"Oh how I wish this moment could last forever!" Shredder said with glee.

"Boss shouldn't we gets them while their stuck and stuff?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Bebop!" Shredder said waving him off, "They aren't going anywhere. I want to savor this moment! Let's get Krang on the communicator! I want him to see all of my glory when I slay the turtles!"

"We've got to think of something guys! Surely this can't be the end!" Leonardo said as he tried to pull his feet free from the sticky mess.

"Whoa! Like a light bulb just went off in my head!" Michelangelo exclaimed with excitement, "Hang on to me bros, we'll be out of this gum faster than you can eat a pizza!" the orange banded turtle said as he pulled out a grappling hook from his belt.

"Great thinking, Michelangelo!" Donatello cheered, "Try hooking it to one of the beams across the ceiling!"

All the turtles grabbed a hold of Michelangelo's shell as he skillfully tossed the grappling towards the ceiling. The rope wrapped around the beam and with a couple of pulls the turtles were loose from the candy!

"What is it Shredder?" the pink alien groaned.

"Oh nothing much Krang, just calling to tell you of my success in capturing the turtles!" the villain proudly stated, "You are about to witness the destruction of those reptiles by the hands of yours truly!"

"Wow Shredder, I am impressed. Or I would be if the turtles weren't currently GETTING AWAY!"

"Why thank you Kra-getting away?" Shredder spun around just in time to hear Michelangelo's cry of "COWABUNGA" as the turtles soared through the air and out of the gum!

"Wait stop! Bebop, Rocksteady don't let them escape!" Shredder cried.

Bebop and Rocksteady valiantly charged forward-and tripped over their own feet, falling face first into the gum.

Shredder facepalmed, "You idiots! Must I do everything myself!?"

As Shredder fumed and tried to come up with a new strategy, Raphael let go of Leonardo's foot and leapt across Bebop and Rocksteady's backs. He then jumped high into the air and kicked Shredder. Giving a cry of despair, Shredder fell backward into the chewy mass of gum.

"Chew on THAT, Tin Grin!" exclaimed Raphael (Leonardo and Donatello groaned at the pun).

The other turtles leapt over to where April sat bound to a chair and promptly freed her.

"Thanks guys," said April as she rubbed her wrists.

Leonardo nodded. "Now, let's get out of here!"

"Catch ya later, Chrome Dome!" said Michaelangelo.

"And next time you decide to kidnap me, do try to make sure it's not a weekend!" called April.

"YOU THINK SOMETHING AS CHILDISH AS CANDY CAN KEEP THE SHREDDER FROM DESTROYING YOU ALL, YOU FOOLS?! I'LL GET YOU ALL FOR THIS INDIGNITY!" cried Shredder as he struggled about in the gum. "You and your little news reporter, too!"


"I spy somethin' pink…. And chewy…."

"Stop with that infernal game you morons, and spend more effort trying to get out of this gum!"

An hour had passed and Shredder had only managed to get his head free from the sticky mass. Unfortunately, his legs and lower back were still stuck. Not terribly impressive for a trained warrior such as himself, but still, it was more than Bebop and Rocksteady had done.

"But boss," whined Rocksteady. "We've tried and it's no good!"

"Yeah," said Bebop. "And we had to skip out lunch for all this, so we're tired AND hungry-."

"Wimps! Cretins! Are you not mighty mutant warriors? Argh, whatever! Once I free myself, I'm leaving you two here!"

Just as Shredder pried his right arm loose, he felt the floor rumble beneath him. In an instant, a Transport Module rose from the concrete floor (luckily away from the gum covered area). The door opened to reveal two Foot Soldiers and Krang. The giant brain laughed at the ludicrous sight of Shredder and his two burly henchmen covered in candy.

"I told you this was an idiotic idea, Saki!" exclaimed Krang between fits of laughter.

"I'm not in the mood for this Krang!" Shredder fumed, "Just get us out of here!"

"Yeah, we're hungry," whined Rocksteady.

"And not for anymore candy," added Bebop.

"Seeing as I'm in a generous mood today," said Krang, wiping a tear away from his eye with a tentacle as he tried to hold off more laughter, "We'll have takeout."

"Whatever, Krang! Just get us out of here!" shouted Shredder.

Krang extended his suits arms and three lasso like ropes came out from the fingers. These ropes miraculously managed to wrap themselves around the fallen villains. Giving a mighty tug, he pried them from the gum covered floor.

They all piled into the Transportation Module and as the door shut Krang set a course for the Technodrome, "Next time you have a plan, you shouldn't make something as stupid as candy an essential a part of it!"

"I know one thing," Shredder said, "Next time we are using the front door."

"Gee boss that's poetic!" Bebop said.

"Yeah it's kinda likes the name of this story!" remarked Rocksteady.

"Shut up, or you're not getting take out!"

"Yes boss." they said together.


A/N: In memory of James Avery, who will forever be my Shredder.

Sorry for the year long hiatus. XD Even though it took me so long to write I had a blast with this story.