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My eyes fluttered open to the sound of my alarm. It was eight thirty and I couldn't be more excited. I got home around eleven last night and I needed my sleep, this past week was exhausting. I was glad I would be home for a few days. I have been working non stop with only one day off a week and I rarely got to come home to my apartment.

I was twenty four years old and fresh out of college. I finished my masters in English and creative writing about six months ago and I was home about twenty five days. I was so lucky I had a job waiting for me when I graduated. I interned for a company my first two years of college and they asked me back every year. I started off getting coffees then I would proof read story lines, eventually they asked me to come up with ideas. I have yet to write my own script for the company but I have plenty in my office.

I work for my dream company; I work for World Wrestling Entertainment. Although I do not write at the moment I am content in my job. They told me that they wouldn't have a position in my field for a year to two years tops. So I settled for an assistant job. I am the assistant to the WWE superstar John Cena. I was originally going to be Brodus Clays assistant, but when John had to fire his assistant from stealing from him, he asked for me.

We met a few times before. He showed me the basics my second year of interning and he offered me coffee a few times, but that was when he was engaged and I was to young back then. John Cena has a very demanding schedule and I do only get one to two days off a week, but I accept it. I love seeing when John does.

John has the next four days off so we decided to come home. I live about a half an hour from John so it is convenient if e ever needs something if he needs me on my day off. He tries not to bother me though because he sees that I work really hard and I need a day off.

I pry my body off of my queen sized mattress and head into my bathroom. I squint at myself and reach for my contact lenses and put them into my eyes one after the other. Then I stare at my messed up mahogany hair and quickly turn the shower on before I critique myself any more. I took about a twenty minute shower and throw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a deep purple three quarter sleeve off the shoulder shirt.

I stared at my lightly tanned skin in the mirror and apply moisturizer before I apply my foundation, blemish concealer, powder then blush. I turn my focus to my light blue eyes and put on a brownish bronze color with a light tan highlight near my brow. I place a small line of liquid eye liner on my eye and put regular eye liner on my water line. After I curl my eye lashes and layer them with two different kinds of mascara I put on my light pink baby lips lip gloss and Chap Stick.

I do this routine every day and it takes me about an hour, maybe less depending on the day. I head to my couch, sit down, and grab my lap top. As I am putting in my password I hear my phone go off. I look at the clock and see the time is nine fifty six. I wasn't planning on going over to my moms until later for dinner, this wouldn't be her. So I head to my bedroom and pick up my phone.

"Elle sorry to bother you on your day off, but I really need your help. It's kind of important so as soon as you can get down to my hotel the better.


I sigh and text my mom about my current situation and she tells me not to worry and come over when ever. So I grab a black pair of flats, my black north face, and my black coach purse and head out. As I am walking to my red Toyota corolla I grab the keys from my purse and head over to John's hotel.

John and his wife have been fighting for a while. She is upset that he is never home and he keeps telling her to come on the road. She tells him that right now she needs to focus on her career, he tells her the same. I feel bad for him because he only wants the best for everyone and seeing him go through it is difficult.

I understand what divorce is, I was only ten when my parents divorced. My dad was cheating on my mom and left us for the other woman. My father has always had a strained relationship with my sister and I, I see him on holidays and hear from him about once a week, but he lives in New York.

When I pull up to the hotel I don't even get a chance to text him before he comes running out in a hoodie and sung glasses.

"Hiding from the fans these days huh?" I say playfully as I pull out of the parking lot.

"I'm just not up for anything today." He said as he pulled off his sunglasses and I noticed his red eyes. He was crying, I know why, but I don't say anything about it. "We are going to the Marvel Towers. I want to look at the pent house suite. If I like it the realtor says I can move in tonight. It isn't furnished, but we can go shopping afterwards if you don't mind." I want to sigh so badly, but I hold it in and nod. He needs me right now; I want to be there for him.

We pull up to the tower about twenty minutes later and we head inside. We are greeted by a bald skinny man who is shorter then me, I am five six. We head inside the elevator and go to the twenty eighth floors. The doors open to an extremely large space. The living room is the size of my apartment all together, he tells us a lot about the apartment. It is a six bedroom three and a half bath, a large eat in kitchen, dinning room, and the view is spectacular, the rent, is almost ten times what I pay for my twelve hundred square foot apartment.

I stare at John and he tells the realtor to give us a few minutes and he nods his head and leaves us in one of the six bedrooms.

"John, you don't need this apartment."

"I need to move some where Elle. I can't live in a hotel forever; I want a place to call my own."

"John, you know you have a house about forty five minutes from here, what's wrong with that?" He got silent quickly before he answered he put his hand on his forehead.

"I served Liz the divorce papers today. Well my attorney did. It's over, I can't live in that house with all the memories, and this realtor is selling it for me. I told Liz she has two weeks before it goes on the market. I need some where to live with out all the memories." I wanted to run over to him and hug him but that would make me cry.

"So instead of buying this gigantic pent house, ask if there is a smaller apartment in this tower and look at that. Honestly, you are never home and paying that much is ridiculous." He agreed and called in the realtor and told him the situation. The realtor decided to take John down to the twentieth floor and led him to the second door on the right.

This apartment was much more appropriate for John. It was a three bedroom two and a half bath, a nice size living space and a beautiful kitchen which was plenty large enough for him. I persuaded John to take the apartment by telling him he can live with me for two weeks while they furnish the apartment to John's likings. Thank god we do not have to go furniture shopping.

About a half an hour the paper work was done and we were finally leaving the tower.

"John, I sort of had plans tonight to see my family. You are more than welcome to come if you would like, but if you want to go back to your hotel I completely understand." I did hope that John would come because he needed to get out of that hotel room and have some fun.

"Well, yeah. It would be great to see how Elle Johnson came to be." He smiled and I laughed.

It took about forty five minutes to get to my mom's house. It was a small three bedroom white house with a large yard and a small white picket fence. I pulled into the drive way and noticed my sisters car was here. I haven't seen her in months; I hope I get to see my little niece too. We got out of the car and headed to the door.

"Now I warn you, it may be a little hectic in there." I said before I placed my hand on the door knob.

"I've grown up with four brothers. I can handle hectic." I nodded and opened the door into the foyer.

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