Your Love

Chapter 1: Hello

Leticia Ortiz sat on her porch watching the cars drive down her block. Her family had just moved into the neighborhood last week. She was so busy unpacking and registering for school that today was the first time she was able to just sit down and observe her new home. Her long black hair hung around her shoulders as she sat quietly. Tomorrow would be her first day of school and she definitely was not happy about it. While she was a good student school was just never an interest of hers. The fact that she would be the new girl did not excite her either. She would probably get into an argument with someone for staring at her then be escorted to the principal's office. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not here the footsteps approach her.

Mia Toretto saw the moving trucks arrive a few days earlier and the girl that was carrying boxes into the house. The girl looked to be around the same age as her so she decided to go introduce herself. However, after hearing a lecture from her father about letting the family unpack and settle in she opted to wait a few days. It had been a week and she finally saw the girl sitting on her porch. Mia quickly crossed the street and walked up to her new neighbor. It was obvious the girl was doing some serious thinking because she didn't respond until Mia said hello for the second time.

"Hi, I'm Mia I live right across the street. I saw you and your family move in and you look to be about the same age as me so I thought I'd come introduce myself. Im 15", Mia said. Letty hesitated for a few seconds but the girl seemed harmless and genuine. " I'm Leticia but you can call me Letty. I'm actually 15 to". " Oh ok I thought so. Well if you're not busy I was thinking you could come over and watch some movies with me. My dad is having a little barbeque for my brother. He made the football team again. I don't know why they get so excited he makes the team every year but hey I wont turn down a good barbeque", Mia responded. This cause both Mia and Letty to laugh a bit. Letty accepted her offer and the two headed over to Mia's house. Letty didn't even bother wasting time telling her parents they would agree anyway.

Once at the house the girls looked through Mia's dvd collection. Mia wanted to watch a cheesy love movie but Letty wasn't having it. The two argued over movies before deciding to watch The Notebook first, much to Letty's dismay, followed by Saw. Letty loved horror movies especially at night and seeing as though the notebook was a lengthy movie by the time it went off it would be past nine o'clock. The two girls surrounded themselves with snacks and turned the movie on. Just as the movie began they heard male voices coming into the house. They both looked as three guys walked into the living room, well more like two teenage boys and one grown man. "Hey Daddy this is my friend Letty she just moved in across the street", Mia immediately stated. "Hello Letty, my name is Tony Toretto but you can call me Mr. T . I hope you're hungry because we have a lot of food here". "It's nice to meet you ", Letty stated as she followed everyone into the dining room having paused the movie.

The table was covered with barbeque chicken, salad , baked beans , potato salad and corn bread. It looked like heaven. Everyone sat down at the dinner table as Tony proceeded to say grace. As they all began making their plates Letty couldn't help but stare at the to teenage boys. One was kind of scruffy looking with a head full of black hair and a healthy appetite considering the amount of food on his plate. It surprised her that he could have somewhat of an athletic figure. While he was not big he wasn't exactly skinny ether. The other boy on the other hand intrigued her. His head was shaved but he had a nice athletic form. She could see he had some muscles through his clothes and his eyes. They were the prettiest shade of dark brown she'd ever seen. When he started laughing at a joke his friend had said she couldn't help but to stare at his lips. They were perfect.

Letty quickly stopped herself from where her thoughts were heading and focused on the conversation at hand. Mia suddenly realized her jerk of a brother and his best friend had never introduced themselves to letty." Hey dumb and dumber this is my friend Letty. Letty the bald one is my brother Dom and that's his friend Vince", Mia explained. "Hi "both guys responded. "Hi" . "You moved in across the street right in the blue house?" Dom asked. "Yea that's the one ", letty couldn't explain but something about Dom was making her reacted weird she was nervous around him.

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