for all of you to take some time off.

"But Bats," stuttered Wally. "Please just give us another ch-"

"This discussion is now closed," Batman replied back glaring at them all. "Richard, Alfred expects you in bed tonight by 1 AM, and if I were you I'd be there. He said he'll refuse to bake cookies for us for a month if you aren't in bed on time. I take it you remember what happened last time?" Robin simply shook his head yes in terror. "Good, so have your butt home by 1."

Batman and Black Canary went to the zeta tubes and disappeared and Red Tornado flew up to his apartment. Robin honestly didn't know what shocked him more: that Batman had just called him Richard in front the Team, or that Alfred was threatening him with a cookie strike. Richard or rather Dick sighed when they were gone.

"Well he obviously did it for a reason," he laughed. He removed his domino mask in front the Team revealing his face and baby blue eyes. "Let me formally introduce myself guys. Richard Grayson, but you can call me Dick."

"YOU GO TO MY SCHOOL," Artemis shrieked.

"I told you we'd laugh about this someday."


The rest of The Team was however. "Richard huh," Zatanna smirked. "Well I like it."

Connor folded his arms and muttered under his breath," you would."

That earned him an elbow from Kaldur. The Atlantean spoke up with a smile," well at least we all know one another's names now."

The clock tolled 11:40 and everyone looked up. "Oh shit," Dick exclaimed. "Hey look I'll see you guys to tomorrow. Agent A doesn't bluff about not making cookies when his orders are disobeyed. Wally remember three years ago when Batman broke Penguin's nose, Poison Ivy's Arm, Scarecrow's leg, five of Two-faces ribs, and put Joker in a body cast all in one week?"

"How could I forget," said the Speedster grimly. "Uncle Barry was there when Bats put the Clown in the body cast. He had nightmares for weeks. All he kept saying to me and Aunt Iris the first night was 'I had no idea that bones could break in so many ways'."

"That was all because Alfred stopped making his cookies for us. I can't subject the criminals of Gotham to that again; he might actually kill one of them." Dick ran towards the zeta tube and disappeared.

Kaldur looked at the Team and said calmly," we should all get some rest, after all we are on vacation. Tomorrow is our first day off, and I'm sure we'll find something to get into."

Everyone nodded in agreement and headed to their rooms in the Cave. Connor kissed M'Gann good night. After she left, the clone sighed and leaned against the kitchen counter pouting. He was going to absolutely hate tomorrow. Well technically today in a few minutes. It was going to be absolute hell and there was nothing he could do to avoid it. Why did Black Canary and The Team insist on making a big deal out of it? Oh well not every super clone liked their birthday and he was no exception. He went into his room and saw his pet, Wolf, lying asleep on his king size bed Batman had bought him.

"How many times have I said stay off the bed," Connor asked his him. Wolf snarled and wagged his tail in response because he wanted to wrestle. Connor sighed and looked at the clock on the wall as it beeped 12:00 AM.

"Happy Birthday to me," the Teen of Steel sighed as Wolf tackled him. He wrestled with Wolf for thirty minutes, then took off his T-shirt and jeans, threw on a pair of shorts and lay under the covers. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad he thought drifting into a relaxing sleep.