A/N: This is my first toe into the pond of this fandom also my first attempt at writing in this style. Please go easy on me. The piece is unbetaed and all mistakes are mine. Too bad Jack and Ianto aren't mine. Reviews are like coffee, please leave me some.

Title: A Good Night

Spoilers: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (takes place sometime after)

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: T to be one the safe side

A Good Night

I sit in the chair by the bed, watching him sleep. Does a man like Jack really need to sleep? Or is he watching me, watching him? Why don't I know something like that after all this time? Tonight is a night of firsts. First official date outside the hub. First time he is staying the night. First time he let me take control.

I'm afraid to ask what Jack did those months he was away. I know whatever it was, it wasn't good. He won't come out and say so, but I know his tells. The pained look that he has when he thinks no one is looking. The way he holds onto me for that extra second.

Did he really mean when he said he came back for me and added that it was for all of us for everyone else's sake? Or was it just my imagination playing tricks on me? Wishful thinking, perhaps. My heart raced when I heard those words.

My mind goes back to the awkward way Jack asked me out on the date. It seemed rushed and forced, as if he was trying to compensate for something. Was it because the way he left and was trying to make up for that or because he found out Gwen was engaged? Jack knows Gwen would drop everything if he utters those words she wants to hear so badly. However, those words will never come and Gwen knows that. It's the reason she treats me the way she does. That way you go out of your way to be overly nice to someone, but they would stick a knife in your back the first chance they get. All because I'm the one Jack comes to. I'm the who knows more of his secrets than anyone. It's my body he wants. The one who knows how to pleasure him. The one he's likened to a god on several occasions. I'm starting to sound like Owen. Why am I even thinking of him right now?

"Come back to bed, Ianto?" Jack calls from the bed, reaching out in the dark for me. He says it in that voice he uses when he wants to shag. It works. It always bloody works.

"Coming," I get out of the chair and rejoin him in bed.

"What were you doing?" His arms go around me, pulling me close. Jack's lips press against mine and he pulls away.

Why is he pulling away? He never just pulls away. "Nothing." I lie.

"It's cold without you here." Jack pulls me down for another kiss and when it ends, he makes sure my head is next to his.

The warmth of his breath on my cheek drives me crazy and his words were his own way of saying he missed me without directly saying it. "There are plenty blankets to keep you warm." Teasing him is easy and fun.

"Nothing works as well as you." There is that charming smile of his that is quite contagious. "Let's try to get some sleep. Goodnight, my Ianto." One final kiss goodnight.

It doesn't take long before Jack is asleep with a firm hold on me. His last words play over in my head. His Ianto. He called me his. There is a smile that will not leave my face any time soon. Maybe, just maybe now I'm the one his heart wants too.

The End