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Adventure part 4

then the brother 3 says " we should look if they are enmienes on board the ship." the brother then uses his camouflage and sneaks around and find enemines, he then sees a few enmiens on partol and then a enemy walks by and the brother stands perfectly still and then the creature looking like a goblin wearing a sailor uniform walks by him and the brother then goes down and finds at least 20 of them the cargo room dancing, the brother then goes and takes out the patrols sleathly and then the brother then tells his brothers that there are at least 30 of them and but he took out 10 of them who were patroling the ship, the brothers then go down and find the goblin looking creatures dancing and brother 2 says a jokee they laugh but keep it quiet and then the brothers then decided to take one of the create and drop it on them, brother 3 says " he sees a gaint create being hold by a rapple on the crane, and then he says " i'll go press the switch you take out any enminies coming after hearing the sound, brother 3 then presses the switch and the create falling on 10 of the goblin creatures and then start to come get the brothers, then 30 goblin creautres come and brother 3 gets on top of the crane and aims for the heads with the werid gun they found thats uses rock as ammo and shoots them, and he thinks if hes up there and shooting rocks from up there, they should be lethal cause of the gravity pulling them down along with the weight, and brothers 1,2,4 starts fighting while brother 3 uses the gun and shoots them arriving and fighting his brothers after the finsh them all off, the blue orbs float towards them and goes to them, the brothers see a gate and think that they can drive the ship towards and out of the gate, brother 3 says " well we can but we had to move the gates open first, then the brothers check the area and see that the water is poullated. the brothers then get a special thing from the ship and suck out the poullated water with oil and pour the oil into the ship and shoot back out the clean water,and then they open the the gates and the brothers get on the ship and go to open waters, they then see a gaint shark fin and think is that a whale shark or someone else, one of the brothers peekout and see a megadonlen shark and say " bro i think we had a megadonlean." think the megadonlen pops up and says " hello our you going somewhere." the brother 1 uses the gaint microphone on the ship to commnicate with the shark and says " ain't you supposed to be million years old." the shark replies only 30 yrs old, i'm just looking for food and saw your ship theres a island with plenitful of fresh water and fruit over there and points to a island." then the brothers say " thanks to the shark, and goes towards the island."but before the brothers go they say " hold on we may had food aboard this ship." brothers 2,3,4 go look for meat on board the ship and find a big create and decided tis should be enough to fill a megadonlen. then the brothers grab and drap it to the edge and open the lad and pour the meat in the water and the megadonleneats the big load of meat and the shark says " thanks." then the brothers go to the island and arrived to the island and then the brothers adventure the journey and then see a head that looks like a dragon head and then they apporached it and see it and the dragon pops up and then says " hello cousins i thoguht you were those agoblins that arrived there a bit ago." the brothers then say we took those goblin out and clean the water they poullated, the water dragon then says " they been poullateding the water a bit ago and i didn't like that, i am the water dragon. as to say thanks for getting rid of themi will grantyou water ability, the ability to walk on water when you want to. then the brothers then leave and take some pure water from the water and go back to the harbor and then search the ship and find tons of food, medical supplies, and find a sack fill with torn pictures, and the brothers take them, then the leave and take the other way and find they didn't take and find the witch standing there saying " i knew you would be coming to get me but this is as far as you." then the brothers look and see that the ground is floating and it is made of rocks, then the brothers say we can take you, then the witch spawns creatures that the brothers hadn't see before, then one of the brothers say we can use some back up, one of the brothers goes back and asks for some of the air dragons children to help and they then arrived and come to help, then one of the brothers start to fight the creautres and brother 3 gets swarmed with the creautres and pulls the rock gun and it gets knock out of his hand and drops into the lava on the edge and then brother 3 pulls the sword and starts to swing it and then gets to many on him he thorws the sword to his brother 2 and then he starts to help get his brother un swarmed by the enmines then, brother 4 comes back with the air dragons and missy the witch looks supirsed and the dragons help get brother 3 un swarmed and one of them puts him on his back with claw marks to head to toe, and then the brothers start to fight, and then in a min or two brother 3 wakes up with all his wounds heal, and asks the air dragon's children how long has he been out for, and what happened, and then says to take him to the gaint creature when missy spawns a gaint creature then the air dragon's children flys around the gaint creature and then brother 3 jumps off and then punchs the giant creature in the head, and then missy flys off, then brother 3 then jumps off the gaint creature and joins his brothers and they finsh off the last enmiens and the blue orbs fly towards them and then brother 3 asks how long he been out for then brother 2 then says " only two mins you had a hole in your head where one of the creatures got you and i thought you die. then brother 3 then says "maybe my heal ability allows me to come back to life cause i thoguht i die, and maybe heal even major wounds like head wounds." then the brother 3 then says " we got to take out missy." then the air dragon's children tell brothers to ride them and they will take them to the witch and then the brothers jump on the air dragon's children's backs and take them and follow missy, then the brothers arrived to a castle top and jump off and then the baby dragons the brothers rescue come to help the brothers. then brother 3 then feels something and then the rest of the brothers feel something and then brother 4 shoots webs out of his hand and then shoots it at missy and then brother 3 then tells the air dragon's children and the baby dragons to try to take the witch's spell book, and wand. then the brothers then do same thing as brother 4 and then realizes for some reason they can shoot webs, then the baby dragon manages to take the wand and the air dragons take her spell book and then the brothers 3,2,1, and 4 uses their webs and pull her down off her boom, and then the borthers then claw her head out and kick her out of the castle top, then the brothers then say" we did it brothers." then go down the stair way of the castle top and for some reason they find a spot where to put more pictures in a picture fame, then brother 3 then says " will i was wondering what to do with these last torn pictures and i guess i now know." then the brothers then put the last pictures in the picture fame and the door opens and then the go in and then a find a werid message with words on it then they read it. it says " those who arrived here will get their own dreams come to life and own powers and transformations, the first one to experience changes theses changes will be the strongest, then the group or then those who arrived, those he get the blue orbs will increase their powers and become stronger, the creauteres are there for the people who come there to get stronger, more will continued to appear everytime they are all die, or the numbers are getting lower, later in time the people or person who arrives there will experience mutatuions and get new powers and contineud to get stronger and gain new powers. in this world you can make anything, any food, tool, weapon, object or gadget from any world, you just got to image it, in order for it to pop up. then the brother 2 then images tacos and it pops it in his hand, then brother 2 then says " yeah you can did brothers." then brother 3 reads more and finds that anyone who arrives there can use a special teleporting device to get there, if you leave there, and it has unlimited energy, so it will never run out, and there is a teleporting pad to be the reciving thing, and also there is a way to pop up on the areas you been to by standing on the one of the other pads, not the reciving to pop up, aand 30 days in this world equals a min in the world the brothers come from, then the brothers then leave and ride the air dragon's children back to thier home and then they take the air dragon that they had to go home. then the brothers leave the area dn go back to the way they come and rememory everything they did there and then they leave the cave and go home. will there they ever come back and will there be another thing for these brothers to do during their summer break. good bye for reading this awesome series see you later in the future, and had a happy day.

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