I hated watching them sometimes.

Half the time, I'm tempted to head slap both of them for being so oblivious to each other. But I cant. I have to let this play out between them without my interfering. Abby and Ducky are always on my case about it, but I refuse to get involved. But their making it pretty damn hard today.
I chewed at my eraser as I gazed at the lovely Israeli woman at the desk across from me. She was so beautiful: the soft brown hair, large brown eyes, perfectly round face. Not to mention one hell of a body.

Whenever Gibbs went up to MTAC or went to get some coffee, I would take the opportunity to take in every feature and detail of my Mossad crush. I memorized the different ways she breathed when she was feeling happy or angry; I picked up how thoughtful she looked when she was writing a report. Lots of little things that I probably wouldn't have cared too much about if I wasn't so completely head over heels for her.

If only she loved me back.
God, Tony was so sexy.

Everything about that stupid Italian makes me love him even more, and I'm not just talking about his looks (which are VERY fine, indeed!). I love his smile, his charm, his jokes, his personality. I love his hair, his eyes, his skin tone, his body. I love how cute he looks whenever gets praised or encouraged by Gibbs.
Gibbs was currently on a coffee run, so I risked a quick peek across the bullpen to look at Tony. He making funny faces for that silly website he and McGee do, and it takes every fiber of my being not to burst out laughing.

I wished so much that he loved me back.

Author's Note: YES, there WILL be more to come very soon(: This is my first story (as KatieDee15) AND my first romance between anybody, so please be encouraging. Reviews are TOTALLY welcome!