The story of how the dragon king of swag entered Big Macintosh's life started on a day just like any other day for the red colt. On Sweet Apple Acres.

Applebucking Season had been in progress for three weeks now. The Apple family was working hard at gathering apples and getting them ready to sell for the Ponies in Ponyville. The girls of the Apple family were all focused on their work. Apple Bloom and Granny Smith were sorting the bad apples from the good apples, and preparing countless delicious apple treats, with everything from Apple Pie to Apple Dumplins. Applejack was hard at work bucking the apple trees and was working hard as ever. But as for Big Macintosh, things were not going so well.

For nearly the entire Applebucking Season thus far, Big Macintosh was acting strange. For one, he was obviously distracted from apple bucking. He seemed to have his mind on something else, but being so reserved, he didn't talk about whatever that was. But whatever it was that he was thinking about was obviously affecting Big Mac. He was constantly tired, regardless of how much work he had done. But the worse thing was that Big Macintosh was depressed. He seemed stuck in a pit of sadness, and it was taking a heavy toll on Big Mac's emotions. It was also worrying the rest of the Apple Family.

It wasn't hard for Applejack to figure out that her brother was not feeling well. She knew Big Macintosh better than anypony else, and just from seeing how unfocused he was on his work was enough to tell her that something was wrong. After talking about it with Apple Bloom and Granny Smith, they both agreed with Applejack. They were worried for Big Macintosh. They hated to see their loved family member in such a sad mood, so they were determined to find out what was bothering him.

As Applejack was waking up for another day of work, she planned to finally get Big Mac to share why he was so upset. After some thinking, she came to the conclusion that breakfast was the ideal time to ask Big Mac what was bothering him. Applejack went downstairs to the kitchen, where she found Granny Smith already awake and preparing breakfast for the family.

"Hey Granny? Would you mind doing me a favor?" Applejack asked.

"Why of course dearie. What do you need me do?" Granny Smith answered Applejack.

"Well Granny, I'm mighty tired of seeing Big Mac so down on himself. It's just not him. I can't stand seeing my brother so sad, and since he's too gosh darn shy to tell us what's wrong, I'm gonna ask him about what's eating him myself at breakfast. Now, knowing Big Mac, he'll probably have an easier time saying what's on his mind if it's just to me, so I was wondering if you could let Apple Bloom know while y'all are making breakfast, so that me and Big Mac could get some alone time and I can ask him."

"Why I think that's a mighty fine idea Applejack," the elderly mare answered. "As soon as Apple Bloom wakes up to come help me with breakfast I'll tell her. We'll give you two some alone time and you can ask him why he's feeling so blue. It breaks this old heart seeing my poor little Big Mac so sad. I really hope you can figure out why he's been so upset."

"Yeah, I hope so too Granny," Applejack answered as she heard Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom starting to also wake up upstairs. "I hope so too."