Meta Knight was plotting against the king, Galacta Knight. It was wrong - even illegal, considering that he had no rights to enact what he was plotting - but it was not as if such things had never happened in history, and it was not as if he was unjustified. He wished to become the new king. The land was filled with corruption and moral rot; something which he believed he could fix. For his purpose, he set in motion the construction of a great warship, Halberd. It was nearly half finished, but Meta Knight was not satisfied his servant dees were working fast enough.

He was overseeing the work with a strict eye one day, when he saw a familiar figure approach, and his eyes narrowed in distaste. "Magolor," he spat when the person stopped beside him.

Magolor nodded. "You've heard of the arrangements that were made, right?"

"Unfortunately," Meta Knight growled. "And I am sure you've heard that I will not follow through."

Magolor's hopeful look swiftly morphed to one of fury. "You can't just say you won't follow through," he snapped. "You have to do it. I get to make that choice."

Meta Knight replied coldly, "Do you now? Because it seems I have made the choice for you."

By now, Magolor's hands trembled with barely contained rage. "You're in no position to deny my family or me!"

"My answer is final." Meta Knight turned on his heel and strode away from Magolor, keeping his head held high in dignity. Raging with the fury of a hundred possessed Hagravens, Magolor stomped away. Meta Knight brought shame and disgrace on his family by denying them like this - and it would be his downfall.

Corruption and disrepair ran rampant in the once holy land of Grape Gardens. It's current prior, Dedede, was an aging man who allowed his castle and surrounding cities to fall into ruin.

Kirby, pure of heart, and angered by the knowledge of such sordid dealings, wished to change the system and make Grape Gardens a happy, morally correct place. Although he was hero of dreamland, inclined to fight evil, defeat formidable opponents (then show them unbelievable mercy), and demonstrate moral integrity, Kirby did not hold any political power, making it difficult to do anything of substance. He was only a lowly monk - though a determined one.

He hurriedly moved to the monastery at Grape Gardens, hoping to set the tides of change by exemplifying good behavior. This resolve had no momentous effect. Only by becoming prior would he be able to enact true change. Conveniently, Dedede then died, leaving the position of prior open.

The other monks had gained a respect for Kirby by his selfless devotion to good. This should have assured him a position of prior, but the irritating pet of Dedede, Escargon, also contended the position. He had his own following of equally corrupt monks stuck in their lazy ways.

With the monastary divided, it appeared more monks were comfortable with their current situation, and Escargon was sure to become prior, thereby dooming Grape Gardens to further evils.

Kirby prayed and hoped and hoped and prayed, but it seemed in vain: he could not save the eternal souls of the people in Grape Gardens. Until one day, a man came along that changed his destiny - the something or other guy, Marx. He wanted a private meeting with Kirby.

At first this made Kirby nervous, because who was he to be visited by someone as important as Marx - nonetheless for a private meeting! Marx was high up on the echelon ladder: evidently he even held meetings with the king! Certainly not lowly monks like Kirby. But of course, he was in no position to protest. He met Marx in the church, which was falling apart from age and in need of repair.

"I'm going to keep this simple," Marx told him. "You want to be prior to fix the monastery, right?"

Kirby nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Delicious. I have goals too. The world has goals. Every damn person has goals, it's what keeps this corrupt world turning, you know? Not that I'm corrupt, of course not - No, but I have a... preposition for you."

"Preposition?" Kirby echoed, finding it difficult to keep up with what his superior was saying.

"I'm the dude which makes me a lot more powerful than you, and a lot more awesome. I control what these little monk puppets think and do - and I can ensure you become prior!"

"If it's god's will," Kirby bowed slightly, barely containing his joy and hope. "Only, what do you mean by puppets? We are only servants of the lord. This seems suspicious, but I'm too naive to realize there's a problem with this."

"Oh, let me assure you, I have the highest compassion for the monks!" Marx said enthusiastically. "God has certainly chosen you as the prior, since you're all humble and good and stuff. Yeah. Anyway, I appreciate your honest character and all. There is one problem though."

"Problem?" Kirby glanced up again worriedly. "I haven't sinned, have I?"

"Oh no; you're still pure. But you see, I'm not satisfied with my current position - because, err... I'm not doing enough holy work. Y'know? I wanna save all those poor damned souls and stuff, and if I were to be bishop, I would definitely be able to help more people."

Kirby was confused. "We already have a bishop..."

"He's old, and surely close to death. Eventually, we'll have to elect a new one."


"That's where I come in! Just as I have an influence over your rise to power, you can have an influence on mine. Promise me that if I make you prior, you will back me up to become bishop. Sound good, yes?"

"Something about this seems off..." Kirby said hesitantly. He was not accustomed to people approaching him with morally ambiguous propositions. What could go wrong though, really? If he became prior, he would have the power to reverse corruption on a large scale and fix up the entire Grape Gardens land, saving countless souls and the respect of the church. That would be good in itself, wouldn't it? Not to mention that, even if he agreed to Marx's suggestion, it could be years before the bishop died. He was a healthy, good man - and pious men lived long lives.

Kirby estimated he had another twenty years, which meant Marx's ambitions, while seeming innocent enough in themselves, would be put on hold twenty years anyway. That was a long time, time enough for matters to change quite a lot. Kirby sent a small prayer to God, telling him to stop him from speaking if it was not his will.

"Deal," he spoke, "I'll take the position of prior, and when the time comes, I'll nominate you as bishop."