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4 months later

It was Friday and all that meant was classes took forever to end. CK and Lawrence were both sitting in American Government waiting for the day to be over.

"Are you going to the Cave today," CK asked him mentally.

"Yeah after a quick stop at home for about two hours," he explained. "Today is Robert's birthday, but tonight his friends are sleeping over. The little bastards make waaaaay too much noise. So I'll be sleeping at the cave tonight."

"I think I am too, Tori and Jazmine have become BFF's apparently, and tonight are having a movie marathon. I don't want to be home for that shit."

The bell rang for school to end, and they grabbed their stuff, and left the classroom.

"I think that John, Arya and Stephanie are coming to the cave tonight too," said Lawrence out loud. "I'm not sure about anyone else though.

"Hopefully Tejay and Crassius aren't there," sighed CK. "My dad wants me to apologize for what happened yesterday."

"Well if you knew how to keep your damn mouth shut CK, yesterday wouldn't have happened. My fucking shooting arm is still killing me, Warren's got a black eye, Shawn got a burn on his chest from Crassius' lightning strike, Tejay cut the muscle tendons in Stephanie's arm with an ice dagger, and they absolutely destroyed you with that combined attack."

"Well how was I supposed to know that they would challenge all ten of us to a fight? I didn't think that they could beat us all."

"Probably from the fact that our parents named them the Team's trainers!"

"Well at least they healed everyone's injuries afterwards."



CK's girlfriend Elisa jumped onto his back scaring the shit out of him. "I thought I asked you to stop doing that," he growled kissing her and grabbing her hand.

"I know," she said. "But it's just too much fun; and are you okay? My brother and Crassius jacked you up yesterday."

"I'll live."

Not wanting to be a third wheel Lawrence said," I'll see you later CK."

"What was that about," asked Elisa as they began walking towards her house.

"He's just pissed about our legendary ass whipping yesterday," explained CK. "But we're going to the cave later tonight, are you in?"

"No, we're flying out to New York tomorrow for the holidays."

"You mean we can't spend Christmas together?"

"Goddess you're so sentimental I love it."

"I know you do."

He kissed her forehead and they walked in silence the rest of the way snow crunching under their boots. When they reached Elisa's house, CK frowned as he didn't see any cars. When the dating rules had been established, Kaldur was adamant CK not enter the house alone with his daughter.

"Well guess I can't go in," he sighed.

"Oh come on," she begged. "Daddy's still at work, my mom is probably shopping, and Tejay and Adam are probably off drinking with Crassius. You have super-hearing, you'll hear if any of the cars pull up."

"And one of your parents wont see me jumping out the window?"

"Stop being a punk and come on."

And before he could say no again, Elisa dragged him in the house by his jacket and upstairs to her room. CK was freaking out because he knew if they were caught, Elisa would only be punished; he on the other hand was going to face certain death.

"Baby," said CK through Elisa's kisses. "I really… think… I should… go before… we get… caught."

"No," she replied pushing him on the bed with a grin.


"Connor Jonathan Kent Jr, shut up and take off your clothes."

CK took a deep breath, smiled and did as he was told. She smiled and climbed on top of him and began kissing him again. He took off her jacket and kissed her neck making her giggle. CK took off his pants leaving his boxers, and her shirt to show only her bra. Then Elisa sat on his lap.

"Are we going all the way today," he asked kissing her neck.

"You tell me," she replied with a smile.

CK smiled, and went to kiss her again when the door opened.

"Hey Elisa, I thought I heard you-"

Kaldur never finished that sentence because he was dumbstruck with shock. He dropped a laundry basket that was full of her folded clothes onto the floor. Elisa quickly got off and grabbed her shirt. CK could hear Kaldur's heartbeat speeding up faster in faster out of rage.

"Hey dad can I borrow a 20 for some pizz- OH MY GODDESS!"

Tejay walked into the room, having an outburst, and then he just had a smile on his face.

"What…the…fuck," snarled Kaldur his tattoos glowing red.

CK couldn't even answer as he grabbed his clothes. He was petrified; he'd never seen Kaldur look so scary in 17 years of living. 17 years of living that was most likely about to come to an end.

"Uh.. well sir… we were just," stammered CK putting his jeans back on.

"Trying to create an Atlantean-Kryptonian hybrid," suggested Tejay with a chuckle.

Kaldur stared death into his son's eyes, and he closed his mouth but was still visibly smiling.

"Get out CK," he whispered his voice dripping with venom.

"Kaldur," said CK.

"I said get out. Get out now or I'm going to kick your ass 1000 times worse than Tejay and Crassius did."

"But I feel I should-"

"You may be my best friends son, but I'll still kill you right now. You need to leave."



"Only if it'll make you feel better."

CK's smart mouth would be the death of him. Yesterday with the son, and today with the father. Kaldur raised his hand and cried,"REIS!" A blue black ball of darkness flew out his hand and CK shot through Elisa's bedroom window and he landed on the ground. He wasn't hurt of course. As he got up, he could hear Kaldur and Elisa yelling at one another in Atlantean with Tejay laughing on the side. Suddenly Kaldur put his face out of the window glaring at him; then he showed and evil smile, put his hand in his mouth and whistled. Next thing CK knew Fang and Thorn (the Rottweilers) were after him again and for some reason their teeth were gleaming. He dodged Fang, but again, that damn Thorn bit him right on the ass, and it hurt real bad.

"SON OF A BITCH," he yelled. He quickly forced Thorn's mouth off his rear end and hopped the fence ran down the street. Ten minutes later his Uncle Jaime picked him up as he limped up the road. He slowly got in the car because it hurt something terrible to sit down.

"Well," said Jaime with a smile. "You'll be ashamed to know that Kaldur has already mass texted all the adults. My phone is currently buzzing in my pocket as we speak. The last text from Kaldur was him warning your parents that they are about to be one child short when he gets his hands on you."

"Oh man," sighed CK.

"Here kiddo." Jaime threw CK several boxes of condoms all of different size. "Don't know or care to know your preference so I just bought you a whole bunch."

"Uncle Jaime," he whined. "You're not going to make this awkward are you?"

"No kid I am not. Your father scarred me with the sex talk from hell when I was your age. I'm just going to tell you to cover it up, because if you screw around and knock up Elisa, Kaldur will kill you. Simple as that." CK slumped his head forward and Jaime playfully grabbed him by the neck. "And despite your recent idiocy of provoking the Durham males, I actually kind of like you and I'd be sad if Kaldur killed you. So in other words practice safe sex with your girlfriend."

"Aww man you just made it awkward."

Jaime laughed as he turned onto the freeway.

1 hour later

"OW!" CK was leaning over a bed in the cave med bay, embarrassed as hell as his mother put alcohol on his war wound he earned from Thorn. "OW momma," he growled. "You think you could be any more rough with that stuff? It feels like acid."

"Hey it's your fault you got bit on the ass," she laughed. "I don't get why you just didn't jump over the fence when you saw the dogs coming for you. Hell you can jump over our house."

"Dang it hurts hecka bad, and why isn't it healing?"

"Well when Kaldur realized you and Elisa were becoming a thing, he asked Damian and Bruce if they could line Fang and Thorn's teeth with Kryptonite without killing them. Judging by how deep the wounds look, you're going to have teeth marks on your butt for a long time."

"Recognized Doctor Fate B02, Robin B05, Red Scarab B07, Kid Flash B10"

CK groaned as his friends walked into the med-bay. This was the last place that he wanted to be right now.

"Dude what happened to your cheeks of steel," asked Warren. "They're all bit up."

"Shut up Warren," snarled CK.

"That looks like it hurts something fierce," admitted Stephanie.

"Kaldur's dog again," John asked M'Gann.

"Yup," she said with a smile. "Kaldur caught CK and Elisa trying to have sex, blasted him out a window, and then Thorn bit CK on the ass."


"Don't do the crime if you can't take the embarrasment sweetie." M'Gann laughed, finished with her son, and left saying she need to get home.

"Where's Shawn," asked CK fixing his pants.

"Their going to visit Diana in Palm Springs," explained Arya. "So… how's your ass feel CK?"

They all burst out laughing at Arya's comment. CK was about to grab her when the zeta tube went off.

"Recognized Apollo B01"

The fuming son of Superman, and the other four teens went out to greet Lawrence and saw that he was holding two bags.

"What's in there," asked Arya. Lawrence grinned and pulled out four bottles of alcohol.

"Nice bro you got the good stuff," said Warren picking up a vodka bottle.

"Where'd you get this," asked CK.

"Friend owed me some cash," replied Lawrence. "But I don't mind being paid in booze."

"Dude our parents will shred the crap out of us if they find out we got drunk," Stephanie warned them.

"So you're going to bitch out," teased Arya.

"Clean your ears out little bird, I said if they find out. Who would be dumb enough to tell them?"

1 hour later

CK was stumbling and holding onto the wall just to stay upright. They had been drinking vodka straight from the bottle. One of the bottles was already gone. Arya was climbing through the rafters, Warren was running through the entire cave at 100 mph, Stephanie was crying in a corner, John was casting spells backwards, and Lawrence was just laughing.

"I've got a new trick," slurred John taking a long gulp of vodka. "Temleh fo Etaf raeppa."

"Bro what are you doing," giggled Lawrence as the Helmet appeared in his friend's hands.

"I'm going to turn into Doctor Fate, and not be drunk anymore."

"Can you do that," sniffed Stephanie.

John took another long swill. "Of course," he boasted. "I have magic duh, now just watch and learn." John placed the Helmet on and two seconds later Fate appeared. Two more seconds later Fate sank to his knees.

"What the hell," growled Nabu holding his stomach. "Oh god I feel horrible."

CK guessed that Nabu, the all powerful Lord of Order had never been fucked up a day in his life. Arya suddenly popped out the rafters and landed on CK's back.

"SUPRIIIIIIIIIIIIISE," she yelled into his ear. Then she grabbed his face and gave him a long playful kiss on the cheek with a smack. "You taste like bacon CK," Arya teased.

"Will someone please tell me what's wrong with us," whined Nabu still clenching his belly.

"You're drunk man," moaned Stephanie. "We're all drunk, and can't do anything about it."

"You know what Arya," said CK picking her up by her ankle. "You know what… I think you're drunk. That's it... I'm cutting you off. No more alcohol for you." CK placed her against a wall, which the acrobat simply scaled and climbed back into the rafters. CK looked to the right in time to see Fate remove the Helmet and two seconds later, John was throwing up on the floor.

"Recognized Martian Girl B04, Batgirl B05, Aquagirl B08, Wonder Boy B10"

The four remaining teammates walked into an alcoholic mess.

"What in shit in hell," whispered Tori looking around.

"TORIIIIIIIII!" Warren ran and at top speed jumped into Tori's arms. "Have I ever told you that a strong girl is a sexy girl," he said breathing in her face.

"God damn Warren," she said wrinkling her nose. "How much have you guys drank?"

"And why weren't we called," Jazmine demanded to know grabbing a bottle.

As the blame began, Elisa walked over by CK. "CK are you okay," she asked.

"No," he replied.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm toasted off my ass."

"Yeah well, my mom is still calming my dad down, and once he was drunk enough she told me to come here just don't cause any trouble." CK ran a hand down her face and started crying. "What's wrong babe? Why are you crying?"

"I don't know," he whined. "I love you so much."

"Oh I'm getting a picture of this," said Tori taking out her phone and snapping her twin. Arya popped out the rafters and landed in Shawn's arms.

"Hey big cuzzo," she said with a smile. "I missed you!"

"Arya how much have you had to drank," Shawn asked setting her down.

"Like I'd tell you."

Lawrence stood up his face as red as fire. He raised a finger in the air and yelled," NOW THAT WE HAVE ASSEMBLED, IT IS TIME TO DRINK! I ORDER IT!" Then he burst out laughing again. One by one the teens drank until all four bottles were gone and they were all passed out.

Next Morning

Lawrence opened his eyes slowly and painfully. He tried moving as slow as possible only to feel pain. Everything hurt like hell. As the room came into focus he could see all of his friends completely passed out. They were all in the living room. Tori was asleep upside down on the couch, while her twin was passed out shirtless on the coffee table. Shawn, Warren, and Stephanie were knocked out all leaning against a wall. Elisa was asleep on the kitchen floor with a pillow, Jazmine was curled up in the hallway, and Arya was no where to be seen so she had to still be in the rafters. Lawrence slowly crawled to the look for John and instead found Doctor Fate, not John passed out in the bathtub. Lawrence shook him up.

"Mmmmmm," said the two voices.

"Are you okay," asked Lawrence.

"Do we look okay? We spent the night passed out drunk in a bathtub." Lawrence helped Fate out the bathtub, and he removed the Helmet, then John immediately puked into the toilet. "Oh never again," he groaned when he was done. "Fuck, how did I let you talk me into this shit Lawrence?"

They slowly walked back into the living area to see everyone awoke, and Arya out of hiding.

"Everyone in one piece," rasped Stephanie.

"Just barely," responded Jazmine rubbing her hair.

"Recognized Miss Martian 05, Artemis 07, Oracle 10 Zatanna Zatara 08, Wonder Woman 23, Big Barda 25"

Upon walking into the living area the moms took one look and instantly figured out what happened.

"Son of a bitch the children are just like those idiots," screamed Artemis.

"Where did we go wrong," sighed M'Gann.

"We slept with their fathers," replied Barda.

"That was gross mom," said Stephanie.

"Recognized Nightwing 01, Aquaman 02, Flash 03, Superman 04, Red Robin 20, Blue Beetle 22, Kyle Rayner 24"

"Why the fuck does it smell like alcohol in here," yelled Connor from the training room.

All the children scrambled up and quickly rushed to their rooms in an attempt to clean themselves up.

"Where are they," growled Jaime as they came into the living area.

"Poorly attempting to cover up the evidence," admitted Barbara.

"Why would they do something so stupid," asked Tim.

"Probably because you idiots genetically passed it on to them," yelled Zatanna.

Wally walked into the kitchen an went under the sink. "Yeah their amateurs," he said lifting up the bottles. "I mean even we weren't this dumb. Who leaves the evidence where it can be found?"

"I take it, it's time to punish the vermin," asked Kyle.

"Would Bruce and the other leaguers have punished us," asked Cassie.

"You know it," growled Kaldur.

"Oh well," sighed Artemis. "The more things change-"

"The more they stay the same finished," Dick with a smile.

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