Masaomi was frozen. He had no understanding of what had just happened.

He remembered the man with a gun, him pulling the trigger, and something jumping in front of him to block the bullet. The man had taken off, and whoever jumped in front of him was on his knees clutching his ribs. It was Orihara Izaya.

"O-Orihara-san!" He ran to the raven's side. The informant began coughing violently as blood trickled from his mouth. Masaomi looked at Izaya's ribs and noticed the large amount of blood staining his black shirt. He slouched over slightly as blood fell to the ground with each cough.

"Are you..alright...M-Masaomi-kun?" Izaya looked at the blonde. Masaomi looked him over with worry and wrapped his arms around the older male. Izaya wrapped his free arm(the one not keeping pressure on his injury) around the blonde comfortingly.

"'re b-bleeding..." Kida sobbed. The raven chuckled half-heartedly. "Yeah...I guess I am..." The blonde buried his face into Izaya's bloody shirt and cried harder. The raven sighed as he hugged Masaomi.

The blonde took Izaya's free arm and slung it over his shoulders and helped him stand. "We gotta get you to Shinra." Masaomi tried to walk as fast as he could while helping Izaya limp to the underground doctor's apartment.

Surprisingly it was close by. They had made it to the door and were greeted by Celty.

What happened?

"He was shot." He helped Izaya onto the couch, his breathing becoming limited and coming out in short huffs. The raven laid down on the couch, still keeping pressure on the gunshot wound. Masaomi placed his hand over Izaya's, squeezing it slightly as a way of reassuring himself that the raven would be alright.

Celty left to find Shinra who was across town with another gunshot victim.

Izaya was barely breathing. The blonde held the raven's free hand to his lips and placed small kisses on each digit. "Please...don't die..." he whispered to himself. Izaya looked over to Masaomi with a reassuring smile, blood dried on the side of his face. "Relax, Kida-kun...everything will be alright." He began coughing again as fresh blood splashed onto his shirt.

More blood began to drip out of the wound. He began to feel dizzy from the loss of blood. Masaomi was becoming worried. Celty and Shinra wouldn't be back til who the hell knows when, and Izaya was running out of time.

More tears started to run down the blonde's face as he started to realize that Izaya might die. He laid next to the raven on the couch and snuggled against him, nuzzling into Izaya's neck. Izaya rested his head on Masaomi's, wanting so badly to fall asleep. But, he knew that he would never wake up again if he did.

His eyes slipped closed and he went completely limp against the couch. The blonde noticed and gripped a fistful of Izaya's shirt and began to cry harder than he could ever imagine he could.

"Izaya...please don't go..."

The only response was silence.