Chapter 5:

Cammie pov:

"He bloody kissed you!" Bex said with her accent coming out. I couldn't tell if she was happy or jealous of me, probably both. "-And in front of everyone in cove-ops, impressive Cam" Macey says. "Ooh this is so romantic! Maybe he'll take you on a date, or maybe he'll"- I interrupt Liz's movie-romance dream for me and Zach and say "it was just a kiss". "It was so not a kiss! It was really romantic, I bet he really likes you Cam!" Bex says

I'm really glad they're happy for me, but they're really making a big deal about it. I'm supposed to be The Chameleon, not the center of attention. "Guys I've got an essay for Buckingham that I really have to get started on so shush" I say, but it's really an excuse to stop talking about Zach.

"Me too Cam! I have this extra credit essay for , and-" Bex interrupts her "- and every other teacher" Liz blushes and Macey announces that she needs her beauty sleep, I pretend to write a paper for a while, then I head to bed with one question that keeps nagging me at the back of my mind. Was the kiss real, or was it just a cover? Too bad that spies our meant to keep their covers, and they'll stick to them to the end, but there's always a little truth in every cover.

Zach pov:

The girls run off to cove-ops not knowing that we are in their class. "Oh I'm going to get her" Grant mumbles. I think in my head that Grant has no chance against Bex. "Then let's go" Nick says anticipating a fight.

Hello Ladies" Mr. Solomon Says. "-and gentleman". He looks over at us, and I see the reaction on Cammies face. It's priceless. . Today your assignment will be in these files and you'll have partners. I get paired with Cammie. She seems to be thinking about something so I say ""so Gallagher Girl do you want to read the file, or not?" she seems really surprised I called her that"Wha- Gallagher girl? Oh never mind sure lets read the file."

Cover name: Jacob Fortson

Partners cover name: Madison Langton

Relation to partner: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Likes: Hanging out with your girlfriend, taking you girlfriend out to fancy dinners

Mission: Lose your tails while staying in cover and making it to the ending point which is in the town center at the fountain at 10:30.

So I'm Gallagher girl now? "she ask like it's a normal question. "Well you are a girl, aren't you?" I say. "Obviously" She says. "-And you go to Gallagher Academy right" I says with a smirk. "Yes". "Then what's the problem with Gallagher Girl?" I have a point, and she doesn't like it. "Ok Blackthorne boy." Well played Gallagher Girl.

We go to a Fancy Italian restaurant and I try to act like Cammies boyfriend, But every time I try she freaks out. We almost make it to the fountain when I tell her we didn't play our covers very well and she knows it. I tell her I can bump our grade up then I kiss her, but not because of our covers.

Cammie pov:

I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. The mission tired me out and I have too many mixed emotions about Zach so I sleep.

I hear a voice. Morning already? No way. "Gallagher Girl!" A hushed whisper says in my ear. There's only one person who called me that. Zach. I get up slowly. "What do you want Zach?" I say in a sleepy whisper. "I want to take you somewhere. Get dressed" He says with his usual smirk.

I get dressed as best as anyone could at three in the morning. He takes me out to the grounds behind our Mansion/School. "Look Cam" He says. It's the stars, tonight it's a full moon. "It's beautiful Zach" I say. "I thought you might like it" He says "I also got you these" He pulls out a necklace with a C and a Z charm. "Oh my gosh thank you so much!" I say. That's all I get out before the attack comes."

"Cam run!" Zach screams at me. "No way I can take them" I say, I'm not going to leave him with five attackers. I jump up and kick one in the jaw, then use my momentum to take out two others Zach gets the other two. Then we run back to the school looking for my mom. One question keeps running through my mind, and I say it out loud to Zach. "What do they want?"

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