Chapter One Broken

I stood on the center of the stage. Still thinking about my performance. Was I good at all? The crew was all around me, preparing for our voyage home. Back to New York, where I have to face reality. But, I didn't want to face them. I didn't want to talk to Dev. At least, not yet.

I could only keep thinking. My world that was so perfect, so happy, a world that I was content in, was slowly, coming to an end. I took a deep breath. No. No, I wouldn't cry here. Not here.

"Has anyone seen Derek?" Eileen asked, she was originally sitting in the audience, tapping her fingers on top of the chair in front of her. "He texted me, and said he's going to be late. There's a lot of traffic." Julia replied. Tom followed behind her. "Well, until we have our director, you all have a ten-minute break." Eileen announced.

I smiled, in relief, not wanting to work right away. The group and I crowded into our dressing room. "How much you wanna bet that Ivy and Derek are having a fight?" Bobby asked. "Bobby!" Jessica said, beside him. "What? I'm serious!" He defended himself.

I didn't care much for that. How could Ivy do this? We were getting along quite fine, until she messed it up. I sighed.

My phone was sitting beside my purse and I turned it on. 8 new text messages, and 12 missed calls. All of them from Dev. No. I wasn't going to answer them. In fact, I wasn't ready yet. Suddenly, Ivy busted into the room, heading straight for her table, a box in her hand.

She pushed all of her belongings inside the boxes, and headed out just as fast as she came. What was all that about? "Everyone to the stage!" Linda, the stage manager, called, right after Ivy left.

"Everyone take a seat in the audience." Derek said, immediately. We all took a seat in the audience and waited for Derek to speak. I kept thinking about my performance yesterday. I performed as Marilyn. I wondered if they like it. I heard, Eileen didn't like it, she wanted Ivy. Even I was sure that she was going to be picked because she had more experience than me.

"Sorry about the delay, there was traffic turning down the street." Derek said. "Anyway, last night went extremely well. They all loved it. Special thanks goes to Karen, for her last minute work." Everyone applauded as I blushed. "She did really well." Julia added. I smiled, so did she.

"Now, get ready because we have to prepare for Broadway." Derek replied. "So go back home to New York, and rehearsals start Monday 8 a.m. sharp." Derek paused. "Also, we'd like to announce our permanent Marilyn."

There was a silence. A long, unbreakable silence. My stomach lurched, with anticipation. "Ms. Karen Cartwright will continue her role as Marilyn on Broadway." Derek said, with a smile. The whole audience cheered. I smiled, as I hugged nearly everyone.