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Naruto lay on the floor of the gummi ship as it floated along the vast reaches of the universe.

His eyes were closed and he was deep in thought, his mind racing as he went over what happened to the Beast's world and he had come to one conclusion.

Beast's world was doomed before he had even gotten there and wasn't anything he could've done to change that. That didn't mean that he had given up hope in saving them.

No, if he could save his world then he could save the Beast's world as well. But then, there was also the revelation that Tobi was now working with the witch that consumed the Beast's world.

He'd have to do something about him, this had gone on for far too long. He sighed as he stood up and flared the engines on the gummi ship as he sped towards his next destination.


Where had he landed this time? It seemed to be the outside of some kind of stadium. There was a large building with even larger statues on either side striking some kind of pose. That's not what really caught his attention though.

Ahead of him was an odd trio of people heading into the rather large door. From what he could make out there was a young boy, some kind of anamorphic dog, and a duck. He shrugged his shoulders, he'd seen stranger.

'Wait, didn't Leon say something about a kid traveling with a dog and a duck?' Naruto thought to himself as he followed him inside. 'Maybe this is the Sora guy they told me about. Maybe I'll go see how tough this kid is.'

Naruto walked just to hear another odd creature speaking to what must be Sora.

"This here's the world famous Coliseum, heroes only!" it said. "And I got my hands full preparing for the games. So run along pipsqueaks."

He sighed at the expression Sora seemed to be giving him.

"Look it's like this, heroes are coming from all over to fight ferocious monsters right here in the Coliseum."

The duck crossed his arms as he responded in an irritating voice.

"You've got heroes standing right in front of you!"

"Yup, he's a real hero," the dog said. "chosen by the Keyblade."

'So this is the Sora Leon told me about.'

"And we're heroes too!"

"Hero? That runt?" the creature said before laughing uproariously.

"What's so funny? I've fought a bunch of monsters!" Sora responded hotly.

"Hey, if you can't even move this," he said gesturing to a large stone next to him before trying to push it and failing. "you can't call yourself... a hero!"

"Okay so it takes more than brawn," he panted heavily as he lay on the ground. "Well lets see what you can do."

"Hey!" Naruto spoke. "Sign me up for these games."

"Who are you?" the creature asked as he and the others finally noticed his presence.

"My name's Naruto, and these games sound pretty interesting."

"Hmm..." the creature said before running over towards him. He seemed to be examining him from all angles. Naruto just stood there looking at the boy Leon had told him about. At first there was nothing really extraordinary that stuck out to him. He just seemed like a normal kid but there was something there, he could see it in the kids eyes. He reminded him of himself if he were being honest. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the creatures voice.

"Alright, you seem pretty tough kid," he said. "I'll let ya into the games. Be ready, we start soon."

And with that he walked off into the next room that Naruto assumed contained the arena. He turned to Sora and stuck out his hand.

"Good luck kid, hope to see you in the finals."

Sora grinned and shook his hand with a surprisingly strong grip.

"Same to you!" he said with a cheeky grin.


Naruto took a breath as he finished off his last opponent. It hadn't been that difficult really, just a bunch of heartless to take out. He did use this opportunity to practice his magic a bit more, this time without the use of the keyblade. It made it significantly harder but he believed it was worth it.

He'd need all the power he could to deal with Tobi when the time came and so he spent the first half of the games using the heartless as a good target as he got more and more creative with his magic. Tornadoes, balls of fire raining down on the heartless, and more.

It actually surprised him because he wasn't sure how he was coming up with it all. He had always been inventive and maybe that had something to do with it.

He looked back to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy staring at him with their mouth to the floor. He chuckled before walking past them wishing Sora and his team good luck and sat back to watch their fights. They actually didn't do half bad.

There was of course much room for improvement, but it was clear that while they hadn't been fighting together long, they had great team work.

It really reminded him of the early days of team seven, with less fighting. Just as he was about to get lost in his memories a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

"It's good to see you safe Naruto," the voice said.

Naruto opened his eyes and turned to see someone he didn't think he'd ever see again.


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