Spyro The Dragon A Pink Pain

A\N Hey people this is my first story and i hope i do good now in the epiloge which is this chaper i wont have the exact lines from the game i might have a few so yeah and thanks R&R

Chapter 1 Epiloge

"Spyro we can't do it im to weak" Cynder said while trying to stay in the air "We have to, just like you said if we don't then it's all been for nothing"Spyro Said while shooting a large fire ball at The Dark Master Malefor "hahaha little weaklings, have the courage to come and fight me but will lose anyway" Malefor said dodging Spyros fire ball. That last sentence sent Spyro and Cynder off, they flew side by side and used Convexity at Malefor, Then the guardiens spirits came from a black and purple crystal and pulled Malefor into it, and then all went black.

When Spyro woke up he saw that he was in a field full of flowers, he looked around and bit and saw a shiny black rock "ohhh that looks like a nice place to rest" Spyro thought and trotted over and sat on it, it was very squishy and it had WINGS "Spyro get off before i smack you with my tail" Cynder said raising her sharp barbed tail and with that said Spyro got off her "sorry you looked like a rock" Spyro said sitting down "haha very funny when we get back to Warfand you better not tell anyone about this" Cynder said with a mater-of-fact look on her face. And they set off for Warfang.

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