Hi! So, I'm an avid One Tree Hill fan, even though it's over. :(( But, I did get an idea to write an OTH/Glee crossover. This story is set during One Tree Hill's season 7, when Brooke starts Clothes For Bros. Instead of having her fashion consultant for the line be Alexander, she chooses her second assistant, a familiar face named Kurt Hummel, who graduated from fashion school. Hilarity ensues when Kurt chooses a model who is, well, his OTP. Yes, I know the two worlds don't really collide, but roll with me here. Hope you enjoy!

A/N: I own nothing. Even though it's over, OTH belongs to Mark Schwahn, Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins, and Joe Davola. Glee belongs to RIB.

Brooke Davis surveyed her new group of models. They'll have to do, she thought. She then realized she sounded like Victoria when she spoke like that, but soon put the thought behind her. The last time Victoria said that sentence, Brooke had found the best second assistant anyone could hope for. She glanced through the window into the cubicles and found him working swiftly, headset and all. He's such a good second assistant. He has a good taste in clothes, he has great manners, he is an amazing designer, and he can help me figure out which guys would make the greatest appeal to our demographic.

When Brooke figured out she would possibly be starting Clothes For Bros, she needed a few male helpers. That was how she found Kurt Hummel. And now, a year later, unknown to most of the public, a lot of the Clothes Over Bros fashion had a Kurt twist. For example, he was the one who suggested a woman wearing a bow-tie. That trend had taken off like a rocket. Today, he was wearing one of his own creations, which just so happened to have a spot in the Clothes For Bros Fashion Show line-up. He had on a simple red collared shirt and black dress pants that hugged him in all the right places. A stunning black trench coat had been donned that morning, but he removed it and it was now hanging in the closet by the receptionist's desk. The shocker for his outfit was the bowtie. He was wearing a white and black spotted bowtie, inspired by his younger fashion days.

His outfit might seem simple, but Kurt sure has a way of making it seem so much more, Brooke thought as she stepped into the big room. The entire room stopped working the moment she stepped foot in there, but she waved them off. She only wanted one of her workers.

"Kurt?" She beckoned for the boy to come with her. "I need your help with something."

He stood up and silently followed his boss into the model room. The men were of all shapes and sizes. Apparently, the old first assistant's idea of 'Zero is Not a Size' had flowed to the men's side of the company.

One model, however, stuck out like a sore thumb to the young fashionista. He was wearing what looked like a colorful potato sack threw up on him, his hair was slicked back so much he looked like he had plastic hair, and he had this overwhelming aroma around him of hair gel and nervousness. He was sitting over in the corner, inspecting his shoes.

"So who do you pick?" Brooke asked. Since Millie, Brooke's first assistant, was now an active model, Kurt had taken her place and job of choosing models.

"Um…" Kurt thought he knew who he would pick, but he wanted to make sure. "One last detail before I choose." He addressed the models. "Stand up, and turn around." Each model stood up and allowed Kurt to inspect their back-sides. He took his time, silently laughing at how amazing his job was. He got to look at gorgeous men for a living! It was exciting.

"Kurt," Brooke said, threateningly. "Just pick one already. I'm sure they aren't amused with a guy checking them out." A few stifled laughs from the models made Brooke add, "I mean, unless they're gay."

"Okay," Kurt replied. His face was turning a little red. He was happy for the not skin-tight jeans he was wearing that day. "I choose…number 7." He smiled at the model with the plastic-looking hair. He was gorgeous and had a nice back-side, and Kurt could see him being the face of Clothes for Bros. "Come with me."

Kurt led the model to the stylist room to get him ready for the first photo shoot. He looked the head stylist in the face. "Put him in the second outfit, make his ungodly pimples go away, and take that stupid hair gel out of his hair. Let me know when you get done." With a grimace on his face, the diva-turned-fashionista looked at the model. "If you ever get that to look model-worthy." He walked out of the room and back to the big room.

"I am upset with the amount of awful modeling men in this town," Kurt complained to his boss.

"I know it's hard," Brooke began. "But it's a lot simpler to be nice to them." She shrugged her shoulders. "Give it a go, and see what happens." Her phone rang, prompting her to go leave and talk about some fabric sample or design sample, or whatnot. Kurt opened his design book and began drawing.

About an hour later, Kurt's phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw a text from the head stylist.

We're done with your model.

Well, here goes nothing, Kurt sighed. He stood up and walked to the stylist room.

He was not prepared for what he would find. He was not prepared for the beauty that would behold him when he opened the door.

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