"Can't you ever be serious?"

It feels like this question has been following me my entire life. From grade school, to college, and all throughout my adult life, people have been asking me this question. I have a bad habit of cracking jokes at inappropriate moments—it gets me disliked, and makes me seem like a complete jerk-off. It never bothered me though, not until my girlfriend was dying in my arms.

"Hey, Cindy! Whaddya think you're doing, getting blood all over my clothes? I guess I can tell everybody it's ketchup."

"I'm dying, Michael. You can't even be serious for this?"

Those were the last words I ever heard her say. I was angry for a long time. Maybe angry isn't the right word. Furious. Yes, furious is much more apt. And was? Not really accurate. I'm still furious. Furious at myself, and furious at anyone who isn't serious.

My anger has become a real problem. I lash out at people. I cause fights. It didn't escalate to 'psychopath' levels until my boss fired me though.

"You're fired."


"Didn't you hear me?" he sneered, followed by a cruel laugh, "I said you were F-I-R-E-D! Do you want more? Your food tastes awful! Master Chef, what a crock!"

I saw red. I gathered my things, and when the man's back was turned, I turned on the gas on the stoves. As I left through the backdoor, I lit the place up.

Fired? I do believe it was my boss who was fired that night.

The line between right and wrong dissolved. I did what I wanted, and didn't care for the consequences. I guess that's what led me to this moment, surrounded by a team of young superheroes, all trying to keep me from blowing the town sky-high.

The fast boy knocks me from my feet before I can even think about making good on my threat. I'm tied up before I can even think.

He cracks a joke, and I explode.

"Can't you ever be serious?"

"Dude! Chill out; you can't live life serious all the time. You'd explode!"

Huh. Story of my life. It's so ironic, I can't help but laugh.

And laugh.

And I keep laughing, all the way to the looney bin.


Notes: Just something that popped into my head while doing dishes. Let me know how I did; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Oh, and Standard Disclaimers Apply. I own the villain and premise of the story. It's actually just set in the Young Justice universe, not even directly referring to our heroes.