"Where's my coffee!" Boomed Vernons voice from the sitting room. I quickly poared the coffee into his favourit mug and walked as fast as I could with out spilling to the sitting room. I handed him the mug and was instantly soaked in coffee as he took a sip and spat it back out right in my face.

"What the hell is this? I like my coffee hot, not loke warm! I would think that even a FREAK like you could do something this simple!" Vernon yelled.

"Well….If it is so simple why don't you do it your self?" I yelled back but instantly regreted it as I saw his face turn as red as a tomato then a purpley blue colour. Seeing the anger rising I started to back up towards the front door hoping to escape. Just then he lunged at me but thanks to the training Dumbledore had givin me on learning how to dodge spells, I easily managed to dodge from the fat man. I made a strait dash to the door but just as I was about to touch the doorknob I was thrown back and tackled. Vernon started kicking me in the stomache and I started to see black dots dancing infront of my eyes. As the pain spreed rappidly throughout my body I heard a loud noise which sounded like something getting smashed to smitherins and looked up to where the front door one was. There was a lot of smoke but I could still make out two men the first one looked like he had blond hair and was lean but the second had black hair and was slightly stockie. I tried to make eye contack but failed as darkness over came me.

"Severus, are you sure?" Tom asked him as I entered the chamber.

"I am my Lord, but not only that, I also found this" he replied and held up a small wooden chest, but what was on the lid made me stop. There on the lid was the Malfoy cresent, and the Potter cresent. Why would the two be on the same box? What could be inside? But my thoughts were cut short as Severus started speaking again.

"I have tried opening it and have come to the conclusion that only a Malfoy or a Potter may open the it because it is there cresent which is printed on the chest," He said as he handed me the box. I opened it quickly and glanced inside to find two letters. One for Potter and one for me and aparently Tom knew what was happening as he started to chuckle.

"What is so funny? If you don't mind me asking my Lord," I questioned.

"I'd recognize that aura anywhere! I'm just surprised that Severus hasn't figured it out yet as the work of none other than Lily Potter." He replied as I pulled out the envelope with my name on it.

Dear Lucius,

Since you are reading this it means that I never had the chance to talk to you before my death. This letter is to let you know that James and I knew that Dumbledore isn't the good man whom will vancuish the evil from our world kind of guy like he says he is. Harry needs your help as his destaned soal mate and we are counting on you to be there for him no matter what. I understand that by now the both of you might have different opinions about eachother than what I hope for but I am begging you to just give him a chance to come around to the idea before judging.

Lily Potter

My eyes widened as I read the letter over again while Severus and Tom looked at me with concurn.

"What does it say?" Tom asked but since I wasn't capable of putting a string of words together yet I just handed him the letter. I went back to the chest and under Pot….er…Harry's letter were two bonding mate bracelets. They both had a silver band but the first one had a grey gem (for my eye colour) and the other had an emerald gem (for Harry's eye colour).

"Well this is something we must take into considuration" Tom said after handing the letter over to Severus to read and I knodded.

"Lily had been busy planning this all," I commented.

"How do you feel about all this?" Severus asked me.

"Onestly I don't really know how I feel. I've always felt something for the boy but I never knew what and now this sort of explains it."

"We should bring Potter here for the rest of the summer as I have heared of what his life is like and it sounds nothing compaired to what we thought it was." Severus added.

"What do you meen?" I asked.

"He lives in muggle London with his muggle relatives whom beet him every day for just being alive."

"Do you know the location of this muggle house?" Tom asked.

"Yes, the address is number 4 Privat Drive." And with that Severus and I apparated to said address to claim Harry. When we arrived I saw that it was just a small simple muggle home (not a mansion like most people think) and Severus turned to face me.

"Something doesn't feel right…." I began but was struck silent for the second time as we heared a crash and what souned like someone yelling. We made a dash towards the house and I blew off the front door so we may enter. There was a lot of smoke and dust where the door once stood as the two of us walked threw but stopped in the door frame as we witnessed tragedy. Lying on the floor was Harry covered in blood and many cuts and ontop of him was a big, fat man who I assumed was his uncle. I tried to lock I contact with Harry but he passed out pretty quickly (and I take that as a good and bad thing). I could feel a fire starting inside me, burning to be let loose the more I stared at the broken teen on the floor.

"Step away from the boy! Now if not sooner!" I yelled with my wand pointed strait at him. He quickly did as I said and I shot the first spell that came to my mind.

"Avada Kadavra!" and with that the body fell limply to the ground with a *thump*. Severus went over and picked up Harry and we exited the house and apparated back before the Aurors came to stop them.

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