Okay so just real quickly, this is my second LWD fanfic, and I hope I do the idea I had justice. I put another idea I had on hold for this one. Readers please keep in mind, my first chapter is usually the worst mostly because it's the hardest for me to write, but once I've started everything (in theory) should sound a lot better. Hope you enjoy!

Ooh, and of course I do not own LWD or any of its characters… unfortunately.

"Ooh Derek you are so absolutely wonderful." Said one of the many brunettes surrounding me. I grinned, of course I am. I opened my mouth to respond back to the lovely ladies but was interrupted by a gentle knocking sound. I looked around to see what it was. Seeing nothing I opened my mouth to talk again and once again there was a soft knock, knock, knock.

I opened my eyes to realize I had been dreaming, I looked at the clock and saw it was only nine in the morning. Who is even bothering to try and waking me up this early on a Saturday?

"Derek… wake up Derek." said a female voice from the other sound of the door; it was followed by more of her quiet knocking. I thought about going back to sleep but realized there was no point.

"Go away Casey, I'm sleeping." She sighed.

"Not anymore if you're answering. I'm coming in, please be dressed or covered. I want to talk to you." She paused and then added a little more nicely, "please." I sighed but decided to humor her.

"Fine, come in." I didn't bother getting out of bed though, she was rude enough to wake me up, then she can live with me lounging in bed. She entered a second later, I guess waiting to see if I changed my mind. When she saw that I didn't try to throw her out she shut the door behind her and then paused. I swear I thought I saw her blushing but she quickly came in and sat on the edge of the bed. I ignored it, and attributed it to my being woken up early.

"What was so important you couldn't wait until I woke up?" I asked, somewhat harshly. She didn't seem to notice, or if she did she ignored it.

"I actually waited awhile to come in and wake you up. But I was really excited and nervous about my idea and couldn't wait any longer. I've been up since two planning." She looked up at me excitedly and I groaned inwardly, a Casey plan can never add up to anything good but it's cute that she tries. This thought didn't even shock me like it would have about a year ago. But I've come to terms with my feelings for Casey. It took me awhile to admit it to myself, at first it was something I tried denying but then she showed up in the Babe Raider outfit for her school project, and it got a little harder. Then when we competed in battle of the bands, I knew I was a goner. She rolled her eyes at me. "Don't give me that look Derek; you might actually like this idea." I grinned; she may know me better than I think.

"Well then go ahead." She turned a little more toward me and her excitement grew.

"Well you know how you were wondering how you were going to get your car to the school when we left for college?" she paused waiting for my confirmation and I nodded. Since we'd both been accepted and had chosen the same college she'd been trying to help me find the best solution. "We can make a road trip out of it. Now before you say anything, I've planned it all out. We can send most of our major stuff to Trinity ahead of time and maybe even arrive the same day as all of it. It's really only a little over a day, but I figured we could make it into a real road trip and make stops and stay a couple nights in some of the states. Think about it, it would be a great way to celebrate graduation and give us something that will really start our life on our own. I've looked up things we can do and visit on the way, I even looked up stuff that you would like that way you won't have to be bored and tag along to any of my places. I know how little time you would want to spend with me, but honestly I don't think it will be that bad. The only time we'll be together really is in the car and then we'll get a hotel with adjoining rooms, I'm sure George and mom would prefer that so we can keep an eye on each other, and then on the days we go to things we can go our separate ways. There are a couple things we both might want to do but even then we can separate so you can spend as little time with me as possible." Finally she stopped to take a breath. "So what do you think?" she asked a little breathless, the excitement shining in her eyes, and I thought about it. A road trip alone with Casey? It actually sounded like a good idea, and I know her perfectionist nature she really would have already planned the entire trip before coming to me. I'm sure if what she looked up for me wasn't something I was actually interested in than I could find something, or just use it as an excuse to tag along with her.

"I actually think it sounds like a good idea, Case."

"Just think about it a little before you deci… wait did you say you liked the idea?" I could see the surprise in her head and I nodded. She squealed and practically pounced toward me, hugging my bare chest. "Ooh, that's great. It will be fun, you'll see." Then she realized she was touching me and quickly let go, her cheeks turning bright red, it was so adorable they way she blushed. "Sorry, I'm just really excited. Don't worry I won't be like that during the trip." Ooh if she only knew how much that disappointed me, but I was never one to show disappointment.

"You better not, or I'll leave you in some random city." She laughed and I gave her my trademark smirk. "But you know we have to convince Dad and Nora, right?" she nodded.

"I've already thought about that, and I think I know how to convince them it's a good idea." She smiled and got up to leave the room. "I'm glad you like the idea Derek, I really think I need this." And I saw something sad in her eyes.