Hello all, once again sorry for the delayed update. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I would have updated over the break but I didn't have access to internet. And then I've been busy with final prep etc. So here is the next chapter!

As the tow truck pulled into the nearest tire shop both Derek and I eagerly jumped out of the cab. "Was that the weirdest guy or what?" Derek muttered under his breath, I hit him on his harm to show that it was rude but I laughed. During the drive the guy who had brought the tow truck had gone on and on about his experience when he was kidnapped by aliens. It was something else.

"Let's never need a tow truck in Detroit again." I muttered back. We walked inside to find an employee to get a new tire after paying the driver. "Excuse me." I said, approaching a younger looking man doing some work on the computer. He looked up with the same look of surprise I'm sure was on my face.

"Casey, right?" he asked grinning, obviously pleased that I would be there. "Nice to see you again."

"You know him?" Derek whispered in my ear, a shiver went down my spine.

"Derek, Joe, Joe, Derek. He lent me his phone last night at the symphony." I said making introductions, and avoiding the eye contact that Joe was trying to make.

"Nice to meet you." Joe said, never looking at Derek. I shifted uncomfortably. Derek just shrugged in response.

"So uh, we need a new tire… and a spare." I said quietly.

"What kind of tire do you need?" he asked. I shrugged, I don't know a lot about cars. Derek stepped up now, and I wandered off as they talked about tires and prices. Suddenly Joe was standing beside me. I looked outside to see Derek with another employee, the employee pointing out different tires. "So when are you leaving Detroit?" Joe asked locking eyes with me, I squirmed uncomfortable under his gaze.

"We were actually on our way out when the tire blew out. So soon, very soon." I murmured. He nodded.

"Maybe you can convince your friend to stay a little longer and I can take you to dinner, or lunch." He suggested, inwardly I cringed.

"Oh well, we're on a very tight schedule." I answered politely.

"Maybe I can look you up in San Antonio then? Seeing as we'll both be there for the fall semester." I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh umm."

"Is he your boyfriend?" he asked, noticing the way my eyes had shifted back to Derek.

"Oh umm." And then, without really thinking, in panic mode, I said "Yeah." And bit my lip nervously. He looked at me unbelieving. Just then Derek chose to (thankfully) walk through the door at that moment.

"Hey Case." He said then seeing the close proximity between me and Joe he eyed him suspiciously. "We should be able to leave soon."

"Okay, thanks… hun." I added and tried to plead with my eyes to just play along. Joe watched his reaction carefully, and sweet Derek, the King of Lies, did not disappoint. He walked over and put his arm around my shoulders and kissed the top of my head. My heart gave a little flutter.

"What was that all about?" Derek asked once we were driving away from the store. I groaned in response.

"He just kept trying to find a way to ask me about. And he's going to be going to school not too far from us. I had to say something." He laughed at me and I stuck my tongue out and then said seriously "thanks for going along with it though…" he shrugged and then opened his mouth to speak, thought about it and closed it again.


"I don't want to push the subject, I was just wondering again about what happened with you and Michael. And why you didn't want to tell me?" I groaned internally. Not the conversation I wanted to be having, especially after that dream.