I'm SORRY I'VE BEEN GONE! I MISS YOU ALL! I used this as an English poem haha. Well, sorry about the format of this, I had just copied and pasted and it went wrong. Sorry!

Shake, shake goes the rattle of my chains

Drip, drip goes my damp dark cage

I growl at that dumb little child

And sharpen my claws to screech and scream

"Oi, Kyuubi! I need more power!"

I listen to the tap-tap as he paces back and forth

He stops and grins

As if I'll give in

I bare my teeth

I growl and Hiss

I attack the bars of my cage

Listen as the clank reverberates

The boy stumbles and thumps to the ground

"I'll give you more power if you get me out."

He laughs and he cries

"If I don't make it, remember, you die!"

He stomps on the ground with his hands behind his head

I tsk to myself, counting my options

I'll give him more power, only this once

That's what I tell myself, but deep down I know

I'll give him what he wants, I will

For I've grown fond of the boy

For Naruto is the only one I call a friend

Though I know he'll hate me, the Kyuubi, 'til the end.