Cheerilee and Big Macintosh sat at the bottom of one of the many hills in Sweet Apple Acres as the sun began to set. After escaping from the royal castle, the two of them, along with the school ponies, had boarded a train and immediately returned to Ponyville. Once the parents of the children came to take their kids home, the couple decided to talk things out somewhere private. They chose none other than the bottom of the hill where they had had their first picnic, where their relationship first blossomed. They sat there for a while nuzzling, simply enjoying the sunset. Eventually, Big Macintosh finally described the events of today to his mare friend. Everything from Applejack's concern for him, to his painful lesson with A Pimp Named Spikeback and Rarity, and finally the information that Twilight Sparkle had revealed to Big Mac, per A Pimp Named Spikeback's request.

"So then we made our way up to Canterlot, and, well, you know the rest," the red stallion said, finishing his tale.

"Hmm, so that's what you've been through today?" Cheerilee asked her colt friend.

"Eeeyup," he plainly replied.

"Well it certainly sounds like you've had quite the day Big Mac." Cheerilee chuckled, which brought forth a smile on to Big Macintosh's face. "So I take it how you were acting back there was all his doing?"

"Eeeyup," Big Mac said again. " And Cheerilee I'm mighty sorry. I've been a plum fool today, and I had no right treating you like how I did back there. Ah can promise you that I ain't ever gonna act like that again. I was just so worried about losing you that I just broke down. Can you ever forgive me?"

The purple earth pony responded by giving Big Mac a quick kiss.

"Big Mac, of course I forgive you," she told the red stallion.

Big Mac let out a large sigh. It felt as if a gigantic weight had just been lifted from his shoulders.

"And you know, maybe most of what Spike, er, or I guess what A Pimp Named Spikeback told you today is pretty ludicrous, but not everything he told you was false," Cheerilee added.

"Really? Like what?" Big Macintosh responded.

"Well he's right that you do need to voice your opinions about things, especially if they make you feel bad. And he's right that I do need to take a little more consideration of your wants too. I guess I got so used to you waiting on me hand and hoof, that when you wanted to spend time with me, when I honestly could have probably made time for you, I turned you down. And for that, I'm really sorry, and I promise things will be different now." Cheerilee threw her arms around Big Macintosh in a large hug. "Can you ever forgive me for that?"

Big Mac smiled and returned the hug.

"Eeeyup," the red stallion responded as happy tears began to form in his eyes.

Cheerilee began forming tears of her own as they continued their embrace.

"Just promise me one thing Big Mac," Cheerilee told her colt friend while looking up to him.

"And what's that?" he responded.

"If we ever have another problem in our relationship, please don't go to a baby dragon pimp for help. I don't want my colt friend getting any more black eyes. I love you too much to see you get hurt like that," the mare told Big Macintosh.

"I love you too Cheerilee." Big Mac smiled and continued to hug his mare friend. "And I promise."

The couple broke their embrace and cuddled up with each other to enjoy the remainder of the beautiful sunset. As they watched it, the didn't notice that on top of the hill that they were at the bottom of was a certain figure. A certain purple suit wearing dragon, holding a gem encrusted cane, and donning a slick white hat with a red feather sticking out from it. He looked down on the happy couple below them and smiled.

"Another successful job completed by A Pimp Named Spikeback," he thought to himself.

The dragon king of swag turned and made his leave from Sweet Apple Acres, ready to continue to spread his mighty pimp wisdom wherever it was needed.