A/N: Hey, everyone! Good news! The incredibly talented Sinkme (link on my profile, since I'm not tech-savvy enough to put it here) has offered to continue this fic. :D

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you'll get brand new updates from a fresh viewpoint. They'll have her flair (which is awesome, because she rocks), but it's based off my original plot. She has all of my notes for this story. And I bet she'll update faster than I did. XD

THIS FIC WILL BE RELOCATED TO HER PROFILE. ONCE SHE POSTS HER NEW CHAPTER, I'LL BE DELETING THIS VERSION OF IT. The new version will have the original 10 chapters, along with whatever she writes.

Sinkme is the author of Origin of the Debt and Where One Goes, the Other Will Follow. Both are incredible, and if you've been milling around this fandom at all, I'm sure you've checked them out. (If not, get to it! :P ) I'm very excited that she's taking the time to continue my fic!

Thank you all for your time! Stay tuned for a brand new update! :)