It has come to my attention that there are far too few stories on this site about the 87 cartoon, so I decided I pitch in and help change that. Just a heads up, this story is slightly one sided Shredder X April.

Oh yeah almost forgot, I don't own the TMNT. Trust me if I did, I wouldn't be writing fanfiction for it.

Well without further ado...I present...the story!

Shredder's metallic mask concealed his smirk as he ducked into the alley way next to the familiar two level apartment complex. He came to a stop and gazed up at the second story window. A loud crash came from behind and he spun around on his heels to see the two numbskulls, Bebop and Rocksteady, standing next to a knocked over trashcan. He started questioning why he had even allowed the pair of idiots accompany him in the first place.

Glaring at the two, Shredder placed a finger over his mouth, "Quiet you brainless bafoons! How can a ninja be stealthy when he has obnoxious oafs barreling behind him!"

"We're sorry boss! It ain't our fault!"

"Yea, the stupid trash can got in our way!' the rhino explained, giving the can a hardy kick to further prove his point.

Shredder cringed at the sound, before stomping his foot on the ground, "Shut up you pea brained punks before I give you a reason to be loud!"

"Boss, how is it we are gonna get dat reporter when she is way up there?"

His back facing them he answered, "The same way we get up there every time you morons! We will climb the building using these!" he held up his fist showing the two claws that protruded.

Rocksteady cocked his head as he replied,"Yea, but boss we ain't got spikes on our hand like you do."

"Can't we just use the door? She won't expect dat." Bebop insisted.

Shredder threw his hands up in frustration, "Using the front door is lame! It's what the pizza guy and mailman use! We aren't boring like them! We are villains with class you ding-dongs, not some petty thieves!" Shredder swore sometimes he was the only intelligent person around, "Now let's not waste any more time! Here, use these."

He tossed the two sets of claws to his minions. They then proceeded to scale the building. Upon reaching the designated window, which to their advantage was open allowing easy access.

The villain snickered, "Stupid broad made our job a hell of a lot easier!"

Somersaulting through the window he stood up to be greeted with the shocking view of a half naked April O'neil! At the sight of him, she let out a great shriek and with a convulsive movement pulled her robe back over her exposed body.

Shredder stared dumbstruck for a moment, before Bebop and Rocksteady came clambering through the window knocking him off his feet with a curse!

"Figures out of all the times you pick to come over, you would choose now!" April ranted in fury, "It's a Friday afternoon! Since when do you you ever attack me on a Friday! I have plans you know!"

Coming back to his senses, Shredder grunted as he shoved the two idiots off of him and hastily stood up, "Well excuse me for not double checking if you could squeeze a kidnaping into your busy schedule! I'll have you know, Miss O'Neil, part of being a ninja is knowing the element of surprise!"

"Which you and your goons clearly don't know anything about! Every time you ever show up at my apartment you always use the window to break in! I had to move my coffee table away from it because every time you clumsily knock over the lamp! Do you know how many times I've had to replace it?"

"I told ya boss we shoulda used da front door." Bebop reminded before yelping as he received a painful kick to the lower regions.

Shredder turned his attention back to April, ignoring the painful groaning from the warthog on the floor, "And you seem to be lacking common sense! Who leaves there window open when they are commonly kidnapped!" he shot back defensively.

"Well who kidnaps the same person over and over again for no apparent reason?"

Shredder opened his mouth to say something (not that anyone could tell) but found no words came out. He himself could name various instances where no hostage was needed but he grabbed one anyway...and it was usually her. Not that he'd ever reveal any of that.

Finding his voice he spoke up, "T-that's none of your concern!" he said folding his arms, "But if you must know, it is because of your relationship with the turtles!" He smirked slyly under his mask, he had totally just made that up on the spot, boy he was good, "But no more talk of this nonsense! Your coming with me."

He took but one step forward before he was stopped once more by the reporters frantically waving arm, the other clutching her robe, "Whoa! I am not going anywhere-"

Ugh, was she seriously about to go into the overused 'Never go anywhere with the likes of you' monologue. Well, lucky for her she could save her breath because he wasn't in the mood to listen to it, "Now, now no need for a cliche speech. We've been through this one hundred times before so there will be no need to bore me to death.

Before April could get another word in, he swiftly made it to her side where he hoisted the surprised woman by her hips over his shoulder (barely missing impaling her with the razor spikes on his shoulder pads). She immediately began flailing and thrashing making it difficult to maneuver. In a frenzy, April grasped the nearest thing she could get her hands on, a hairdryer. She began to smash it against his head frantically.

"Boss!" Rocksteady yelled as he pulled Bebop to his feet, "Want us ta knock her out?" he asked motioning to his own head.

"No, that won't be necessary. Hah hah, you think you can hurt me with that stupid thing? You have failed to notice I am wearing a helmet-."

It was that second that the appliance was brought down to his face, the unguarded part to his misfortune.

"Agggh! Whyyoulittlefu-duhohgodgrrh!" the villain yelled letting go of the reporter to cover the injured part of his face! April tumbled from the man's shoulder and hit the ground in front of him on her back.

Uncovering his face, which now honed a bright red mark between his eyes, he roared in furry, "YOU are a-" but he never finished. For it was in that split second when he looked down at April, he saw her robe had parted. He could feel his face grow red and hot.

April's eye's shrank as she scurried to cover herself at lightning speed! She was back on her feet in a matter of seconds, "You-You didn't see anything did you!"

Shredder could have sworn that his tongue had turned to cotton, because talking became incredibly difficult. "Well, I- that is- ahem- you see- erhm- I saw absolutely nothing." He stammered looking in another direction.

"What I was TRYING to say was let me get dressed first before you try and take me anywhere!" she spoke in aggravation and embarrassment.

"What! Why, so I could give you the chance to call up the turtles! Absolutely not!"

"Or maybe it's because I usual prefer to wear clothes!"

Shredder paused a moment: he really didn't want to carry a naked woman all the way back to the technodrome, who'd want to put up with Bebop and Rocksteady's constant staring and question about what he was going to do with her, "Fine, but make it quick!"

He watched as April walked into the closet but upon seeing her close the door, he immediately jammed his foot in the doorway right before it was fully shut.

"What are you doing?"

"You are leaving the door open! I don't want you calling those reptiles!"

"You sick pervert! I am not going to have you watching me get dressed."

"Then I'll just turn around." he said doing so.

"Oh yeah, so your friends over there can watch me instead?"

Shredder glanced over at Bebop and Rocksteady who were wolfishly grinning in her direction.

"Well someone's gotta keep a eye on ya." Bebop said.

Shredder folded his arms, if he couldn't watch the reporter than neither could those numbskulls, "You idiots! Go entertain yourselves with Baywatch or something!"

"Really? Do ya mean dat boss?" Bebop asked with great enthusiasm.

Rolling his eyes he nodded, "Yeah, sure whatever."

The two scurried off to where the TV set sat on a table.

"Hey that is my TV last time I checked!"

"Well unless you'd prefer them watching you I suggest you shut your mouth and quickly get dressed before I decide to assist you."

"Hmph- fine, but I get to close the door!"

"Didn't we already go over this-"

"I just came out of the shower! Do you honestly think I have any means of communication on me!"

Shredder thought over what the woman said. She had a point, and it wasn't like he was far from her in case she did try to pull anything over on him.

"Alright, you have my permission to close the door- but make it snappy!"

"Oh thanks for the permission!" April spat sarcastically as she slammed the closet door shut and the quietly clicking it locked.

"Your oh so welcome!" Shredder mocked back, crossing his arms in frustration. Women, what were they good for.