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Mai's Last Day

Chapter One

The dream she saw on the morning of her final day, it was a fairly common type of dream. It was a dream of flying

through the sky. An amazing feeling of slicing through the air pushed her to climb higher and higher and closer to

the limits of the sky. But suddenly a mysterious feeling wandered into her thoughts and lingered longer than they

should have. Normally, in a flying dream, this was the part where without a doubt, she would start to plummet

toward the earth and then awaken.

In her dream that day, she could've flown anywhere, rising infinitely, feeling as free as anyone could feel with her

speed accelerating endlessly. With blistering speed similar to a shooting star whizzing across the summer sky, she

soared into sky-scraping heights and then outstretched her arms and hands toward the stars above her. But as

she reached for the sparkling stars, her fingers already grazing the warm glow of the luminescent constellations,

she realized that she had exceeded the boundaries of the sky. She lost her momentum and tumbled back into the

cold embrace of harsh reality. But before touching the rocky terrain below her, she closed her eyes with anguish.

Her dreams had always ended like that.

And then Mai would open her eyes and see the cool blue light that flooded her room. Through the window Mai

could see the sapphire sky forever stretching over the long canvas of the earth. Seagulls aviated around the

clouds that gracefully glided by in the gentle breeze. Quiet chatter was detected through the thin, shoji doors.

The beautiful dawn sun cast a large reflection across the crystal clear seawater only to be distorted when a cruise

ship slowly sailed by. The pale sandy beach lay before the ocean while the waves softly lapped against the shore.

Towering palm trees proudly swayed in the wind. The sun gently warmed the room and an easy-going feeling

enveloped Mai. She relaxed and settled against the wall. She thought today was going to be fun, maybe even simple. This is

how her final day began.