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Adventure and doing hero work

We begin with four brothers playing outside playing with a ball and passing it around. Then when they notice a witch flying around in the air using a magic boom she stop and sees the four brothers looking at her, the four brothers started talking among themselves and saying" she looks like someone who got cut up, then the third oldest brother said no she probably got jacked up, then the brothers started laughing, and then the witch started saying they are pathetic kids, then the second oldest brother said "pathetic. no your ugly", she then says she doesn't had time to deal with them and says she is goanna destroy the world, the the brothers don't believe her, and show a look that shows that, they don't believe her and then the witch then aims her wand and shoots a bolt of lightning at them and they all jump to the side and miss it, she then flies away and the brothers follow her and then the witch enters the cave and the brothers say we can stop her and they follow her in the cave. Then as they enter they look around and don't see the witch, but they see a picture of the witch on a wall, and they see a name, and they notice it says "missy' they then both say well we now know what the witch's name is and then they look around jump on tall rocks and find a torn picture, the second oldest brother grabs it and puts it in his pocket and says" this could be useful later." They then look around and see two pathways walks and decide to take the right way, they then walk and notice a giant picture but its incomplete and then notice it has a spot where they could attach something to it, they second oldest brother then pulls out this picture and then notices that his picture had another picture, he then takes out and says " hey bros this picture looks like it might be the one torn out", he then puts the picture at the giant picture fame and suddenly the picture fame grabs the picture and reconnects to the other picture and then looks like a complete picture. The bros then hear a door open, and check the door. Then the second oldest brother says "bros, should we enter it?" then they decide they should check it out, they then enter it and teleport to another area and look around and notice it rains, they then move around and see a creature and when they approach it, it then tries to grab one of the brothers, but one of them get behind it and hit it in the head, then they all jump on it and beat the creature up. They look at it, and say it looks like a weird furry brown, mole creature with hands with 3 fingers, and small toe claws, and they continue forward and see a bridge and they walk on it and then notice a weird creature with horns on its head. When they run up a stairway it tries to follow them but it was very slow, they then go up and walk around, the second oldest brother then sees another picture but then goes down to get it but falls and broken his leg, his other brothers come down and ask is he ok, then the brothers help and they get the torn picture, then suddenly the second oldest brother thinks his leg no longer hurts, he touches it but he feels no pain, he then says to his brother to let him down, but his brother says " dude isn't your leg broken, the second oldest brother then says" it feels fine ." then the second oldest brother gets down and walks fine and says" something's not right my leg was definitely hurting but it feels fine." Then they walk a bit then the second brother falls down and transforms into a lizard, then the brothers asks are you ok dude and the brother gets up and says he find, and asks what his brother are looking at him. Then he looks at his arms and say this is cool, but the brothers say will it won't be good if you came home like that. The second one says" will we find out how to transform back." Then after the brothers plan to leave they see more creatures, the 3 oldest brother says let me try facing them he then claws them with his claws and punches them and kills them then a blue orb pops up from their bodies and the blue orbs go into the third oldest brother he says I feel a bit stronger than usual. They then continue and leave the area. When they come out they see more creatures and then the third oldest brother says I got them and he cuts them up again and gets punched a bit and gets swarmed, they then punch him and claw his body, then he breaks free and cuts them up and claw them up and more blue orbs go into the third oldest brother. Then his wounds heal up and the brothers say bro your wounds just healed up, then the brother looks down and says well maybe a had the ability to heal myself. Then when they get to the picture of the witch again they go up another slope then they continued to a door and when they approach it disappears. They look at each other and continued then they enter a room with a picture of a beach but with small pieces of it missing. They then use the torn pictures they found and put it in the fame and it opens a door that leads to it beside them. They then the fourth oldest brother body changes into a lizard, then the 2nd oldest brothers transforms too, and then the first oldest brother. They say" now we are all in this situation". They then continue and see a box in the water the third oldest brother says I'm going in, he then jumps into the water and then all of a sudden a shark pops up and doesn't attack him the brother loses his breath but starts breathing in the water, he then says" too himself I can breathe underwater?" the brother then go in to help but don't get attacked either, the shark asks hey "friends can you help me get some fish". The brothers looking confused ask the shark how can they understand him, and why won't he attack them. He then says" why would I attack you? I only attack other creatures beside you." He then says" can you help me?" the brothers say" why not." So then they ask the shark his name I call myself muncher then after they help him gather fish he gives them a torn paper, he says I don't know what this is but I had a feeling this what you'll need for later, and swims off. Then the brothers go to the box and open it and finds a map and say we might had a treasure hunt brothers. They then come back to land and continue until they find a sand castle big like a tower. They walk in and see giant crabs, and then the brothers see more coming and start fighting, the 4 oldest brothers then somehow bring out a spiritual blade and stabs a crabs and goes right through the crabs armor and kills it and also absorbs the blue orbs while in it. In the 3 oldest jumps on top of the crab and claws the armor and punches right through and punches a hole through and absorbs the blue orb, then the other brother grab one and toss in the air and ground pound it and smashes them to pieces. Then more come and the brothers say "run". Then they go to the water and the crabs follow but muncher the shark comes and bites them and eats them, the brothers say "thanks." Muncher then says no problem, "it was tasty." And swims off, then the blue orbs go into the brothers, then the brother go into the castle again and see a torn picture on the ground. Then they take it and then use the map and come to a spot with an area around the water but is very shallow, they then dig up the sand and find a chest, it had no locks so they open it, the brothers then open it and find a sword katana the first oldest brother then says" this is cool a sword we can cut up enemies with this". The brothers then agree to a rock paper scissor contest to see who keeps it, they do but the third wins lucky, he says" well I win but I'll share it brothers until we get out of there." Then they look around and go up to a lighthouse, and search it and find another torn paper along with a backpack, then the third oldest decides to wear it and put the torn papers in it. the brothers eventually go to side of the shore and find a giant hermit crab in a shell, it sees them and says "hello creatures this is my beach if you want to go around whether you want you had to talk to me first". Then the brothers tell him angrily "we don't have to listen to you!" He then says" if you won't listen to me I will just had to snap you!" he then starts to try snapping at them but doesn't reach them, the brothers then can't help but laugh and point at him cause he can't reach them. The 2 oldest brother then says "you can't come get us cause your fat, and slow." and him and his brothers start laughing again. Then the brothers say "let's send him away packing, they all start to swing their hands and all punch at the same time and hit him, sending him flying away across the water. Then the brother then sees a bunch of barrels with toxic barrels, along with another torn paper. They then say this possibly made the hermit crab giant, so then carefully get the toxic barrels away from the water and take it out of the area and then set it somewhere else. They then go on ahead and try to look for another place to go, and they come back from where they last were and see another room to go to, they go in and find an row with rooms to go in too, they then say let's look for another place to put and fix another picture fame, but the brothers decide to then go ahead and call them area worlds, and the picture fame area map. They then go find another area map and see some missing places and placed a few into the areas that don't had any places to put them in. and they see another door appeared alongside the area map they place them in and go in the door.

This is my fictional story; i hope it is in the guidelines of the creators. No copyrights made 05/16/12

I hope this fall in the guidelines I use knowledge from my English teacher to describe appearance, clothes, how it was, what color and how it looked, for the story, and help with building the story. I had thought of this story and how it would be, there will be 3, or 2 dimensions of the first one, it will sound like a video game, but no, it will be adventure, there will also be a season 2 for this one too. There will be a lot more sentences so it will be more entertaining, and be able to get to parts I like to get to.