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BTW – This last chapter will be in third person – tell me if you like it better or not.

Chapter Four

"I love you."

Her heart stopped beating. Tony's green eyes locked with her soft brown ones, and they just gazed lovingly at each other for a few moments.

"…. I love you, too."

Tony brushed his hand against her cheek, and she closed her eyes and sighed. It felt like a million pounds had been lifted off of her heart now that Tony knew how she felt… and that he felt the same way back.

"I should have told you sooner," Ziva whispered, careful not to disturb the people actually watching the movie. "I was just so…" she searched for the word, but she couldn't find it.

"Scared?" Tony suggested. Before she could object, he added, "Because that's exactly how I felt. I thought you would hate me."

Ziva smiled. "I could never hate you."

"I couldn't either… I love you."

"I love you, too."

Even though it was the second time they'd said it to each other in only about 30 seconds, they loved hearing it. Both of them were smiling like idiots, but they didn't care. Suddenly Ziva understood why they had sat in the back. Tony pressed his lips lightly against Ziva's. Not having kissed anyone her quite a length of time, she really didn't know what to do at first, but it all came rushing back. She kissed him back, her eyes closed, and her butterflies disappearing. When they separated a few seconds later, they were still smiling like idiots.

"Dinner?" Tony asked.

"It's a date," Ziva replied.

"I surely hope so."


Gibbs eyes shot open when he heard a series of knocks on the door. He rolled over and checked his clock : 1:47 p.m. Who would be here at 1 in the morning? He thought. He grabbed his gun and stuffed it in the back of his jeans, which he'd fallen asleep in AGAIN.

When he opened the door, he was surprised and partially pleased to see his senior agent.

"Hey boss," he said. I felt relieved – his voice didn't sound upset or worried.

"DiNozzo," I returned. "Everything okay?"

"Everything's perfect," he said, a huge smile on his face. A genuine smile – one the older man hadn't seen in a very long time. Gibbs suddenly knew why his agent was at his doorstep at one in the morning.

"Did you have fun with Ziver?" he asked.

Tony smiled even bigger. How did he manage to do that?

"She loves me, boss," he said, practically bouncing with excitement. "I just wanted to thank you."

"You two would have never admitted it to each other if I hadn't done something," the older man chuckled. "You're welcome, son."

Tony surprised Gibbs with a hug. Gibbs surprised Tony when he hugged him back.

"Take it slowly," Gibbs said when Tony finally let go. "You don't want this to end like it did with Jeanne."

"Ziva isn't an undercover mission," the younger man laughed nervously. But he knew his boss was right.

Gibbs smiled. "Good night, son."

"'Night, Gibbs."


Tony closed the door to his apartment quietly, careful not to wake his sleeping beauty. Ziva was asleep on his bed, neither of them wanting to leave each other any time soon. He'd stopped by her apartment to grab some stuff she'd probably need in the morning to get ready for the morning, like makeup, an outfit, and proper woman's shampoo. He didn't think she'd like his very much.

Setting her things on his dresser, Tony slipped off his jacket and sat at the end of bed. He watched her sleep for at least 10 minutes. Creeper, he chuckled. He didn't mind sleeping on the couch, especially if it meant being able to be near his new-found love.

As he settled onto the couch and pulled his blanket around his close, he thought about the days' events. He was still feeling a bit of an adrenalin rush. Ziva's lips had been perfectly fitted to his, and he'd never kissed anyone with such passion before. He smiled to himself. He had a really good feeling about this relationship.

The adrenalin finally ran out, and he felt absolutely exhausted. He fell asleep smiling, just like Ziva had.


Today feels really… happy, thought junior agent Timothy McGee. Tony was smiling, Ziva was smiling, Ducky, Jimmy, Abby, even Gibbs had a slight grin on his face. What was up? Abby was sure to know.

"Abby!" Tim said, running into her lab. She greeted him with a hug and a "What's up?"

"Why is everyone so happy today?" he asked.

"There's nothing wrong with being happy, Timmy," he replied, a smug smile on her face.

"I know, but their happier than usual, and I know you know, so spill."

Abby looked like she was going to explode. "Tony and Ziva are dating!" she said excitedly.

McGee just about choked, which was weird, since nothing was currently occupying his mouth other than his tongue and his teeth. "Seriously?"


"That's amazing!"


They shared another hug, before Abby asked, "Maybe… maybe we could try the whole 'dating thing' again?"

Tim McGee grinned and pecked Abby on the lips. "I'd love that, Abs."


Ziva rested her head on her Tony's shoulder as they danced slowly to 'Forever and Always' by Parachute. It was a beautiful song, one of Ziva's favorites. They'd been dating for a year this very day, and they'd had an amazing evening filled with lovely foods and fun walks in the park. It had been the best day of their lives.

Now, as they danced, pressed against each other in a loving embrace, Tony DiNozzo knew that now was the perfect moment. He broke their embrace, and Ziva looked at him, confused. He smiled nervously as he got down on one knee, and pulled a ring box out of his pocket. He'd put this song on purposely. He sang along with chorus, saying,

"I want you forever,

Forever and always,

Through the good and the bad and the ugly.

We'll grow old together… forever and always."

He smiled as the song ended. "Ziva David, will you marry me?"

Ziva was in shock. Tony couldn't help but chuckle. "Is that a yes?"

Ziva shook herself out of her trance and smiled hugely. A tear ran down her cheek as she choked out a 'yes.'

Tony slipped the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly. They both started laughing hysterically as they wrapped their arms around each other, clinging into one being. They kissed and kissed, smiling the whole time. Ziva pulled away and looked into her fiancée's green eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."


End! I REALLY hope you liked it(: I was listening to 'Forever and Always' by Parachute when I was writing this last scene, and I thought it was really sweet. Are you okay with third person? I prefer it, personally. Stay tuned for my next story… not sure what it will be though lol (: