General POV:

It had been a week since Lucius had brought Sirius Black to Malfoy Manor, at first Tom was a little irritated that Sirius was there at all but he got used to it for there was nothing he could actually do. Sirius spent most of his time in his anamagis for it seemed most comfortable for him. It was Saturday night and the four had decided to just relax and that was how Sirius fell asleep in front of the fire, Harry asleep on the couch, and Tom and Lucius drinking fire whisky as they watched Harry sleep.

"He looks so peaceful, almost childlike," Tom murmured.

"Tom, he still is a child," Lucius sighed shaking his head at the drunken man. Silently he placed his cup still filled with fire whisky down on the table in front of him and stood up.

"I think it's about time we headed to bed, I'm gonna take Harry to his room, I'll see you in the morning Tom." Lucius said and yawned before gently picking Harry up with no effort.

"What should I do with the mutt?" Tom asked eyeing Sirius and Lucius raised a delicate eyebrow at his drunken friend.

"Just leave him there, the last thing we need at the moment is a hyper Harry and that is exactly what we are going to get if you wake up Black." Lucius hissed at Tom who was getting up to wake the sleeping dog. With a nod to Lucius, Tom went upstairs to bed, and Lucius carried his lover to his room where he gently laid Harry down on the big bed. With a deep sigh he placed a kiss on the sleeping teen's forehead, closed the door, and went to his own room in order to change for bed.

In the morning the first thing Lucius and Tom both heard as they exited their rooms was Harry screaming as he was chased around the house by Sirius(who was now human). Harry currently had waist length hair which was purple with light blue and red streaks running through it. Sirius was laughing like a maniac chasing his god-son down the hallway and Harry ran around Lucius and hid behind his amused lover.

"Na-ah Sirius, you are NOT allowed in my room," Lucius said as he smirked at Harry who hid behind him. He closed the door in the shocked man's face and turned around to face the teen and quickly fixed his hair so it was back to that messy, raven black, hair that he loved so much.

"Now love, what did you do to have him chase you down the hall way like that?" Lucius teased Harry as he pulled the teen onto the bed and into his lap.

"I didn't do anything, I swear….AH!" Harry gasped out as Lucius nibbled at the soft flesh on the side of his neck. As Harry turned around Lucius kissed him full on passionately, the two of them fought for dominance and in the end Harry backed down allowing the older man to do what he liked. Breaking the kiss, Lucius looked into the sparkling green eyes which were filled with curiosity, and worry.

"What is wrong my little lion?" Lucius purred into Harry's ear, as he placed a kiss on the teen's forehead.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Only what you allow me to love," Lucius breathed out heavily as he kissed the teen again while pushed Harry onto his back never breaking the kiss. When it became a necessary to breathe the two men pulled back and Harry smiled shyly up at Lucius.

"I…I can't" Harry sighed after a moment of silence, not looking his lover in the face for he was too embarrassed. Lucius just smiled softly and raised the teens head to look him in the face.

"Do not hide love, I understand if you are not ready," Lucius said soothingly as he ran a hand through Harry's messy, raven colour hair. Harry smiled up at Lucius and gently kissed him, catching Lucius off guard. After breaking the kiss the two of them got up and exited the room and headed downstairs to the dining room for breakfast. Lucius took a seat at the table while Harry sat on his lap and the two lovers waited for Tom and Sirius to join them for breakfast. After five minutes the other two men joined them at the table and Harry and Lucius were both shocked to see Tom and Sirius have a normal, decent conversation. The two having the conversation seemed to not notice the two lovers sitting at the table as they sat down but after a moment they did.

"Pup!" Sirius cried.

"Siri!" Harry cried back across the table.

"Why are you sitting in Lucius' lap pup?" Sirius questioned and Harry looked up to Lucius who just shrugged and Harry shrugged back at his god-father. Tom just watched the two, smiling at seeing one of his very few friends so happy, he just sighed mentally. Tom looked at everyone in the room and noticed that everyone had a role in Harry's life, Lucius the lover, Sirius the god-father, and himself the man that murdered the boy's parents. That didn't seem right anymore to Tom and decided that from now on he would be like Harry's favorite uncle to make up for the horror the kid had faced because of him. Blinking out of his thoughts he noticed everyone staring at him and he looked at them questioningly.

"What are you all looking at?" Tom finally asked.

"Tom, we've been trying to get your attention for five minutes," Lucius replied slowly.

"What were you thinkin' about?" Harry asked and Tom could see the innocents and curiosity which was held in the bright green eyes.

"Nothing of the importance," Everyone just shrugged it off and started to talk about Harry's years at Hogwarts, until Slinky came in with breakfast.

"OK, so let me get this strait, you became a seeker in your FIRST year…I thought you couldn't join the quidditch team until second year?" Tom thought aloud.

"Yes, but I was allowed on the team early because Prof. McGonagall thought I had great flying skills,"

"But doesn't Madame Hooch teach the flying lessons not Professor McGonagall?" Lucius asked.

"Well, you see, Neville broke his wrist after he fell off his broom so Madame Hooch told us not to go into the air and at the time we had the lessons with the Slytherins. So Neville had dropped his remembrall and Draco found it, he was gonna put it on the roof of Hogwarts when I told him to stop and hand it over. That was when he mounted his broom and I went after him. He ended up throwing the remembrall and I caught it but what neither of us knew at the time was that Prof. McGonagall was watching us and thought I would make a great seeker for the Gryffendore team." Harry concluded with an innocent smile.

"WOW, so you're like the youngest person to become seeker in like over a hundred years," Tom murmured.

"Well, if that is nothing compared to all the other adventures he's been through at Hogwarts, tell them about the troll!" Sirius said always enjoying hearing more tales of Harry's adventures.

"What troll….oh? That troll….." Harry trailed off

"What troll?" Lucius asked concerned and looked around the table and noticed that even Tom knew what Sirius was talking about but no one would say anything.

"Wait; is this the same troll that Draco talked about? The one that entered the castle on Halloween?" the other three nodded.

"So, what about it?"

"Harry took it out," Sirius replied in a nonchalant tone that spoke of its own volume.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Snape used it for ingrediance but I could be wrong," Harry thought. By the time they finished breakfast they were already half-way through Harry's second year.

"So that's why no one's heard from Lockheart since your second year," Sirius exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess we were lucky that Ron's wand was broken or else we would be walking zombies and the Basilisk would still be roaming Hogwarts,"

"Wait so what happened next?" Tom asked.

"Well, now Ron is stuck on the other side of the crumbled wall with Lockheart so I continued on to the chamber where I found Ginny lying in the middle of the chamber unconscious. She was holding your diary and that was when I noticed Tom from when he was twenty. Yeah, so that was when we learned that TOM MARVALO RIDDLE meant I AM LORD VOLDEMORT, and then he sort of let the Basilisk loose and told the Basilisk to not listen to whatever I tell it." Harry trailed off and the three men just stared at the teen.

"You did WHAT!?" Sirius exclaimed wide eyed at Tom.

"Hey! I didn't do it, my horcrux in the diary did it so don't look at me like that!" Tom cried defending himself.

"So what happened next?" Lucius asked curiously.

"Oh well, Faux showed up with the sorting hat, who had the sword of Gryffendore and that was when Faux pecked out the eyes of the Basilisk!" Harry exclaimed and went on explaining his other years.

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"Wow!" was all they could say once Harry was finished.

"Yeah," was his only response as he stood up and walked away. It took the three men a few minutes before they noticed the teen had left, and went in search of him. They found Harry in the drawing room, just sitting there on the floor in front of the fire, just staring into space.

"Hey Pup, what are you doing'?" Sirius asked as he sat down next to his god-son. Instead of an answer Harry just shrugged as Lucius pulled him onto his lap and Tom sat down on the other side of them.

"Just thinking," Harry replied after a moment of silence before relaxing onto Lucius who smirked at the teen. The group just sat there in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth of the dancing flames when they heard the floo in the floo room go off. Harry looked up to give Lucius a questioning look who in reply just shrugged.

"Must be Draco, he was staying with the Parkinson's as far as I'm aware and Narcissa is still in France," He told the teen who just relaxed back onto him. They all turned around to face the door when they heard a gasp and were faced with a stunned Draco Malfoy.

"Father, what is going on?" Draco asked as he eyed Harry who was sitting in his father's lap.

"We are sitting in front of the fireplace Draco, surly you can see that," Tom replied before Lucius could answer. Draco nodded as he broke eye contact with Harry to look at the Dark Lord.

"Father, is it alright if Pansy and Blaise stay over tonight?"

"Of course son," Lucius replied as he tightened his hold on Harry. Draco nodded and left the room as Sirius and Tom went to the potions lab. Harry yawned as Lucius began to kiss his neck.

"Tired?" Lucius asked as a smile tugged on his lips. Harry nodded as he cuddled into the embrace, as he placed his head in the crack of Lucius' neck. Lucius chuckled as he kissed Harry on the forehead and shifted the teen so he could read while Harry was still sitting on him. As Harry clutched onto Lucius' shirt, Lucius opened up the Daily Prophet and shook his head at the ad on Harry. One day his lover would be adored by the wizarding world but the next he would be despised. Shaking his head he put down the Daily Prophet and kissed down Harry's neck and over his shoulder. Harry's eyes blinked open at the feeling of Lucius kissing him and smiled at the loving kisses that were placed along his neck. Turning around so that he could face his lover Lucius kissed passionately on the lips and Harry kissed back with the same passion. Wrapping his legs around Lucius' waist, Harry tangled his hands into his lover's silky hair. Lucius quickly carried Harry up to their room and locked the door and put up a silencing spell. Pulling away, Lucius looked down at Harry.

"Are you sure, love?" Harry nodded as he pulled Lucius down again while Lucius began to unbutton Harry's shirt.

Harry moaned into the kiss as Lucius' hands roamed over his skin, and flung his head back as Lucius began to kiss down his neck.

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After Lucius cleaned up he lay back down onto the bed and Harry curled into his lover while Lucius curled his arms around the teen. A few hours later Tipsy the house elf popped into the room.

"Master, and Master Harry, lunch is ready!" Tipsy cried before popping out of the room. Lucius opened his eyes and noticed that Harry was still not up so he just sat there watching the teen sleep peacefully. When the teen was awake Lucius was amazed on how intimidating and innocent Harry could look at the same time but now that he watched his lover sleep, he realized that the innocence radiated off of Harry in such soothing vibes, and he loved it. Forgetting about lunch, Lucius fell back asleep, Harry secured tightly in his arms as they slept peacefully through the afternoon.

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