"Heh heh we sure got them now boss." Bebop bellowed.

"Don't start celebrating yet, they still have tricks up their sleeves." said April who struggled against her bonds.

Shredder laughed at her statement as he steered through traffic, "But I have a few tricks up my own! Now to the bubble gum factory!"

"Ugh every time you say that it gets lamer!" April moaned.


"Come on, we have to follow them!" Leonardo commanded as they took off after the van.

"But, what are we suppose to do with all our stuff?" cried Raphael.

"We'll just have to drop it." Donatello sighed, throwing aside his bag of goodies.

"Bummer, so much for movie night." Michelangelo said doing the same. Not two seconds after the discarded Laserdisc had hit the ground, several passerby pounced upon it.

They ran down the street dodging the traffic and pedestrians. However, the Party Wagon grew smaller and smaller as it sped on, eventually turning a corner and going out of sight altogether.

... ...

Shredder threw open the heavy doors to the empty factory, April slung over his shoulder and his two minions following close behind. April had completely given up on kicking and struggling, leaning on her elbow in complete boredom.

"I thought they said this place was going to be renovated before the end of last year?" remarked the reporter.

"Well it looks like dat never happened," said Rocksteady.

"Alright you buffoons, please make Miss O'Neil comfortable while I see how this machine works," said Shredder, transferring April to Bebop as he examined one of the giant contraptions. "Ah, here it is!"

He pulled down a lever and just like that, several colorful balls rolled past on the conveyer belt. Scooping up a handful, he sauntered over to where his henchmen and hostage were.

"Alright boys, start chewing! And that goes for you too, Miss O'Neil!"

"You've got to be kidding me!" exclaimed April.

"Yay, candy!" celebrated Bebop.

"Dis is just like Halloween!" added Rocksteady.


45 minutes later...

"Boss, dis is startin' t'hurt!"

"Yeah, my jaw's gonna fall off!"

"Shut up and keep chewing!" snapped Shredder. "We're almost finished!"

"But boss, why ain't you chewing no more?"

"Yeah 'boss'," added April. "Why aren't you helping out with your 'brilliant scheme'?"

"Because I'm supervising, which means I don't have to do anything!"

April rolled her eyes. Shredder ignored her, filled with glee at the sight of his handiwork: save for the little spot where they were standing, the entire floor of the factory was covered in a sticky, multi-colored mass of chewed gum glistening with saliva.

"Now the turtles won't stand a chance against me!" he exclaimed.

Then he turned to the reporter. "Here's where you come in handy, Miss O'Neil: where's that TurtleCom of yours?"

"Like I'll tell you!" she said with a glare.

"Oh but you will, unless you'd like me to conduct a thorough search!"

"Ugh! Fine, it's in my front pocket."

"See that wasn't so hard!" he said, reaching into the aforementioned pocket and pulling out the device. Flipping open the communicator, he smuggly awaited for those meddlesome mutants to pick up...


The four reptiles were gasping for breath as they slowed down, eventually collapsing on a bench in Central Park.

"We've searched nearly everywhere for them!" sighed Leonardo.

"Who'd of thought there'd be so many abandoned warehouses in the city?" remarked Raphael.

Suddenly, Michelangelo's TurtleCom began to go off. He quickly turned it on and exclaimed, "April, is that you?!"

"Haha, not quite!" laughed the deep voice on the other end.

"Shredder!" all four turtles exclaimed.

"What have you done with April, Shredder?" demanded Leonardo, who had the odd feeling that he had said this before... scores of times before...

"She's right here with me! Say hello to your friends, Miss O'Neil!"

"I'm fine," said April. "Just hurry up and get here before I go crazy hearing all this uninspired dialogue!"

"If you ever wish to see your friend alive, get to the bubble gum factory right away! I'm getting rather impatient..." With that, he hung up.

"The bubble gum factory?" Raphael repeated. "Now what would a hot shot villain like Tin Grin want to do there?"

"We've no time to think about that- we've got to save April!" exclaimed Leonardo, valiantly leaping from the bench and drawing his katanas before rushing down the street. The rest of the group followed suit, crying "TURTLE POWER!", completely oblivious to the weird looks they received from the passerby.


"I spy somethin' colorful... and chewy..."

Just then, the sound of large doors being kicked down echoed throughout the large space. Shredder instantly leapt to his feet.

"Aha, it seems our guests have arrived..."

Catching sight of the enemy, the turtles rushed forward, with Leonardo at the front.

"You let April go, you- you- What is this?!" the leader cried in disgust.

All four of the turtles found themselves trapped ankle-deep in the gooey mess. Their struggle made Shredder burst into laughter.

"You fools, that is bubble gum! Now you are at my mercy!"

"Any ideas, guys?" asked Donatello nervously.

"I don't know, but we'd better come up with one before he really sticks it to us!" said Raphael.